January Transfer Window 2021

This is the place to discuss all Swansea City transfer related discussions during the 2021 January transfer window.

The transfer window will open at midnight on Monday, 4 January 2021 and close on Monday, 1 February at 11pm.



  • we could do not worse than to resign Sheehan when his contract runs out, if he doesnt take up a new contract with Newport.

  • Pablo Hernandez could be leaving Leeds , now that would be a signing Truth be told

  • not sure we'd afford his wages. And as much as i love him, have his injuries come back to plague him again? He's got to be 34 or 35 now too - and nowhere near as fit as Routs.

  • he is 35 , only played once this seasonfor Leeds , over the last 4 seasons played 150 games much fitter than Routs

  • Hernandez would be a good addition to the squad for sure but not at the expense of us signing someone would fit in the starting 11 every week.

  • Do we need a number 10 at all when we have Byers Dhanda MGW when fit and

    Routledge who can all play there?

    More of a need for a finisher or a good box to box MF maybe?

  • We need a striker to score goals or a creative player to make chances ,

    Depends on the budget for any new players , our lack of goals is the main problem we have

    Listened to radio 5 live comments from Bristol City manager Dean Holden who after lots of analysis says you need to score 2 goals every game to gain promotion .

    Our defenders are scoring , Ayew is doing ok , our other attackers need go score a few ,

  • He has had a bit of a falling out with Bielsa when he got subbed earlier in the season.

    He also seems to pick up the odd muscular injury (maybe to be expected at his age) and these take a little longer to recover from but in the main he has been playing and contributing more for Leeds than Routledge has for Swansea.

    I would take him in a heartbeat as the quality is still there and he has been instrumental for Leeds in these past 2 seasons.

  • we need a striker. will the owners stump up the cash?

    They look like they are about to sign a very expensive player for DC United. Reports from Turkey...

    Most serious offer to Mesut Özil from DC United


    08.12.2020 15:14

    Although the name of the star football player Mesut Özil, who spent his last season at the English Premier League team Arsenal, is mentioned with the Turkish teams, he received the most serious offer from the United States. Washington team DC United wants to sign the player, who will be vacated at the end of the season, in January.


    The 32-year-old star has a positive view of the proposal because he thinks the USA is the appropriate place to effectively manage his business activities after his active football career. Özil has a positive view on the offer from DC United, as he thinks that the e-sports team M10 Esports and his own collection M10 Streetwear will better manage their business activities in the USA. In addition, the project to establish the M10 Football Academy in the USA, presented to Özil by DC United, is another important criterion for Özil.


    Futbolculuk in a professional manner in managing the company he founded after a career Ozil evaluating the proposal from the United States to Qatar, although Italy and Saudi Arabia also offers star football player staring warm to the idea of ​​playing in Turkey. It will make the final decision in January with a joint project that can manage both its football career and commercial activities in the best way.

  • I’m not that familiar with the business model at DC United but the owners are definitely focussing their attention financially there more than with the Swans. How much of a gamble will it be to sign Ozil there as opposed to say a Championship team? Why is it that the owners can afford such an outlay for our US counterparts and yet all we get is the crumbs from the table?

  • It's a very different business. They're a franchise within the centrally controlled MLS organisation, rather than a truly independent club competing within a league system. There's much less risk to the value of their investment as there's no relegation and afaik Levein's DC United group now owns the club outright, rather than just the 70% or so his (similar but different) group has here.

    Most MLS clubs seem to be sustainable, making small profits/losses annually in normal operation, a million or two either way, due to the control the league has over how clubs operate. It's not the Championship where every club has to spend beyond their means just to compete, with a grand prize in the hundreds of millions at the end of the rainbow. Their revenue is similar to what ours will be when parachute payments end, but standard player costs (ignoring designated/marquee players like Rooney and potentially Ozil) are much, much lower.

  • As above. Completely different business model to our country...

  • As a more sustainable model would it be prudent to introduce it to our shores? After all sustainability is key to the survival of ours as well as other clubs who are being hit hard in the pocket at the moment. We may well lose some the drama and intrigue that comes with the promotion/relegation structure of the football pyramid but could it be the small price that needs to be paid to keep the lower league clubs alive and kicking?

