Match Discussion: Swans v Sheffield Wednesday - Championship 2020/21



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    Cullen looks like the YTS learning on the job - either too many touches or not enough. Wednesday taking the ball off him like chocolate hob nobs from a granny.

    That being said - the biggest issue is the static midfield - pass and move is pass and watch. Fulton for Grimes essential - if Ayew is in any fitness doubt I would go Palmer or Wayne for Cullen and totally overload the midfield. As they drop deeper in this game we can play in their half and quick movement is the way to unlock them.

    Being this side of the pond I am joining the whiskey train - I have a very good Canadian Club 10 yr old Rye - on a giant rock (which ironically is the same place as our promotion challenge right now!)

    It can only get better... Come on you Swans!

  • Dead right, Smith and Grimes cant play together, neither of them marked the goal scorer coming in from outside the box, also Grimes gave another dreadful pass away in a dangerous area.

    I wouldn't take Dhanda off as he id trying to take them on but Ayew for either Cullen or Lowe. So Fulton for Grimes, should be but wont happen, Ayew has to come on, then Palmer later.

    Lets see if we can have one shot at goal at least

  • This will be a test of SC's tactical awareness

  • Not sure the formation is working, they are playing 5-4-1 and we are attacking with 2/3 attackers. That is never going to work.

    Palmer and Ayew on.

    Here we go, could be a long half

  • Well unless Naughton is injured that is madness unless he changes to a back four

  • Nice cross by Smith, first time shot by Jamal, but off target. He needed to be on target

  • Ayew and Palmer on for Naughts and Cullen.

  • looks like we have gone 4-2-3-1

  • Matt seems stuck in turning back and playing back, he needs to take less touches and move the back forward quickly

  • Sure I just saw Grimes give a Renato pass to the advertising board

  • Dhanda looks frustrated, we need to sub him before he gets a second yellow

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    1-1 Ayew !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fantastic goal. Four defenders around him and made space to slot it in the corner.

    Manning on for Bidders.

    Routs for Lowe.

  • Ayew absolute magic 1-1

  • Push on now boys...come on

  • Manning on for bidwell, good, nice positive move

  • Routs on as well not sure who for

  • Better play, use this corner guys

  • Nice shot from Dhanda just past the post.

    He's playing better in this formation

  • Unlucky good movement ball moved quickly and almost got Routs in.

  • Much better.

    6 attempts already this half according to the Beeb (who had none for the first half).

  • Pullis shores up his defence with two subs

  • 20 mins left, there is a win here is we can find the key again

  • Better play by us, but every opportunity they are running the clock down

  • Free kick just outside the box to us. Find a shot on target guys

  • Shot from Dhanda, but off target. We need a real free kick specialist

  • Smith studded and goes down.

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    Smith injured.

    Jay on?

    No, he's OK.

  • We arent using Manning wide out left, he has the skill to get past his man

  • Great move first flat cross on the 88th min, should have been doing that the whole match

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