Kasey Palmer recalled

Bristol City have recalled him. Would have liked to have seen more but good luck to him


  • Palmer been recalled. On the OS now. No surprise really

  • I said yesterday he was likely to be called back , they had 2 loan players back over the weekend , O'Dowda out injured for 2 months ,

    Suited the Swans and Bristol the loan spell .

  • Didn’t see this and opened a thread myself. It is a shame as I think there is a player there but atm with MGW returning and Dhanda improving it was going to be difficult. All the best to him and I am sure he will be gutted

  • I agree @chatz I liked Palmer - he had a physicality that we lacked - certainly a player in there, but with Dhanda Byers and MGW it is the right thing for all parties for him to return IMO.

    Thanks Kasey - all Swans fans thank you and wish you well..

  • Still baffled what anyone sees in him other than physique (which he doesn't use well). Was a liability with and without the ball, glad he's going back.

    The goal he got was important, so no hard feelings. Best of luck back at Bristol who don't seem to have any fit players left.

  • disagree @jasper_T - and I am allowed to 😀

  • I'm not worried about him going back - until he scores against us!

    MGW is far superior. And Yan has proved he offers more in that position.

  • For me the yellow card that he took for seeking retribution for the foul on Connor Roberts in the Stoke game will live long in the memory. However much his heart was in it during that game, maybe the Damocles sword hanging over his head, in the form a recall from Bristol, dampened his spirits a tad in later appearances. Good luck to the lad except when he plays against us in a Bristol shirt.

  • This recall has been on the cards from about 5/6 matches into the season.

    I liked him but he didnt get enough matchtime for us to find out what he might have done for us. Given the situation the recall is probably best all round.

    I wish him good fortune except when they play us.

  • Tested positive for covid as soon as he got back to Bristol.

  • I hope that it’s not bad news for our players as they’ve been mixing with him as well. The last thing that we want is a Covid outbreak in the Swans camp. Wishing him well with his recovery.

  • Cooper reported in today's pre match interview that everyone tested negative this week. It is possible that players could have been in the incubation period and may not yet test positive. Fingers crossed eh ?

  • He spent a lot of time with Smith apparently, whose wife recently returned form one of those trips to Dubai so many seem to have gone on over Christmas (since they don't have travel restrictions).

    Strange how we've only lost fringe players so far and somehow no one was considered to have been in close contact with Cullen despite training all week. Maybe it's the tin foil hat talking but I hope Wolves double checked Gibbs-White before adding him into their bubble.

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