Match Discussion: Swans v Rotherham United - Championship 2020/21

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This is the place to discuss all things related to the Swans v Rotherham United Championship game on Saturday, 21 November 2020 at 3:00pm.

Referee Matthew Donohue will be assisted by Mark Russell and Mark Pottage, with John Busby the 4th Official for the game.

A live stream of the game (for non-season ticket holders) can be bought from the Official Swans TV Live service for £10.

Have a browse of the Swansea City v Rotherham United Head to Head Stats since the first meeting at the Vetch Field in 1951.

Share your pre and post match thoughts, views on Steve Cooper's pre or post match comments, team selection and your score predictions in this discussion thread.



  • The international break always feels to me like the calm before the storm. Let’s hope it will be us and not Rotherham who have the barnstorming game. The opportunity is definitely there for the taking.

  • According to SC both Ayew and Guehi are out of contention for Saturday as they are still injured.

    Ben and Kyle are recovered so are available and Byers is still getting fit.

    So hopefully Gyokeres will get a start, but the left side of the back 3 CBs is an issue as Ben, Kyle and Latibeaudiere are right sided players. Presumably Kyle will fill in unless Jake slots in and Manning gets a start at LWB.

    I'd probably feel more comfortable with Kyle although Latibeaudiere has played LB and is quick, so perhaps SC might give him a start.

  • If Guehi is unavailable and Latibeaudiere is fit, then surely he has to start, otherwise what was the point in bringing him here ?

  • @ jackraven,

    He didn't say they were definitely out , they are doubtful but we will see how they are , nothing to worry about mid and longterm

    They came back early as a precaution ,

  • @deekay I am sure the first 3 centre backs will be Bennet Cabango and Naughton with Latibeaudiere covering from the bench

  • @Jackareme I'm sure your right, but for me, I'd rather have a centre half playing in the back three rather than a full back who can provide cover when needed. That's not to denigrate Naughton in any way but he does have limitations in that position. I am also aware that I haven't seen Latibeaudiere play yet, but SC brought him here having managed him in the past, so he should be up to the job, otherwise what's the point ? If it had been Guehi and Cabango alongside him then I'd accept an argument for having some experience in the back three, but with Bennett in the middle that's taken care of.

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    I think the point @deekay is that he is a young player that is here to provide cover. He will need a lot of work to get up to speed (remember the contrast between Guehi's first 5 games and his most recent 5).

    Because of the perils of being a centre back (cards and injuries) you need a lot of depth - but I also think you do Naughton an injustice - he is quality at this level and a VERY competent centre back in a back 3.

  • @Jackareme can't quite agree that he is a young player who is here to provide cover. He is the same age as Guehi and Cabango +/- a year but they are considered to be first team players. Not sure that we are that well off that we can sign a player on a permanent contract just to provide cover.

    I agree that Naughton is competent at this level, but he is a full back who hasn't played that much at centre half in his career. Personally, I'd rather see players playing in their recognised positions wherever possible, whilst recognising that isn't always possible.

  • @JackRaven Definitely not Bidwell in a back 3. Last time he played there for us in the FA Cup it was an unmitigated disaster

  • Guehi and Cabango are international standard - Latibeaudiere is unproven. Selecting him Saturday would be a big risk.

    We proved last year that we needed depth as at stages we got to the bare bones - the boy is that depth.

    His time will come but in my opinion it is not saturday.

  • Surely Connor Roberts needs to be left out tomorrow for his own benefit.

    Just to give him 2 days rest after an intense international game, and then ask him to go again would be harmful and ridiculous

    You have to admire his work ethic as a professional footballer, he has the engine of a top of the range Mercedes car

    i noticed in the 90th minute of the Finland game, even though we were 3-1 up, he was still running for an overlap towards their byline.

    Super fit or what ?

    We will have a big problem holding on to him, come the January window, the boy is class.

  • Did Coops do a presser today. If so what news

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    Hi Martyn, Did it yesterday

    Check it out on YouTube @ Swansea City tv

  • Reading 0-2 up against Bournemouth away from home. Close to halftime

  • And they’ve only had two shots on target with 32% possessions ..goes to prove possession isn’t everything

  • Could easily have been 3/4 goals up in 1st half on the counter attack

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    Here's how the Swans line up...

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    2-2 now.

    2 ex-Swans score for Chelsea.

    Cullen gets his first start. See what he can do.

    Presume Gyökeres is injured.

  • Now Bournemouth leading 3-2 with 13 mins to go

  • No replacement forward on the bench apart from Routs. We need to be ahead in this match instead of having to play catch up.

  • Gyokeres and Garrick have tested positive for coronavirus and are self isolating

  • Is Garrick injured or just out of favour?

  • Good to see the new 20 man squad allowing Oli Cooper and Dan Williams time on bench with first team on matchday

  • self isolating, official site does not say if he actually has it

  • SWANS 0. ROTHERHAM 2. With this team we got out today.

  • Our squad is struggling to get enough quality on the bench especially in defence and attack. I hope we dont get any more injuries today

  • Now 4-2 to Bournemouth

  • Reading, bubble finally burst makes losing last three points feel even worse. Be nice to see Cullen and Conner get a full game together as they seemed to have a good understanding together, could be a chance to show Ayew how the one two works properly.

  • Great to see Liam Cullen get a shout for this one. Also really happy to see Oliver Cooper make the bench; I see him, along with Brandon, as the most promising of the younger players waiting to step up.

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