Maradona has just died aged 60

I can't honestly say he was a favourite player of mine, but a great talent and one of the players in the running for being GOAT.


  • Seems strange that a player who is in the GOAT category, should be famous for one of the most blatant examples of cheating ever seen in a World Cup

  • Greatest cheat of all time. I don’t buy the rhetoric that hails him as a great player. He is no role model and that to me is the missing piece of the jigsaw that would make him what he could have been.

  • A great talent, you've got to hand it to him

  • Suspended from playing for 15 months after taking drugs and thrown out of a World Cup after failing a drugs test. Doesn't get anywhere near the GOAT category in my books.

  • Nailed on GOAT for me. Pure , raw , natural ability which has never been matched.

    His performances in 86 WC stand alone as the greatest the WC has even seen from 1 individual.


  • I suppose whether or not he sits in the GOAT category depends on how you measure that accolade. Was he the most talented player with that pure, raw natural ability, quite possibly. But let's not forget that the drugs he took leading up to the 94 World Cup were classified as performance enhancing, so for me, that in itself, excludes him or anyone else for that matter, from being bracketed in the highest category.

    Flawed genius, yes. The GOAT, definitely not imo.

  • All about opinions this one Deekay and I'm fully aware it all depends on your "era" too as where your allegiances sit. However his achievements for Argentina and Napoli were unparalled imo, in a time where attacking players were offered little protection (he was actually fould by Gentile the Italian CB 24 times before Gentile was booked in a WC 82 match).

    Perfect? Far from it. Inspirational leader and phenomenal talent? There for all to see.

  • JoH

    I agree it's all about opinion and yes, an individual's era probably does play a part. Just picking up on your final sentence, phenomenal talent ? Absolutely. However, I could never be inspired by a drug taking cheat.

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    I was amazed to read his obituary in the Guardian yesterday by the esteemed Jonathan Wilson.

    I didn't realise that during his peak years, he had a plastic penis with fake piss that he used to evade testing positive for cocaine. To the extent where the bloody thing ended up in a museum after he retired!

    I know it's difficult for those who watched him at his 80s peak to accept but the reality is he was probably coked off his tits most of the time - no wonder he looked on a higher level, he probably was!

    Not saying he wasn't talented but I personally can't take him seriously as a GOAT contender knowing all that.

  • In my opinion one of the 3 best players to have played this game with Pele and George Best ,

    Never saw Pele And Maradona play live, only on T V his talent was from a different planet , his performance at the Workd Cup of 1986 was exceptional , the goals he scored you can only dream , his time at Napoli was huge for the city his ability and fame transcended sport from football to being an icon ,

    Like lots of the very best he did have flaws or demons , I will remember him for what he did on the pitch and not off it , ironic he died 15 years to the day of George Best .

    Now he as gone he joins my 5 a side team in the sky Clemence in goal , big Jack and Nobby , Bestie and Maradona in attack

  • Spot on, those are also my top 3, there is always a little madness with brilliance, Pele was the exception brilliant and sane. Strange that Best and Maradona died on the same day in November 15 years apart. I bet Peter Stringfellow will be serving them champagne and birds

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