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  • In the words of Ryan himself "wow, is this really happening?"

  • Yes, their new American owners are going to take them to the next level, that’s for sure.

  • The next level....but what is the next level?

  • they're not American. One is American. the other is Canadian.

  • £2m into a National League football club is huge, and they'll make that back flogging the documentary.

    Get Wrexham back in the Football League, been too long.

  • I’d swap our owners for theirs in a flash. This has definitely put Wrexham on the map and, dare I say it, on an upward trajectory.

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    Fair play this is brilliant - wouldn't be surprised if the Ivor Williams website crashed with all the interest 😂

    Don't think it would have the same effect if Steve Kaplan did it for Swansea University somehow... 🙄

  • what a busy day in their shop , normally sell 25 shirts orders for 400 today

    £££££££££ Kerchung

  • Wonder if the first thing Ryan does is cut the wage bill by getting rid of the "Deadpool" of players

  • Wrexham’s snazzy new kit. The mask is apt under the current circumstances. The chant in the terraces would be “There’s only one Ryan Reynolds.”

  • Mindy Kaling didnt quite have the same affect when she announced she was an investor in the Swans!

  • She doesnt come with the reputation, in many areas, that Ryan Reynolds does. More power to them, I wish them all the best.

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    no, but she and Oprah were on the sofa on a UK TV chat show, and they were both talking about the Swans investment. Now if Oprah had invested - she's properly loaded!

  • That's true but Ryan Reynolds didnt just talk about investing, he actually followed through. Typical of the man.

  • Best of wishes from me regarding the Wrexham takeover and look forward to having another Welsh club in the EFL. Whether or not the current coaching staff will continue, the £2M investment will soon be swallowed up and one just hopes that the new owners will have sound football advisers alongside them rather than get sucked into the bullshit side of the game where so many third parties have profited from.

  • Good luck to them, we shouldn't assume all Americans behave like our owners. A little bit of investment should get you promoted comfortably from the national league so it's initially a no brainer for those celebs.

    We will only see their real intention when they are in the football league and find that salaries and agent fees are off the scale - will they still be keen to invest their own money...

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