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Booing from outside the ground?

Anyone have any other info on this? 2nd match in a row this has happened? Are people really going down to the Liberty just to do this?



  • Yes.

    A small, militant group of racist ****** have seen fit to 'make their point' at the last two matches, unfortunately.

    I mean, how dare football choose to make a simple pre-match gesture that takes just seconds, just to keep at the forefront of our minds that black people all the world over are quite justifiably a bit fed up with the hundreds of years of appalling treatment and oppression they have had to endure, and continue to endure.

    The delicious irony is that far-Right nutjobs like them hijacked the word '******' to describe the very kind of behaviour they are now displaying.

    I think the club and the police could, and should, be doing more to put a stop to it. For a start, this pondlife are breaking lockdown rules right now. So even if you can't get them on anything else, then get them on that.

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  • According to the BBC the police were there and observed a small group of protesters.

    The police should have arrested them and if they were connected with the club in any way they should be banned for life.

    I don’t want my club tarred by these racists

  • Seems they are planning another one tomorrow. I plead with you all to stay away. The more turn up the bigger the story.

  • i believe the cops gave them fixed penalty notices today. the very least the ****** deserve.

  • They did .... absolute Beaut’s

  • "Evenin' all. What's all this then? Here, have one of these."

    Well done SWP. Maybe Detective Chief Inspector David Hough was down there dishing them out.

  • Great news. Well done Headloo.

  • There's only one David Hough.

    One David Hooooough.

    There's only one David Hough.

  • Great news. Sanity has been restored.

  • Because they couldn’t go to the ground they went to a park (cwm level I think) and set off two rockets lol... the tyoe you get in standard firework boxes to disrupt the taking of the knee. You couldn’t make it up seriously. Absolute half wits

  • Anyone listen to bbc wales radio phone in after the game today? Have a listen to Rhodri approx 34 mins in.

    Very powerful, emotional and heartfelt point of view, being a life long Swans fan, whose been taking his Asian wife and daughter to Swans games.


  • indidnt hear it all but yes I agree but I also heard a fellow swan ring later and said that we are moving in the right direction and things are changing slowly ... no place for hate ...

  • There has always been racism in Swansea.

    I remember it as a kid, when the so-called 'Brynmill Freedom Fighters' were spraying racist graffiti around Brynmill and the Uplands.

    On many occasions, even as recently as when we were in the PL, I have heard and challenged supporters calling players derogatory names on the terraces.

    These arehats need to be dealt with by everything the club has at it's power. Exclusion from games being the very least.

    And I hope the police have them on a list. As Rhodri says. These tossers will be grooming youngsters into joining in with their ideology. It needs stamping out now.

  • @Mark_Jack_London

    Football in general, not just Swansea, has always had a far-Right problem. Brexit has emboldened these scumbags, unfortunately. It's all there in the official figures, hate crimes have soared since 2016.

    At least before, these fringe ****** were exactly that - a small lunatic faction to be taken the piss out of. Now, they are routinely indulged and allowed a voice in the mistaken notion of "balance".

    Let's not forget that it's taken 3 matches for the police to do anything about this nonsense, and even then it's only because (from what I can see) people have been giving the club and SWP a load of gyp on Twitter.

    It shouldn't take decent folk putting pressure on the authorities for action to happen, it should be automatic, par for the course. It is extremely worrying that it appears to be not.

  • Cheers for sharing that @J4cka Rhodri is right: a bunch of racist tossers trying to recruit and the club has to snuff it out fast if these morons have any association with the club.

  • The media has a lot of influence over these people. If we had a news organisation worthy of the name we wouldn't have these politicised right wing idiots spouting garbage to justify their actions. LBC and Talk radio are recruiting grounds for the ignorant. Not to mention the online sites that plant these conspiracies of BLM being some kind of establishment plot! I've worked with refugees so I've seen up close how they suffered doubly because of the 'hostile environment' ideology.

