• Clearly shares the view of many, that the beginning of the end was in the appointment of Monk. His final sentence seems to imply that he sees his future somewhere other than British football. That would be a shame because British football (especially us) needs people with his footballing mentality

  • Big chip on his shoulder about how we moved on from him, unfortunately.

  • Yes but he says losing the style of football was what did the damage longer term and everybody on here agrees with that

    Anyway I'd like to see Angel showing Connor how to do those first time passes and move up the right in triangles - a joy to watch

  • That's not how I read it. Yes, he was disappointed that he wasn't wanted, (I would worry about a player that wasn't) but what rings through for me, is how the club & Monk started to change. I do wonder what prompted Monk to believe that changing our way of playing was the right move. Apart from his ego (wanting to stamp his own personality on it) was he uncomfortable with the way we had played when he was in the team or was there a need from top down to become more "business-like" and follow other clubs models. Part of the throwing out of the old, creating a new model that was more appealing to corporate-minded investors!! & in the process losing our soul?

  • Not saying that based on the article. Have to take everything he says with a pinch of salt because of how he's acted at times in the years since leaving.

  • I am 100% convinced that (a) he still loves our club and (b) he has the cause of our demise summarised very accurately.

    he also has some interesting observations on performance versus results - which is a theme on this guestbook. I am also with him that you "trust the process" put in good performances and the results will follow.

  • Apart from his actions when we played them away and DJ was predicted to 'put him in his pocket' and for which he later apologised, when else has he acted inappropriately? I can't recall anything untoward, but I might have missed something

  • Also, by his actions (eg helping the homeless) he showed his love of the City

  • Still lives here @StephenR - was looking for help with putting up christmas decs this week!

  • How soon some forget! Angel was one of the stalwarts of the best team over a period of years that we have ever produced.

    His analysis is pretty spot on in my book and remember unlike us he was actually in the heart what was happening and could see it unfold in front of him. What he says resonates with me and has the clear suggestion of reality from someone who could see it happen.

    Trust the process, get the performances right and the results will come.

    Something for us all to remember over the second quarter of the season.

    Allied to all that, you are defined by your actions not your words, and Angel's actions over many years put those who criticise him to shame....assuming they have any.

  • Yes Angel sounds like a future manager to me

    Disciple of Roberto so a good point of view about how to plat

  • He won't be the first or the last, but there was talk that he tried to 'engineer' a move to Fulham during the time we played them in the F.A. Cup.

    Time will tell if he makes a move into coaching and I have no doubt fans will wish him all the best should that happen.

  • Colin

    I recall those rumours and they may have some substance, but who knows the facts behind that story ?

    However, Jasper_T made reference to Angel's actions in the years since his leaving, so the Fulham issue clearly predated that. I'm still keen to hear from Jasper as to what exactly, he was referring to.

  • I love Rangel and would get him in coaching, starting with the Academy as soon as he stops playing. Knows our strengths and weaknesses and our DNA.

  • Jobs for the boys, innit.

  • Jasper

    Would you care to elaborate on your earlier comment, or is it that it had no substance whatsoever?

  • So your not going to elaborate on your comment then ?

    Personally, I think it says more about you than anything else. With the anonimity of cyber space you're prepared to throw out vague accusations about a legend of our club, without having the courage to back them in any form whatsoever.

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