EFL Statement regarding 5 Substitutes

Following consultation with Clubs, the EFL Board has agreed to increase the permitted number of substitutes to five in all Sky Bet EFL fixtures taking place from 12 noon on Friday 20 November for the remainder of the 2020/21 season.

Regulation 33.4 has been amended to permit:

• Championship Clubs to name up to nine substitutes in their matchday squad, with five permitted to take to the pitch in any fixture.

• League One and League Two Clubs can name up to seven substitutes in their match day squad, again with five permitted to take to the pitch.


  • So EFL have backed down and 5 subs are now available from this Friday onwards.

    So we are back to 9 on the bench - 7 for Div 1 and 2.

    5 subs permitted per game in 3 substitute windows.

  • I think it is a sensible decision with the amount of injuries and games being played .

  • Yes, madness that while the rest of Europe continued with 5, the English Leagues decided not to. They dont give a flying fug about player welfare, as has been shown by the inactivity around dementia.

  • With all the current injuries do we have that many fit players to go on the bench?

  • Doesn't affect us at all, Cooper rarely makes three subs never mind five.

    When he first started managing us, I don't think he even realised what the actual subs bench was there for lol

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