  • @SeaJack No thanks. We might be Ok being in the Chamionship but look at all those years spent in League 2. If we were there now would you accept us being condemned to League 2 football and teams forever. No thanks on this one. Look at Newport right now. All the way from the depths of the pyramid and clear on league 2 and fans hoping to be league one next season and maybe playing us and Cardiff the following year

  • Martyn - I see your point. The chance of promotion and the fear of relegation is I feel the heart and soul of the football league. What would be the solution to the sustainability problem? There has to be a solution other than what has been proposed so far.

  • @SeaJack for th3e most part clubs have been sustainable. Rare to see one fold except for recent seasons. Maybe a wage cap would help but it would have to be standardized ie same number for every club and not based on a clubs revenue, bigger clubs wont agree to that tho

  • one of the biggest reasons clubs are struggling is the cost of players that is artificially high due to the big clubs holding most of the youth players on their books and some may never play for their club above 18 level as they are just farmed out in the hope that they might turnout have decent and make cash on them. All clubs should only be able to hold a set amount of players at all levels or only allowed to loan ‘x’ amount out each transfer window and a wage cap should be introduced in the lower leagues. All wage contracts including premier league should have a relegation clause to reduce wages if a team goes down, what other industries reward for a failure, bonuses could be set aside for rewarding promotions and cup wins. Let’s start making players wages performance related its the way the clubs themselves have had to work. Something that needs tightening up is punishing teams not working within their mean.

    One of the biggest things that would change the face of the game and bring prices down is to stop the business of staged payments for players. This is probably the biggest reasons for player values being sky high and lower division clubs struggling waiting for payments. Simple rule if you don’t have the money in the bank you can’t buy. I know a lot of people might think I’m being a bit simplistic about this think about it, it’s not just the lower end of the table we have to watch out for. Look at how the big 6 tried to stitch us up with a super league where is all the money coming from when they control everything.

    The biggest thing I’d like to see shake up the system is to see the likes of a ManU to go bust. Imagine a couple of seasons out of Europe, look at where Arsenal are now, could happen. They used to be one of the best run sports clubs in the word with no debts how much debt from borrowing have they got now, would make our problems look like pocket money worries. Won’t be much oil money around when we all go electric things can change quickly and I bet those brothers have cover them selfs if it all goes tits up.

  • I know we already have five loan players but we should consider a cheeky loan bid in January for Brewster.

    I mean he's just wasting his talent for such a piss poor side.

  • Wouldn't trade either of our front two for him right now. Doesn't put half the shift in that we get from Lowe. He's very lucky to be getting a massive wage in the PL, too many have fallen for the hype as if he's some mistreated star - he's 4th choice striker there on merit. Liverpool rinsed them on the fee.

  • On the other hand I would take Ollie on loan..

  • on top of a striker we could need 2 more players if Bristol and Chelsea recall the 2 we have on loan

  • Chelsea wont be able recall Guehi. He's played over the threshold of games required, so the recall clause cant be activated.

    If Palmer goes back, MGB is then fit. So the replacement is already at the club. And he should be on the grass training with the group again in the next week or so.

    For strikers, either Cullen goes out on loan, or we send Gyokeres back for another to come in.

  • Gyokeres must be crap in training to get less chances than Surridge got for us.

  • As far as I’m concerned even with the 2 strikers we already have, the main striker vacancy has still to be filled. Has been all season so far.

  • A Goalscorer is still key, has been key from the start of the season. I'm disappointed that Gyokeres hasnt had a run of matches but if he isnt deemed worth of that, then presumably he isnt good enough. In which case lets get someone in before the season goes south.

    Unless we get a proper goalscorer in, and one who can win headers as well ( assuming we are going to continue with the wide crosses into the box ) then we are on target for only scoring 50+ goals this season which will be way short of where we need to be.

    Personally I'm surprised we have done so well without a proper goalscorer, there is some credit in that at least, but if that isnt fixed soon I can't even see a playoff place. Teams have already started to work out how to play against us and know most of the time we can't score more than 1 goal a match.

  • As he seems to be unemployed at the moment, offer Sheff Utd a loan deal for Brewster 😉

  • Can’t believe the stick gykores is getting give the guy a chance I’d keep him and send Cullen out on loan.he looks totally out of his depth at championship level.

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