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Match Discussion: Swans v Sheffield Wednesday - Championship 2020/21



  • Ash gave it 10 feet at a time to Leon (and Joey) when he played with us - and Leon was ALWAYS available. If I played with Leon I would have near 100% pass completion as well.

  • There is another side to this discussion. I have often stated that Matt was player of the season for very good reasons under Potter, but whatever the cause, he has definitely gone backwards under Cooper.

    Cooper frequently comments on the need to up the tempo of our passing and yet he still picks the player most guilty of slowing the game down. Truth be told, I don't think the truth is being told.

  • Yup Leon was our own Iniesta and there is nobody like that in the Championship at keeping the ball secure and setting up the team to go forward

    Can you think of a PL player who can do it as well?

    You're probably looking at the ex Leicester French lad at Chelsea and Ndidi of Leicester as a more athletic less technical version

    That's about it in the PL

    It's more of a Spanish skill

    We have had some great MF's at Championship level - think Bodde

    Matt is not in that league but he is normally a tidy passer and quick enough in thought as a rule

    Something physical maybe putting out his balance?

  • In the Rotherham match Grimes was the top tackler from either side. Just saying...

  • It's not the winning of the ball that's the problem, it's the speed and direction of distribution that he's struggling with

  • both central midfielders were MIA in the first half, leaving Yan holding the ball for too long with nobody to lay off to pass and move and open up the spaces. It wasnt JUST Grimes.

  • Wow. Glad we didn’t lose the game as not sure what kind of negative comments would be on here. We aren’t perfect, but no one is. If you don’t think every player is aware of their shortcomings then that’s naive, if you also don’t think SC isnt also aware of shortcomings that’s also naive. If Grimes is as bad as people are making out and we still lay forth then lots of optimism for me

  • I think that Grimes having the Captains armband puts him under a microscope more than some of the other players somewhat. There is another layer of responsibility when taking on that mantle that leads us to have an extra level of expectation from who is effectively not just a Captain on the field of play but our Captain overall. There’s nothing subtle about who is essentially our team Captain when it comes down to it. Ayew is a strong team leader to Grimes’ shrinking violet and is the one that the other players naturally turn to. The general feeling I get from the forum is that a significant number don’t have much confidence in Grimes as the Captain so it has to be debated as to whether this is the case with the players. It’s fortunate that there is such a larger than life lead from the front presence as Ayew in the team as without that who knows how the players would respond to what is I would say an absence in that role. His set piece deliveries will also unfortunately for him be looked on with interest. At these moments as well as when leading from the front all eyes are essentially on the player who takes them. Whatever the stats are saying they don’t seem to tally with my interpretation of his corner kicks/free kicks. More often than not I am asking myself if there is someone who can do better. The same can be said about the his role as Captain. But to cut him some slack he did supply the goal that got us the win against Rotherham and his assist for the goal in a previous game were invaluable. More than anything else though I want him to be the best he can be as that will translate into much better performances from the entire team I’m sure.

  • There is a brilliant photo on our other site showing the last corner with the players inside the 6 yard box under spot the ball could someone please post the photo on here ,

    Thank you

  • For me there are a number of issues.

    Clearly Matt too often is taking the ball when facing our goal and even when he receives the ball facing the right way when pressed he immediately turns back towards our goal. Then the pass is either backwards, at best parallel (sometimes allowing interceptions) or he loses the ball.

    There are imo a number of reasons for this.

    First the quality of the pass to him is often poor putting him in a pressured situation immediately.

    His movement is poor allowing himself to be triggering the press.

    The movement of the other players are poor. It's as if once the pass is made there is no thought by the passing player to move to give, Matt in this case, an immediate quick and short out ball.

    The players are often too far away to allow a short quick pass to be made.

    Structurely with the 3-4-1-2 formation we essentially have huge gaps in the midfield. Two of the 4 are hugging the touchlines, the other 2 of the 4 are very deep to support the 3 in defence. The 1 is trying to bridge the gap between the 2 deep lying midfielders and the front two forwards. Often the front two have to come deep to pick up the ball which then leaves us lacking upfront.

    Against a team playing 4-5-1 it leaves us vastly unloaded in midfield, and allows team to push forward from midfield to counterattack, which is exactly what happened last week.

    Both Matt and Dhanda played better in the second half, mainly I believe because of the ability of our midfield to link up once the change to 4-2-3-1 happened.

    The 3-4-1-2 worked well for us at the back end of last year because we had Rhian upfront who was a real threat, supported by Andre, making the wide runs by Connor and Jake dangerous as both Rhian and Andre were so capable in the box.

    We dont have that this year, and often the balls played from wide by Connor and Jake dont really pose enough threat as we dont have the front two to deliver. It might be different when Gyokeres gets a run upfront, but at the moment a move to a 4-2-3-1 with at least one winger who can get to the byeline might well be our best option.

  • Here we are Malc.

  • Cheers Colin , never seen seen a corner with so many in the 6 yard box .

  • There's about 4 shouts for a penalty in that photo. Couldnt find Wally though.

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