EFL lockdown

Seems one Chairman thinks an EFL suspension is inevitable.

Johnson due to give a national address at 8pm tonight.


  • I think we all agree the sensible thing to do is end the season now. Congrats to Norwich on their title win.

  • It’s amazing that all those calling for a suspension are linked to clubs currently struggling in their respective leagues

  • Funny that isn't it.

    Like the 'null and void' brigade in the Premier League horrified at the thought of Liverpool completing the formalities of their title win last season!

    I'm of the view that if the season does have to be suspended, it'll be due to the actions of idiots like Kyle Walker and Benjamin Mendy organising parties over Christmas. Authorities in this country have a built in mistrust of anything to do with football, they will look for any excuse to pull it and that sort of stupidity gives it to them.

  • 7 first team players and staff at Derby have tested positive. 😬

  • I love football as much as anyone but honestly think that its an industry where people hug, spit and about 100 people mass gather for one game, can you think of any other environment where this would be allowed?

  • Agreed. Watching people bump hands and more, before and after games, is just stupid and an unnecessary risk.

    What's wrong with the elbows they were doing at the start of the campaign?

    Spitting and snotting I always thought would be an issue.

  • There were clear directives in 'project restart' for footballers last June but just look at the manner in which these pampered souls have gone from fist and elbow pumping to congratulating each other during a match, let alone the manner in which the inconsistent distancing has been organised for the 2000 'lucky' ones that have drawn the 'golden ticket' to return to stadiums and watch matches.

    But as much as I admired Southampton's performance v Liverpool last night the sight of Saints manager Hasenhuttl getting up close and personal to the downcast Djenepo after injury had forced the player's early retirement really made me wonder what goes through the minds of those that collaborated in setting up 'project restart' or even the politicians who were aware of an impending announcement of a 3rd lockdown and who are still prepared to allow matches to be played.

    Disillusioned, disappointed are just two words that go through my mind from one, like so many who have toed the line since last March and the only conclusion I can see is that the game has to be shut down.

  • I am probably in a minority of one but for me, if we have any chance of beating the virus, we need to close everything, airports, any travel, work places, schools, colleges and universities, anything that can close should close and that goes for football too, it sets a bad example where hugs are part and parcel of what we watch.

  • Afraid I have to agree with those saying football shouldn't be an exception. That 3 month enforced break over spring and summer was very boring without football as a distraction, but that still doesn't make it reason to carry on.

    Unfortunately, this is what the government do - make it up as they go along, contradictions at every turn.

  • I really hope the football continues , the break from March was more bearable , the nights were drawing out the sun was shining , trees , shrubs and flowers coming into bloom , never saw so many gardens look so good .

    Strange when we had the first lockdown , we had some lovely weather .

    Now dark , freezing cold snow on the mountains ,

  • I personally think elite sport should continue for a number of reasons, mostly it gives everyone in lockdown something to provide a distraction.

    However they must get their houses in order and make team bubbles as impregnable as possible and that extends to their families. Any rule breaking needs to be heavily punished by the clubs/FA (no exceptions break the lockdown rules and give them a 3 match ban)

    It can be done but they need to take their responsibilities seriously, do their job and then go home and stay home like the rest of us.

  • I think your being a little harsh on the government and whilst I don't agree with a lot of what they have done during this pandemic, they are dammed if they do and dammed if they don't.

    For me there are 3 things that are not helping, the government, the media and most of all selfish, and self centred people who care for nobody but themselves.

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