Best moments at Swansea City

Just wondered what some of your best moments have been over the years. Not really thinking about particular wins but other bits such as:

Fergie claiming Williams could have killed Van Persie

Big Sam v Chico

Battle of the Pony Tails Chico v Carrol

Williams chasing Mahrez out of the Liberty

Tate and the neck grab

Roberts v Frank in the play offs



  • I can add

    Tommy Smith v Ardiles

    Walter "the blacka pearl" cameo

    Willy gets cuffed and carted off at Bury

    Swim away

  • edited November 2020

    Gorkha Pintado on Savage

    Trundle's shoulder roll

  • Toshack's promotion header when the whole ground was silent as Danny Bartley's cross went in

  • Pratley's goal from the half way line in the play-off

  • My first ever game at the Liberty which was the friendly against Fulham. It ended 1-1 but in I couldn’t have been more delighted as the performance promised great things, and so it proved.

  • walking into the Vetch late 70s when we played Cardiff in the 2nd division on New Years day, the atmosphere was electric,

  • Celina's goal against Man City in the cuppA

    Brendan's turn of pace down the wing

    Hymns and Arias being belted out

    Any song being belted out

    St Gallen fans


    European games, wish more had embraced it

  • Swansea 4 Rotherham 4. 4 down with 20 to go. 4 in 15 minutes and should have won.

    Michu double at the Arse.

    Swans 3 Scummers 2. 2-0 down H/T.

    Any time walking out of the vomitorium and into the North Bank. Only place I've truly felt at home. Wish we were still there.

  • At home against Notts Forest, in the semifinal of the playoffs.

    A Night to Remember and not quite yet matched for me.

  • Too many to recount --- but it has been a long time.😉

  • In the 95th minute of tonights game when for a split second I thought we had scored the winner did you notice how Tony Pulis threw his chewing gum on the floor in a rage.... If that goal would have stood, and we had won the game with the last kick, the memory of Tony Pulis doing that would have been awesome

  • 3- 2 win over leeds 29th December 07.

    Something about that night was electric. The stadium under the flood lights and the cold new year weather

  • Watching the fa cup draw triggered a few memories, one which I listened to on Radio Wales back in 1990 I think Swansea v Liverpool at the vetch. We were bottom of what is now league one and they were in the middle of their glory years with Dalglish Rush etc

    Just remember Bracey having the game of his life and we drew nil nil - I just remember hearing the Roar at the final whistle - it was incredible to hear that on the radio, can't imagine what it sounded like actually being there.


  • Went to the replay at Anfield, not quite as close as the first match😂

  • A couple of fans running on to the Vetch Field pitch & sticking 2 giant cardboard-cutout hands in Dai Davies goalmouth before kick off. Dai,bless his soul,was known as Dai the Drop at that time as he was going through a dodgy spell. I remember it bringing the house down at the time.

  • Went to both games against Liverpool, the excitement after the draw was made gave me goosebumps , the game at the Vetch was everything you dreamed of Lee Bracey was unbeatable , top saves and some misses , a well earned draw ,

    4 of us went up to Liverpool for the replay , 29,000 fans there , great atmosphere but well and truly beat , the Swans fan scoring against Brucie unbelievable , long trip back ,

    Hi Telfordswan , Liverpool were at the end of their glory days , they won the title that year , who would say they wouldn't win it again for 30 years , in that time Swans won the Autoglass trophy , won promotion to the Premier league and also won the League cup , strange things happen in football .

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