‘‘Tis the season for...... renewing your season ticket

With hindsight many people might not have renewed their season tickets last Christmas / January / February?

With the current situation of football with no crowds and no date for a return will the club announce new prices to try and sell season tickets for 2021- 2022? More importantly will people buy them?

What’s your view and opinion ?


  • I think any club that would expect fans to fork out for the 21/22 season when there is still uncertainty over crowd attendance for the remainder of the 20/21 season would be making a massive PR mistake.

    My guess is that season tickets for 21/22 will not be out on sale until at least the time limited crowds are allowed back in the stadium. (whenever that is)

  • I'm with Cimla, I left my money in for this season, I won't be purchasing next season until I know what's happening or at the very least signs of what's happening.

    Club still needs to pay players, they did take an 80% referral but that would add up to a substantial figure, I hope TV revenue covers most because if not, its unsustainable.

  • If parts of the stadium re open to some fans do they rotate season ticket holders for home games or do they pull numbers out of a bag for first game then not put them back in for the next game ?? And do the same for the rest of season

  • A good way would be to to work it on safe seats

    EG row a seat 1 , 5 , 9 etc then row d seat 2 , 6 , 10 etc

    Start with season ticket holders then others

  • Per the club website 29 August 2020:

    Season ticket holders who accept the streaming option and leave their money in the club will receive priority access back to the Liberty Stadium when crowds are able to return. This is not a guarantee of access as numbers may be restricted by Welsh Government. 


  • Great discounts I'm told, £299 for an East Stand adult, they will be on sale from December but won't be incremental.

    Swans have measures in place for fans to be allowed back in whether that be 1,000, 2,000, 5,000 or more. Personally, I think with 5,000 in the Liberty, there will be even more moans and groans about lack of atmosphere, there'll be no singing and whilst you can possibly sit with family, there'll be plenty of Billy no mates about.

  • Good to hear 4,000 fans will be allowed in to stadiums in England who are in the lowest tier from

    Dec 2nd , could be a lifeline for the ssmaller clubs

  • Not sure it will, they've already had the money and it can't be pay on the day, its a step forward though

  • Not sure if they had a loan or Grants

    Matchday generates money through programmes , refreshments and store sales which will be a big help

  • if there was 20,000 fans buying the programme, drinking and eating everything in sight and buying out the store, it wouldn't generate Ayews wages. Probably wouldn't generate the next highest earner either.

  • I wasn't talking about the Swans , smaller clubs like Newport and league 2 clubs and maybe league 1 having fans back would help considerably .

  • Can only agree with the two posts above

  • @StephenR

    I've no axe to grind on this issue, for me the fact of fans in the stadium is a good thing, as long as they are all tested first and eventually have a vaccination.

    From a money perspective, its hard to see how the additional income from this decision will exceed the costs of making it happen. As always just because it isnt economically good doesnt make it wrong.

    The right decision as a first step, when we can get vaccinated a full home stadium is something I look forward to.

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