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  • Just over 6 years as a manager and 5 clubs!!

    Will he get another opportunity??

  • Is that smoke I can see with that “Your fired !”

  • Certainly can't see him getting a job in either of the top two divisions. Maybe better for him to go further down the pyramid & "reset" if anyone is willing to give him another chance. He also needs to have a look at his backroom staff & in particular James Beattie. When he first joined the Swans as a forward coach I seem to remember our scoring ability fell off a cliff. That was purely a case of "jobs for the boys" and he has followed Monk around ever since.

  • He has done well every were. 12 points minus and he is getting wins draws and fired wtf

  • He’s like a nomadic Monk. Surely he should have been given more games to dig him and them out of a hole? Without the points deduction they would already be out of the relegation zone which is surely the task set by the club this season. Anything more than that must have been seen as a bonus by them surely?

  • No doubt the next mug will be queuing up to give him a job already.

  • Quote from a Mirror article by a Owls supporter, on his sacking.

    "Personally, I found Monk hard to warm to and feel the decision is the right one. He has a stubbornness about him, uses a lot of buzzwords that in reality don't mean anything in particular and his football is drab."

  • Well if they think Monk's "football" is drab, they'll be overjoyed to find out who's in the frame to take over. 😂

  • Hope they've got somebody who can take long throw ins!

  • Also looking at Sol Campbell and Phil Neville

  • Sam Allardice must be gutted not to get a mention!

  • Tony Pulis new Sheffield Weds manager ,

  • Hoof ball, then sacked by end of next transfer window🤡

  • Very little change in style - but YES hopefully relegation for cheating and manager sacked. Then I will stop pushing pins into my toy Owl..

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