Match Discussion: Wales v USA - International Friendly 2020/21

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This is the place to discuss all things related to the Wales v USA International Friendly on Thursday, 12 November 2020 at the Liberty Stadium.

Share your pre and post match thoughts, team selection and score prediction for the game.

Kick-off is at 7:45pm and the game will be shown live on S4C.


  • What is the point of this game. It can't possibly be of any use to either team as it comes at a time when players need a rest not extra games. I realise we need the two games next week but surely not this one. I am so glad Cabango has been withdrawn injured. Is of any benefit to the USA?

  • Exactly my sentiments before the England v Wales friendly last month. Absolutely pointless. Gave the players a break FFS!

  • Effing UEFAs fault. They have insisted the friendlies happen. Dickwads.

  • Can UEFA insist that we play a friendly against the USA ? If so, we should select a development team from our u18's

  • Surely time for Connor Roberts to have a rest?

  • Chris Gunter to captain Wales v USA so Connor wont need to play

  • Very much a B international by the sound of it, for both sides.

  • This is an awesome chance to pick a team that would benefit from seeing a game - young players and fringe players returning from injury etc.

    It will be good for Wales in the long run, interesting for the fans and a big off off to those that set these pointless games up.

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    Perhaps give Rodon, Neco, and Ampadu an easy 60 min workout.

  • Here's a link to the match programme...

  • Here's how Wales line up this evening...

  • Nice to see Wilson and Moore running themselves into the ground - But Connor should take it easy - minimum of overlapping and gut busting runs. Add a cap and sit back down after an hour.

  • Six subs I believe able to be used for friendlies. Hope Sheehan gets a run out for a debut. Gunter been playing well at Charlton, Levitt hasn’t played whatsoever. Would have liked to see Norington Davies at Lb. our Connor isn’t a Lb so Page asking him to play out of position

  • Gunter playing left back .

  • Being as the opposition is the US of A I have wall to wall coverage on Fox Sports. What is striking me is theat our playing surface looks the worst I have ever seen! Has there been a lot of egg chasing recently - or has the weather been really bad?

    Looks like it is cutting up through the middle..

  • The Ospreys played a game on there Sunday and we've had a fair bit of the wet stuff over the last 48 hours or so too 😊

  • USA been the better team there with both possession and territory, who can we bring on to make Wales great again 😃

  • Maybe we did cheap out on the brand new surface.

  • Pitch looks the worst I can ever remember by a long way — found the following, which shows 2019 was a new solution to previous versions.

    ‘Following the success of 3 SISGrass installations at the training ground for Swansea City AFC, the club decided to install another SISGrass pitch at the main stadium.

    The installation was completed in Summer 2019, taking 8 days to complete and is the first time the pitch has been completely renewed from base level in 14 years.

    The SISGrass hybrid pitch technology installed at the stadium is the same as the six surfaces used for the 2018 World Cup’

    The reason we chose SISGrass is that we already have 3 SISGrass pitches at the training ground that have been installed for 3 seasons, they play very well and having SISGrass at the stadium gives us consistency throughout all of our playing surfaces.  Anthony Harry, Head Groundsman, Swansea City AFC

  • Makes sense for consistency of playing surfaces for the team but doesn't give you the answer to how these training pitches to matchdays and the amount of games played on them .

    These training pitches I suggest will not have the Ospreys playing Pro 14 rugby games on them , this causes the most damage ,

    The previous pitch was very successful in how it played and the longevity , they usually last 10 to 12 years , to have the pitch for 14 shows success

    Time will tell if this was a good decision.

  • We're also training on it supposedly.

  • Yes - all very well having a consistent surface etc, but not when you haven’t tested having the Ospreys dicking about on it!

    I didn’t realise we were training on it too though...

  • This from

    “Very difficult to say at this stage. Full depth stitching (180mm) in football is expected to last 8 years and can last 10+“

    According to Wales Online the complete renovation cost roughly 1/2 million pounds in total.

  • This was posted after criticism of the pitch after the friendly with the U S A ,

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