Liberty pitch

Why is our pitch resembling a cabbage patch these days? We used to have one of the best playing surfaces in the country for the first 5 or 10 years after the Lib opened. What's gone wrong?

Cost cutting? Inferior groundstaff? Any ideas?



  • Agree @garythenotrashcougar its in a shocking state. Ospreys played at St Helens on the weekend so it can’t be that

  • It's a new pitch seeing a lot of use. Doesn't look properly cared for. Cost enough not to be cutting up this badly this quickly.

  • Perhaps its the quick turn round from the Brentford 1st leg P/Off game on 26th July to the 1st home game this season on the 12th September that gave insufficient time for what the normal maintenance required.

  • Did we not have a ground breaking pitch when we first opened the stadium? If i remember correctly it was half artificial and half real woven together. It was us, anfew big teams and Barcelona that shared the dame type of grass. Or am I mistaken?

  • The original pitch outlasted its intended lifespan by a fair few years. This one is a similar modern woven idea (just 10-15 years more modern).

    Frequent games plus training on it, doesn't have a chance.

  • Who trains on it ? Swans use Fairwood and the Ospreys use Llandarcy

  • There must be something that has changed from previous years , the year before the pitch was changed it was playing really well , if the training is doing the damage they need to limit how it's used,

    The maintenance regime shouldn't have changed a lot

    This is the most difficult time of year for groundsman , Shorter day light hours , colder days and nights , more rainfall.

    The previous pitch had nearly the same amount of wear so the new pitch should be performing better ,

    The artificial lighting may have been reduced to save money ?

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    I've read a few reasons provided on social media. No idea how much store to put in these but here we go

    • Club sold the mobile light grass-growing machine
    • They laid an inferior replacement pitch a year or two ago
    • We were playing on it in the summer when it normally recovers
    • Cooper using it for training sessions
    • The award winning groundsman has left the club
    • Groundstaff put on furlough for a time

  • It's certainly been a much wetter Autumn than I can remember. which can't have helped.

    Is it just me or have the recent televised games under lights been much less illuminated.My impression is that there are shadowy areas in the corners and that the general light levels are dimmer than in the recent past.

  • This autumn has been no different to many I can remember and its no dimmer than previous years.

    If there is a problem it will be either the quality of what was laid, the maintenance or short cuts were taken in playing early

  • its just lucky that we don't try and pass the ball any more 😎

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    So according to Andy Godden, Chairman of the Swans Trust on the state of the pitch:

  • Must be my eyes then,

    Living on the eastside of Swansea it has been peeing down for weeks .Then again the Liberty is on the other side of the river so perhaps it's different over there.😉

    Whatever the reason the pitch is embarassing in comparison to others seen in televised matches.

  • For the life of me I don't understand why we need to train at the Liberty when we have a state of the art purpose built facility at Fairwood.

    But then I don't suppose a pristine playing surface is, or ever has been, towards the top of Cooper's priorities.

  • The decision to train at the Liberty stadium is baffling if you ask me. Is it the accursed cost cutting that our owners are so fond of at work again?

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    Agreed. We have two training facilities at Fairwood and Landore that most clubs outside the PL would envy. So why do we have to train on the Liberty pitch, even if it is only occasionally? Not sure what cost cutting would be achieved by doing so though.

  • No, it's the manager's choice afaik. Maybe to get the players used to an empty stadium.

    Any stick to beat the yanks with though, innit.

  • Maybe has to do with Covid, are some staff on furlough, things have got to be cleaned after use, less places to contaminate.

  • Not using it to beat them with a stick of any description big or small.

    Just making a comment based on their default position going by their track record with regards to the club.

  • People on about shorter turn around etc the pitch wasn’t used from early March to June for both sports oval and round ball so can’t see that as an excuse

  • they trained on it for a while, since lockdown finished. plus the rugby and quick turnarounds while the weather was shite. not surprised it is not looking great.

    According to Andy Godden on twitter, they're not training on it anymore, so hopefully we'll see an improvement sooner than later.

  • It was still sand in June there was no grass down to grow in after ripping the old one up.

  • Have I missed something here ? Wasn't the pitch replaced during the summer of 2019 ?

  • I'm definitely losing track of time this year.

    We did used to replace the top layer of the old pitch every year, not sure that's still the case. Especially this year with the strange timetable. Maybe that's a difference, didn't have the full summer break to strip, repair and grow back. We didn't know in March how long the pause would be.

  • I can't vouch for the accuracy of this but this is a post from Planet Swans -

    "A company which had spent a couple of days a week full time on it, and instructed the groundstaff what to do during the other day, were told they were not needed back in the summer. The said company are also heavily involved with other clubs, and a few rugby pitches. Their pitches look immaculate.

    Ours now is one of the worst in the Championship, if not the worst.

    Get them back."

    The fact that we currently have no crowds makes it worth considering temporarily moving matches to a different location whilst this issue is sorted out.

  • With no crowds in the forseeable future, can we play Championship matches at Landore for a month to give the Liberty surface time to recover? Ospreys need to play elsewhere too.

  • I asked around about the pitch situation last night and I got this back from someone who has connections within the club.

    Make of it what you will but if you believe it it goes a long way to explain the quagmire we currently play on.

    TLDR; last year's re-lay was a cheap and cheerful job.

    "Since 2005 up until 2019 the Liberty had desso pitch and a contractor to lay it. In 2019 the Swans wanted to go down a different avenue even though they had great value for money and awards for that pitch. They decided to have a Sis pitch and change contractors to lay that pitch.

    Why? Because head groundsman reluctantly agreed with the Swans for a cheaper option. They have had issues since day one with contractors doing piss poor job, and has been riddled with root rot for the last year!! All for the sake of saving pennies!!"

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