Match Discussion: Nottingham Forest v Swans - Championship 2020/21

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This is the place to discuss all things related to the Nottingham Forest v Swans Championship game on Sunday, 29 November 2020 at noon.

Referee Tony Harrington was assisted by Shaun Hudson and Akil Howson, while Darren Bond is the 4th Official for the game.

Have a browse of the Nottingham Forest v Swansea City Head to Head Statistics since their first meeting in 1926.

Share your pre and post match thoughts, views on Steve Cooper's pre or post match comments, team selection and your score predictions in this discussion thread.



  • With results going for us today a win tomorrow is essential 1-0 and 4th 2-0 and third that's the incentive against a team described on Wednesday as a one man outfit devoid of ideas and that was from a Forest ex player. At present the teams who came down are doing the best keeping loads of last years Premier players. Lets get in with them and go up, if we keep a fully fit squad we should be good enough, Ayew is definitely one of the best strikers in this division, our back 3 or 5 are a match for anyone, we just need the midfield to get on top and way in a few more shots

  • Here's the Swans line up...

  • Guehi for Cabango.

    Ayew for Cullen.

    Jay for Dhanda.

  • Three defensive mids in the middle. Surprised Palmer doesn’t start. Thought he’s earned his chance.

  • The midfield needs shoring up, but not the change I was expecting. It will be interesting to see exactly how we line up as superficially it doesnt of itself seem to address the issues. Jay and Matt play well together and so does Jay and Korey. Perhaps one main DM and the other two more genuine midfielders.

    They tend to play 4-4-1-1, which is variation on the 4-5-1 Pullis played last time so we could see a rerun of the SW match if we arent careful.

    Hoping for a 0-1 COYS

  • Good to see Jay Fulton back in the team as I think we missed his passing abilities in the last match. Also Guehi who has been excellent this season.

  • Sitting off them early stages

  • That's my goal of the season. He's about 5 inches shorter than Ameobi.

  • Dangerously comfortable dare I say?

  • Watching a different game to me @ITK I think Forest have been very dangerous looking (barring a finish) - There is a lot of work to be done second half and we may well need at least one more goal.

    Once Forest start to click they will win a lot of games in this league - lets hope they don't start today.

    Generally our passing is short on quality today but our effort and togetherness is clear to see - great credit to Cooper and the players for that.

  • Grimes making me worried again passing is terrible

  • We have been ridiculously comfortable in this second half and need to kill it off. Forest are jogging around, they're not pressing us at all. For the life of me I don't understand why we don't smell blood in games like this. Go and pummel them.

  • This ref is giving us nothing. Making me very uneasy.

  • Outstanding display of midfield defending - take a bow Grimes, Smith & Fulton - and well done Cooper for getting this selection spot on.

  • Hard fought win. Great three points and a clean sheet ... top job

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    What a great team performance - not high quality, not spectacular - but with that intensity and defensive "nous" we will win a lot more games this seaso.

    Random thoughts

    i thought I had forgotten how much I hate Harry Arter - I haven't!

    What a refreshing difference it makes when you get a competent referee - well done Tony Harrington

    Grimes Smith and especially Fulton were fantastic - along with the back 3

    Connor Roberts is a freak show - I don't know what he is made of but it ain't flesh and blood. I cant recall a better athlete in all the years watching the swans. How Andre got man of the match ahead of him is a complete mystery.

    VERY early start out here - but worth getting up for COYS!!

  • Well what can I say? 3 points and............................?

    Excellent use of subs to freshen up a very poor 2ns half.

    Captains performance!

    Thank god for Connor & Andre.

  • Jay Fulton once again showing up as our best central midfielder. What a change from him this season.

    His energy levels were top notch. Agrressive in the tackle. Great in the air. Some superb passing through the lines.

    He was my MoM.

  • Where is the logout button when you've logged in on your mobile? Can't see it!

  • I thought Roberts deserved MoM but Fulton was a close second and it wasn't outrageous that Ayes got it, all three had great games.

  • Yes, nice for once to have a competent ref. Also agree on Connor. What a Rolls Royce of an engine, complete with skills. I think that goal just put a bigger target on his back, when the January window opens.

  • I was fearful of a loss today going on the 1st half performance so thank you Connor Roberts for a superbly headed ball for the goal that put us ahead. Things improved in the 2nd half and I felt we edged it to round off a valiant team effort. 4th in the table, 2 points off the top and a defensive record that is second to none. Things are looking up.

  • Is that a serious comment ? We only made one sub and that was quite late on. Apologies if its tongue in cheek

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    Great team display, everyone showed up today,so no bad vibes from me for anyone.Most of the stand out players already mentioned.

    I also thought that Lowe was great,running, pressing,finding space ,good control most of the time with many passes fired at him with pace, and he never shirked,Love to see him score to reward the hard work he puts in every game that I have seen.

  • Great photo of Connor’s leap for goal.

  • Looks like a foul to me Connor beats a 6ft 4' in the air hands on his shoulders ?

  • their player did not complain that he was fouled, and that should tell you everything you need to know, Malc.

    and his hands may have been there, but he did not hold their player down, or use his shoulders as purchase when jumping.

    I'm quite shocked you'd even suggest it.

  • I was only joking , just shows what a photo can say , remember Llorente goal against Burnley , last minute winner Dyche was sure he took a ride off the defender ,

    I looked at the ref and linesman to see no foul , happy days 3 points , clean sheet .

  • Have to agree about Connor and Fulton. Very pleased to see jay so effective. lazy pundit (Andrews?) chose the big name.


    There is something easy to dislike about Arter I agree but not as much as Knockart for me. Taken a huge dislike to him over the years when I generally haven't even given a toss who wins a match.

    He should have been booked for certain and the ref had a great view.

  • Great to get three points. Was a 0-0 game all day long with very few chances. Nice to see us get on the winning side of one of these games for once.

    Though Naughton was excellent especially that last ditch challenge timed to perfection. Bennet and Gheui did well except for that awful moment in the first half when thei Forest winger literally jogged passed both of them and had the freedom of the city ground to shoot - probably the worst defending I have seen for years lol

    On to the next game..

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