    Football has been great. the taking the knee gesture shows solidarity with the anti-racist movement worldwide. Pity the politics of this country is the opposite of that compassionate stance. Even Rashford is better equipped than any standing member of parliament when it comes to being humane

  • There is nothing wrong with right or left wing politics or stand points.... there is everything wrong with extreme versions of these which are unlawful. This sad bunch setting sparklers off in the park will be gone soon and the least amount of publicity they get the better so I agree wholeheartedly with your comment on responsible media. If this handful of idiots were truely believing in their vision they’d protest when the crowds are back, my belief in the minority of swans fans would be that they wouldn’t last long if they did.

  • I strongly object to the way that anybody criticising taking the knee at a football match is labelled as a racist. I can understand why it’s happening but I’d rather keep politics out of sports. It’s my belief that if the stadiums had been full of off fans it would not have lasted past the firsts game of the season, I base this on the facts that I not met one person face to face in favour of it yet, as for the booing the first match I personally think it was directed at the players with their fists in the air which is a more militant symbolic gesture. I personally think that all that’s happened this year is pushing race relations back about 10 years which is a real shame, the way Sky and the BBC are pushing the colour agenda all the time is only going to cause a backlash eventually, if you don’t believe this you only have to look at what the main reason for Brexit was, immigration, we are a tolerant nation but push to much and the normal silent majority will be heard.

    Im in my 50’s and anybody else of similar age and older can see how things have changed in the UK over the years, things are not perfect but the UK we had moved on and I’m sick of what’s going on abroad being used to stir up shit here. You only have to look at the players being punish for “racist” tweets and verbals on the field most are foreigners and the antics of fans in Eastern Europe to see where the real problems are.

    I’m forced to post this as I feel this one sided rhetoric on this stream does not help the debate on this issue, not that I don’t think the idiots at the stadium are not dickheads but what will your comments be if all the stadiums fill up with fans again and they all boo, does that make everybody a racist or will it be seen as a statement of objection from the countries fan base.

  • and people wonder why players are still taking the knee when this kind of stuff is happening in the world, despite all of the publicity about equality.

  • Ignoring the fact that the group this thread refers to are openly white supremacist British nationalists, it's frankly nonsense that we in the UK "had moved past" racism.

    For some people the issue re-entering the public eye in such a direct manner "pushes race relations back" because they were happy simply that no one was talking about it any more, not that systemic discrimination or racist abuse was actually no longer occurring. Because we're being told that it has been. Many seem to threaten to be more direct in their opposition if things don't quiet down again. They hate hearing that things aren't and have never been great for people other than themselves.

    An ignorant and racist statement remains ignorant and racist whether it's made by one person or 20k. Even Eastern Europe where you say the real problems are doesn't have the latter happen.

  • If you are a black player who has been subjected to racist abuse then you have every right to take the knee. If you believe this is political then you are wrong, it’s about the vast inequality that exists everywhere and even in football. Taking the knee is a symbol of a desire for equality for now and the future. BLM UK is different to BLM where it was formed in the US to help equality. It’s been hijacked by some for their own extreme gains. But don’t let that fool you, the need to support minorities is vital atm and if football can help the debate then I’m all for it. And I’m in my fifties btw ... not sure it’s important but she has been mentioned

  • It is political. But political is not a dirty word and politics has never *not* been in football. Football prides itself at being the centre of communities and supporting social causes. What people object to is their own politics being questioned and confronted.

  • Fighting for equality is not a political problem ... it’s a social one. Political movements and media don’t help it but it comes down to choice. Do people come into this world racist? Of course not... it’s developed by social and media influence .... so sorry taking the knee to influence change for the better is not political,

  • This is the sort of 'false equivalence' bollocks that has been allowed to creep into public discourse in this country over the past 5 or 10 years.

    "Oh come on now, let the other side have their say"

    No. Sorry.

