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  • Perhaps it's set up for Rooney to take over. Not sure if he's got his badges though

  • Ha heading for League 1 with Rooney in charge

  • Betting suspended on Cooper taking over at dcfc...

  • Now 4th or 5th favourite

  • behind Rooney, Terry, Rafa.

  • Can't see them appoint anyone until the take over is completed

  • I just hope that we have a succession plan for when the inevitable happens and Cooper leaves.

    We need a constantly evolving list of prospects - it is just good contingency planning.

  • Didn't think Cooper was overly convincing today in his poor attempt at batting away the question relating to Derby County.

    I can understand the lure from a premier league club and him struggling with such a question if there were interest.

    But not from a club bottom of our own league who's recent history isn't on the same planet as our own.

    Surely as its Derby he simply says there's nothing in it, fully committed to getting the swans promoted - he didn't quite say that.. Truth be told

  • Where's the 'I'll drive him there' brigade gone?

  • A slightly worrying article. Essentially saying Derby are likely to be put off going for SC as their new manager, since Swansea City are likely to want "a seven figure compensation." WTF!

    Really, talk about, the Morons who run the club with Head Moron Mr Winter being 'the man in charge', knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing! In what way would losing our coaches at this point of the season be adequately compensated by frankly any figure nevermind £1m+.

    It's lucky Mr Winter has been very supportive of SC so far, keeping him well informed of important player developments. not selling players SC didnt want sold, getting good value for our top player when one is sold and making sure appropriate sums have been made available to strengthen the squad in key areas, like upfront etc.

    If he hadnt treated him so well, there might be cause for concern!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @JackRaven ,

    No need to worry , it's only an article , depends on the take over and if the new owners want a high profile manager ,

    Lots of managers mentioned , may keep the gang of 3 , Rooney , Rosenior and Given .

  • Seven figure fee, isn't that what we had for Potter.

    Graham Potter: Brighton set to appoint Swansea manager - BBC Sport

    When are fans going to realise that until we possess owners who are prepared to build a club instead of selling our assets, the sale of players and compensation for managers will continue.

  • looking on the Derby site latest betting

    Rafa 3/1

    Big Sam 7/2

    John Terry 5/1

    John Gregory 6/1

    Wayne Rooney 8/1

    Hi Colin

    Most fans do realise

  • Malc,

    good to hear that, sometimes I just wonder.

  • SC is doing well with what he's got - with Brewster we'd probably be top and he's wasted at SheffU

  • More journalists suggesting SC will be targetted by Derby. More than slightly worried personally.

  • If it depends on how our owners feel yes worrying in view of their track record

    If it depends on whether SC wants to go to an unstable club looking for instant results and ready to sack their manager regularly, maybe not as worrying

    Brighton was a stable club and PL so GP could hardly be blamed especially after having player exits dropped on him from a great height

    SC has had some of that but not as much

  • If SC had been well supported by Mr Winter and his chums, I would be less worried, but as it is currently.......I could see how the grass would look greener.......or at least better a better laid pitch than ours at the moment!

  • Depends on who Steve McClaren thinks is best for the job and wants do be their manager ?

  • Our current squad is rated by many as the strongest the club has had since relegation from the PL, so in that respect Winter has supported Cooper, despite offloading Rodon to Spurs for what many believe a fee below what we should have received. Ryan Bennett in particular I believe will be the signing of the season.

  • @Colin_swansea

    We clearly have a different idea of what being supported means. Lets hope SC leans towards your view rather than mine.

  • What is your view of the support Cooper should have had off Winter?

  • Not selling a player without SC knowing, selling Joe for considerably less than he is worth and too late in the transfer window, meaning not enough money was reinvested in the squad, not buying a goalscorer at any time in the transfer window.

    How about them for a start.

  • No doubt your view of the strength and the need for signings, from before the season started is different to mine, as we debated at that time.

    First off, my reservations over Winter's appointment has been well documented by myself as has the low fee the club received for Joe, plus the amount of add-ons revealed in an article on Wales On-line penned by Ian Michelmore.

    Many on this forum after the window closed, rated the squad as the strongest since dropping out of the PL, and they were most probably right but the bottom line that showed there was no cash going to being released for new signings unless a player was sold resulted in 3 signings just prior to the window closed. So in that respect Winter has supported Cooper with signings that strengthened the squad. It might not be to your satisfaction but many feel otherwise.

    A striker, albeit an inexperienced one in Gyokeres was signed and realistically speaking the only time any other striker that would have been signed on loan would have been Brewster.

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