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Big improvement

One of the observations I've made, particularly over the past few games has been the quality on the deliveries in to the box. Roberts seems to be a revelation with his deliveries from corners, but in general open play the quality of delivery from both him and Birdwell in particular appears to have greatly improved.

Its always been an area of frustration in the past, but it appears to have improved?



  • It's improved because we have different players taking the kicks. Grimes has always been the predominant taker, but imo he is not that good and very inconsistent. When fit and playing, Byers should have had more opportunities as he was always excellent for the u23's. As you rightly say, Roberts has been a revelation but that raises the question as to why it has taken so long for him to be given the opportunity.

  • Grimes always strikes me as having good technique, but being mainly just off with his delivery. How many times have we seen free-kicks from him in dangerous positions just clear the bar? Perhaps because he's not far off with his technique we've persevered with him for too long. So perhaps we've looked to develop the set piece capabilities of others, to provide some welcome competition.

    Roberts' technique in the last few games has been very impressive. He gets loads of curl and flight from his side-footed delivery.

    It will be interesting to see if he's given dead ball opportunities in a Welsh shirt in the forthcoming internationals.

  • Yeah I can see Bale moving out of the way for Connor!!

  • Perhaps Connor can take the opportunity to learn from GB on how to get the ball to fly like a 'knuckle ball' from a dead ball.

  • Connor is back to his best, for us and Wales.

    As a modern day wingback, He does exactly what it says on the tin

    He defends, counter attacks quickly, can cross the ball, and has a diesel engine that runs all day long, plus a he’s an International player

    But unfortunately for us, When the January transfer window comes around, he will probably be sold.

    Because he’s an asset, and what do asset strippers do? sell the family jewels

    Don’t forget, there are 27 investors our Hedge-fund manager owners, have to pay divies out to

    Just to refresh peoples minds on who these illustrious Swansea City FC “investors” are :

  • @J4cka

    Dont worry we will get a great deal, just like we did for Joe.

    We need proper cover at RWB and we are looking light at CB as injuries do happen. that's why the owners stopping SC for having the depth of squad he wanted could be coming back to haunt us.

    On the plus side the last time SC changed our formation as we had injuries it didnt work out too bad!

  • Talking of Big improvements.

    For those who love golf.The Masters starts Thursday. Big improvements on SKY’s American golf panel {~:

  • Roberts delivery from corners been excellent

    Regarding free kicks anyone seen Ayews Fk for Ghana earlier in the week? Pearler

  • Cracking free kick the other one was not too shabby either

  • They haven't taken a cent out of the club in dividends since they took over, though, have they? So not sure what point you are trying to make here? Unless you want to join the rest of the tin foil hat brigade making unsubstantiated claims about the owners laundering money under the noses of the auditors, Democrat politicians changing the software on voting machines under the noses of the Republicans who run the state, etc etc

  • Ok then. Let’s beg to differ, and see what happens in January then.

  • Hmm.

    No dividends taken, sure. Point of fact.

    But at the same time, they won't let a Director - an elected representative of an entity owning circa 20% of the club - see the full books.

    These people are not filthy rich without good reason. Allowing a football club they couldn't give two hoots about to put them out of pocket isn't part of their agenda.

    They're hiding something alright. We just don't know what. And we probably never will. Or at least not until after they're long gone.

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