    They tried appeasing Hitler. They tried skirting round the issue there. Giving a little, turning a blind eye.

    No, sorry. This is how it starts. Let's learn from history and let's not make the same stupid mistakes again.

    These tossers outside the stadium, and at the Millwall game booing the other week, are racist ******. Let's call them what they are, let's have no namby-pambying around the issue.

    Your post is replusive, Gingergit.

  • Do you remember I said that I am sure we will find common ground.... have a guess what ??

  • Perhaps we're getting into simply a semantic argument but wanting to address a social problem is a political position. Is it a problem? What is "change for the better"? The answers lie in an individual's politics. Your argument here is that opposing racism is politics everyone should agree on. If only. But that doesn't make it "not political" as if there actually is some meaningful distinction there worth entertaining, as the anti-BLM people suddenly want everyone to believe.

  • Taking the knee whilst raising the fist is a powerful symbol of positive aggression against the insidious behaviours and attitudes of racism. It is provocative and positive. Long may it continue wherever this spectre of the past raises its ugly head.


  • Its a sad society we have become when families, fans of all ethnicity can't go to a football match and not get abused. Myself and my wife and friends were victims at one game at Arsenal by pissed up Swans fans who were on a day out and totally not interested in the match.

    This is the world we are currently living in. Does it make a jot what newspapers ones read, Mail, Times, Sun or Guardian, or are we automatically bracketed into their philosophy. Are Oliver Holt, Phil Northcroft or Ed Aarons journalists you enjoy reading or is one deigned to be of a certain political alliance by reading their articles.

    I don't politically enjoy the direction the BBC is undertaking but the following link gives an inkling to what is not being done.

    Les Ferdinand: Taking the knee in support of Black Lives Matter 'will not bring change' - BBC Sport

    Having being brought up in the era when Jim Griffiths was the Labour Party member of parliament for Llanelli it beggars belief how a party like the Labour party has become so twisted from its socialist roots and allowing a Tory party, who basically look after their own, a basically free road in Parliament.

    For those that are unaware, the position the under pressure NHS is in is not a recent problem, the organisation already possessed so many problems prior to the pandemic hitting the country in March last year - PPE, waiting lists, no changing facilities for nursing staff and the failure of people to ignore the importance of hand gel irrespective of ward after ward being shut down and having to be deep cleaned, or the importance set by hospital administrators to charge staff and out patients to park , knowing full well that spaces would be taken up by selfish students or people leaving their vehicle to travel to their employment and share their car, while also throw in the increased possibility that nursing staff after a long shift would find their car stolen on returning to the car park. These are the basic problems that have always been within the NHS since before and after 2000 and whatever government, local or central, is/was in power failed to solve only to state a lack of available funds.

    Yes, there have been mixed messages that have confused the ****** society, a society spawned from the Thatcher and Blair eras, but isn't it also about the percentage of the me, me society who take no notice of whatever directives are given out, the masses who crowd the beaches, the ones who travel miles to climb Pen y Fan, the ones who want to clamour to shopping centres to grab a bargain, the ones who are desperate to go to any lengths to have a 'holiday' or the ones who just don't have a clue what distancing is, or basically don't give a flying f**k about actually wanting to know. No doubt the same ones who don't know, or their sons and daughters what its like to get up in the morning to go to work!

    Apologies for my post being so long but what I feel is that in a normal, fair, well governed society, those ****** who boo players outside or even inside, wouldn't get air time.

  • Nine of yesterday's squad of 20 would identify as Black and Minority Ethnic (I think). All starting eleven took the knee (I couldn't see the subs at that point) because that is what they wanted to to do. They deserve respect for that because they want to persist with the message that racism still exists and society needs to address it. The numbskulls outside the stadium can only want both individual and institutional racism to prevail.

    Sport has always been political. Virtually all aspects of life beyond our human biology is political - family politics, community politics, work politics, etc.

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