Complaining about refs

Isn’t it about time managers are allowed to openly complain about refs without fear of punishment. I cannot think of any other job where some idiots wrong decisions could cost a managers job in the long run if to many results go the wrong way or even effect promotion and relegation due to points dropped. Nobody gets to watch all the match’s every week so when a ref is being particularly bad over a few games it’s not being noticed enough by every body, it’s ok putting a report into the FA but most are probably swept under the carpet until some really stupid incident happens that is constantly aired on tv. It’s ludicrous that everyone can talk about officials except those in the game, unless there is more openness the standard will never improve. Last night was another reason for VAR in the championship I know not everyone will agree on the last point but that’s the sort of decision it was designed for.

Does anybody know how to start a petition to the FA 🤔


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