Is it just me?

Is it just me or do other fans feel the same way when I read what other players say about a youngster that has just joined his club. Spurs wasn't the only PL club that would have been a perfect move move for Rodon, we all knew that. Here's a piece from the article. "And Bale believes joining Spurs from Swansea City was the perfect move for the central defender's career. “Joe's been fantastic since he first came into the squad," said Bale. "We all regard him as a great centre-half and we think he’s going to go on to do amazing things. "Signing for Tottenham was a step in the right direction for him and one that I feel like he was ready for. I think his performance the other night showed how good he was, especially with that tackle he made against Republic of Ireland."

But what does boil my piss is what Ian Michelmore wrote at the end of the article. "Rodon joined Jose Mourinho's Tottenham on transfer deadline day for a fee of £11m which could rise to £15m with add-ons."

Could rise, FFS Winter, what on earth have you negotiated as add-ons, you ****** numpty!



  • Colin

    It's unlike you to get so het up over a newspaper article. I'm not saying your wrong in any way, it's just that you don't normally react like that to a media report. Had a bad day ? ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • Whilst we're on about things that grip my shit, why did they play the national anthem over and over again during the match the other night, I love the anthem but don't spoil it, please

  • deekay,

    no, I'm ok, missing my hacking around the golf course mind!

    Whether I have found Joe the exception having watched him progress from the 18's as many have done and realised the club had a jewel on their hands, the Wales On-Line article, especially when Mitchelmore printed that Joe's add-ons could reach £15M no doubt caught me on a bad day. I blame the lockdown!!!!

    To add to my day, I was looking forward to going to Tiptree(20 minutes away) to watch the 18's today but was told no fans would be allowed!!!

  • Colin

    Although we're now out of the fire break, it's the damn weather keeping me off the course ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

    Take your point entirely about Joe. Spurs had a bargain there, but arguably we are now stronger all round having the extra quality that his fee allowed us to fund. No doubt I'll have a few bricks aimed at me for daring to suggest that.

    We're in the same boat with the u18's and u21's. We haven't been able to watch a game all season. Frustrating isn't it.

  • deekay,

    agree, arguably we are a stronger squad but the comments from Gareth Bale and Mitchelmore in the Wales On-line article doesn't make the poor opinion I have of Julian Winter being a good fit for Swansea City as far as the future is concerned any better.

    Frustrating for the few fans who enjoy watching the 18's & 23's but worse for many of the youngsters' families who I have met at Landore over the years.

  • from what I am hearing I am not even sure Winter was part of the negotiating team on the Rodon deal.

    I am hearing it was former 'super agent' Sam Porter.

  • Sam Porter’s Transition From Sports Agent To Front Office – SPORTS AGENT BLOG

    Although the article is dated 2015 how much confidence can we now have, if we had that much anyway, over any major decisions made when handled by our owners and their associates like Porter.

  • An old post but he doesnt sound the calibre of individual to go up against Spurs's main negotiator.

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