Brandon Cooper

So Cooper has recalled Cooper from loan... seems to have worked really well for him and ultimately us


  • Has this been forced upon us by the injuries to 3 of our centre backs ?

  • You would think one of them is out for an extended period of time. he's not going to be called back just to sit on the bench. He's cup tied as well.

  • Newport are in trouble now without Cooper and Twine.

    Hope he's coming back to play, not fair to the lad if he's just injury cover for a few weeks.

  • Send them Oli and Liam to make up for it.

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    sounds like the injuries to Bennett, Joel and Kyle are not short term.

    Or more worrying, as Colin suggested to me, Chelsea are recalling Guehi.

    I'd be surprised. that would seem like a panic move by them, as they dont have an injury crisis. And I am sure there was a minimum number of games clause that would need to have failed for him to be recalled.

  • This is worrying NOT because I have any reservations about BC - I am excited to see him play and he totally looks ready to step up.

    This suggests as per Mark (above) that there is trouble at mill - potentially losing several defenders long term to injury or Guehi permanently back to London.

  • Guehi's i played too many games to be recalled. It was part of the agreement we put in place when loaning him.

  • I'm more inclined to think that Latibeaudiere's injury just prior to the Watford game could be worse than what was first thought. Bennett has been nursing a hamstring strain since early December or perhaps Naughton's injury also has implications long term.

  • Looks like they've taken a left-footed striker from West Brom so maybe not the place for Liam.

  • Asoro is on his way back from his loan spell in Genoa.

    He made zero appearances for them.

  • @Mark_Jack_London

    Bit slow on this one. @Gazza4421 has already started a thread on it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Will he have to isolate away from the first team before joining the bubble

  • Asoro is an interesting one -he was so highly regarded, and is regularly called up for a National team that is a very good one. He has something about him (pace and technical quality) - but his instinctive decision making and finishing have been sadly lacking in confidence when I have seen him Like Gyokores, and several other Scandinavian players there is a mixed history of potential becoming realised.

    However, one last swing of the bat for Asoro with game time from the bench and who knows? He seems a very similar profile to Obafemi to be honest, and he is one of ours (at least for the time being)!

    Meanwhile Cullen needs to go out on loan and get some game time (along with Ollie Cooper)- he looks a long way short physically at the moment of the requirements at Championship level - not to say that he can't make it, because natural finishers do not grow on trees - BUT I am not excited for his prospects. Ayew and lowe set the standard required - and that makes the bar VERY high.

  • was he sent back, have we recalled him, or has the player asked to end his loan?

    And if either of the latter 2, is that because there is a deal lined up to move him elsewhere, and a permanent move?

  • Says recalled so I’d guess it’s is that have done it

  • It also says, "that the Sweden U21 international has terminated his contract with Genoa before expiration."

    so that doesnt mean the Swans recalled him.

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    Bennett's injury probably long term but not neccessarily for Kyle and Latibeaudiere.

    I can imagine Cooper is back to cover Bennett and because of the players loan recalls going on. WithMGW, Gyokeres, Palmer being recalled, it saves us having to spend money on another defender, when we are going to need every penny to get a central midfielder, striker and we still need a replacement for Connor.

  • I think Cooper is full of potential - I thought that from the first time I saw him as a young boy make a start v Palace. His progression with Newport has confirmed that he is ready to step up to the Championship and deserves this promotion.

    If he gets minimal game time between now and the end of the season he will give us security in squad depth and either (a) be at a Premier League club for next season OR (b) be the natural successor to Guehi when he returns to Chelsea, and a starter from day one in 2021/22 (allowing us to concentrate our recruitment efforts into other parts of the team).

    My other hope is that we have not damaged our relationship with Newport - who are a natural partner to work with our developing talent and give them league experience. I hope we have a few other good prospects that we can send their way - much respect to Flynn and all concerned at Newport - they are running a very professional and progressive ship.

    If we sign a striker then Garrick Cullen and Ollie Cooper seem ready to get toughened up (particularly Garrick who looks awesome but is made of bone china)! One thing for sure is that he was not cut out for Rugby League, and should start developing his skills at chess - mind you he might tweak his back reaching over for the clock ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • it will be an interesting back 3 next season.

    I think it is fair to say Guehi will be part of the Chelsea squad - I'd be amazed if he's not promoted by Frank.

    So we'd have Brandon, Joel, Ben and Bennett as the first choices for the 3 centreback positions.

    And 2 of those 4 are 20 years old - Joel turned 21 this week.

  • Starting with a solid defence is the best place to start , making a team hard to beat is what this manager has succeeded .

    I was looking forward to the 3 youngsters against Watford , pity Joel was injured .

  • Mark/Malc we have the most exciting crop of defenders in the Country (certainly outside the premier League).

    The fly half factory has retooled to producing center backs.

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