Forum Poll: Result or Performance ?

We'd all like to play well AND get results at the same time.

I'd say that results are more important than performance at the end of season when you're going for promotion or play offs. Also, I can deal with an undeserved win against Cardiff. But for the other 40 odd matches, I'd like to see a good performance and rely on that being good enough to get results most times.

Prompted by our performances over the last 6 or 7 matches , setting aside the Cardiff match when we played very well, I'd like to gauge opinion on here of what we really want with a little poll

So, in most matches , given a binary choice, would you prefer a result or a good performance ?

Just reply with one word "result" or "performance" without any caveats or reasoning.

I'll count up the votes on 28th Dec.

I'll kick it off with "performance".



  • Performance every time - how we spawned that win at QPR with 35% possession baffles me.

    For your poll @Fledge the one word answer ids not enough characters for a legitimte post.

  • Performance, performance, performance ☺️

  • Performance.


  • supposedly with Performance comes results.

  • Performance for me, unless as you say, it's Cardiff 😀

  • It’s a RESULTS game every time.

  • Personally I loved the way that we played at Norwich and despised the home performance v Luton. One we lost, one we won - one made me angry the other filled me with pride. Go figure!

  • You can dream about performance,but in real life it's results that count in the end.

  • Results results results

  • Results, performance can come later, with confidence

  • results.


  • Would I rather the team play from the back, free flowing, possession heavy football and get relegated. Or would I rather see a team grind out the victory and get promoted? I'd be nuts to say anything but promotion.

    Pre lockdown last season I shared a lot of others frustrations as there were neither performances or results to be had for a long period. Credit to Cooper now, he's consistently getting results.

    To be second in the league at this stage and to hear criticism of the team is baffling and entitled. Another poster put it brilliantly that having had a once in a blue moon team, should be enjoyed for what it was, rather than beat the current team to death with.

    Another poster has said that its an entertainment industry. It isn't, it's very simply a results driven industry. The club, manager, players, club staff and the city as a whole will all benefit from getting promoted back to the Premier League.

  • Performances beget results (usually) so it’s the performance from me. I’m not complaining too much however about where we are in the league and what got us there. Next up a great performance at home against Reading with a result to match.

  • Performances are there in the main. They may not always be an 'easy-on-the-eye' performance.

    But they are dogged. Committed. Defensively excellent (big part of the game of football). we have scored some great goals - yesterday's 2nd was a superb pass and finish, with great touch from both Grimes before his pass, and Lowe with his control before the finish. We have seen some eye-catching pass and move. Not as much as many of us would like, and have enjoyed in the heydays of Roberto, Brenda and Laudrup. But it's been there in patches.

    And as much as the aesthetic was more prominent under Potter, we didnt win as many games - just like Brighton dont.

  • Performances over results, you rarely get one without the other, over the length of a season.

    I think if you were a Norwich fan from last season, you would have been fairly happy with their overall performances, but obviously went down

    If you were to ask a Sheff Utd one at this moment in time, they would snap your arm off for results, to keep them up.

    I did see an article where the ideal scenario for teams like us, Norwich, WBA, Sheff Utd, Bournemouth, and dare I say it, Scumdiff, was to be a perennial yo-yo club.

    This would mean performances and results theoretically, should eventually even themselves out, and you would be in the league your football deserved, while having the riches and the parachute payments, to make it all viable

    Then it would be up to the owners of these clubs to decide on what type of manager they wanted, to carry on feeding off The Golden goose.

    But having said all that, I think the covid ban on live fans has helped SC and the team.

    Truth to be told.... If that 1st half at QPR had been played in front of live fans at Liberty Stadium, I dare say the natives would have been restless, as the players and manager left the pitch.

  • Our performances are getting us results... so not sure we are getting one without the other overall... we can play every game like we did against Norwich and be in a relegation scrap so give me the joy a win gives me everytime.... when we lose it really impacts on my day... when we lose playing pretty football it also impacts on my day. Conversely I’m happy when we win ugly and I’m happy when we win perfectly. So clearly I thrive on results

  • And we are 2nd in the context of having conceded the joint least goals in English football with Man City, but having played 7 more games than them. And a net spend since Cooper took charge of

  • edited December 2020

    A few Warnocks in here thinking playing attractive football gets you relegated. Sure you're on the right club's forum?

  • I don’t think anyone has said that ...I certainly haven’t read that

  • Likewise. All I've read is that some will happily take a win without having to playing like Barca circa 2012. Bit of a sad comment that.

  • Possession for possession sake can be mind boggling boring, as what was seen on occasion under Roberto when a large amount of 70% possession gleaned thro’ 90 minutes was played between the halfway line and their own penalty area, and contrast that to WBA’s two banks of five for the first half yesterday and it’s no wonder the forums are in meltdown.

    What is important is getting that balance from a team that can defend, play it’s way out of trouble and build a counter attack with the first season under Laudrup, irrespective the success Roberto and Brendan’s eras achieved, the clinical example of how to play between the lines and excite the fans.

    Performance and results are the balance to the end product – winning, and for a club like ours very difficult to marry the two together where the following criteria prevails - very little cash, promising academy products, experienced journeymen and utilising the loan market. Throw in an in-experienced coach at senior EFL level and the expectancy from fans varies no differently to forecasting the weather.

    Whatever you feel about Warnockball, route one football, let alone Sam Allardyce’s deep thoughts of the effectiveness of sports science in the game, the previous criteria is a winning product that a high percentage of fans will accept irrespective of performance.

    Taking the performance and results conundrum further, how many fans would accept a team that continued to fail in their quest for finishing higher up the table instead of languishing lower down, or, having the threat of relegation hovering over them season after season despite playing good attractive football.

    It’s a difficult decision and choosing either performance or results I find impossible to make, but what I can say is that whatever positives there are in Steve Cooper’s management style there are equally, plenty of negatives while entertainment, for those that demand it, becomes a by-product.

    Performance or results, for me you can’t have one without the other. At Norwich earlier this season the performance was there but no result, while at QPR on Boxing Day the performance was missing but the result was there.

  • Time to close this one I think.

    I'm disappointed that more people didn't join in the fun of the poll but, if I've interpreted people's comments correctly, for those who expressed a specific opinion, 57% of us prefer performance over results.

    Unfortunately, it's a very very small sample size so results can be misleading; make of that what you will.

  • Results for me , winning breeds confidence and allows performance to improve , confidence in winning encourages you to try the difficult pass ,

    I did enjoy Graham Potter's team the way they played , the problem was they couldn't defend set pieces .

    Also too many draws ,

    Steve Cooper's do the less fashionable side of football very well , they like defending .

    Remember the saying 1 nil to the Arsenal , Steve Cooper likes 2 nil to the Swans , 7 so far and counting ,

    The next week will be a good indication on how the season may go .

  • If it had been a poll such as they do on Planet Swans then maybe there would have been more participation. No criticism, just an observation.

  • Yes I would have done that but the poll function does not exist on here, or at least I couldn't spot it anyway

  • started a good conversation @Fledge - job done THANKS!

  • Maybe the owners of the site could make this function available to the posters of the site? Thanks Fledge for getting us engaged in a debate which will rage on for a long time yet. I became engaged in football through the Arsenal Invincible's season and that for me is the template for all that I strive to see in the Swans. To think that I actually saw signs of that during the rise up to the Premier League and whilst we were at that level is something I will always cherish. To see it again at the club I support once more will be a dream come true. But for now, I will have to content myself with us being in an automatic promotion spot in the Championship with the potential to return to the Premier League. Which is no bad thing I must say.

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