Gibbs white gone

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Wolves have recalled him 😭



  • FFS are you serious? That is a MASSIVE blow

  • not ideal.

    But we have coped ok without him. in fact played and won more games with Yan in the team that MGW.

    Hopefully Scotty has some alternatives lined up. If there was always a chance he could be recalled, then you'd hope they had contingency prepped.

  • Should have a a tidy budget for 1 or 2 loan signings following the re call of Palmer and Gibbs White ,

  • We have to hope now that Guehi has played enough games as has been said for Chelsea to keep their hands off him until seasons end.

  • @Mark_Jack_London

    I know we have to make the best of it, but that's pretty unfair comparison.

    MGW started 4 (320m) matches for us and got 1 goal and 1 assist and frankly from a standing start was on fire. Yan started 9 (750m) matches yet got 1 goal and one assist.

    In any head to head comparison MGW was the stronger player, the fact he has gone doesnt change that.

    Sounds like Jack Clarke is the only item on the menu, apart from George coming back

  • If true that’s not a great situation for us. Especially as we nurses him through his injury

  • The situation we find ourselves in is exactly why loan players are a poison chalice. The club has no say in what happens to them and the parent clubs can pull the rug from under our feet whether it be tactical to destabilise the team, as it may well be with Bristol, or simply because it’s just one of those things, as with Wolves. I’m assuming it’s an injury thing with Wolves as they aren’t in the same league so aren’t competing with us. Either way it can be seen as quite vindictive when all is said and done.

  • Palmer was recalled because of injuries.

  • We coped without him and we need to continue to do so. Frees up wages and loan spots

  • So we lost a player who hasn't played for 19 games and one who has played bit parts in 12, although I would have liked MGW to stay I cant see a problem.

    Would be more concerned if Chelsea recall or our other CB's are long term injuries hence Cooper being recalled.

    Dhanda will have to pick up the pace to take the advanced midfield roll and I'm sure he can, we also have Byers coming back.

    Provided Chelsea don't get back to us and Bennet isn't long term injured I firmly believe we will definitely finish no lower than 6th and with the same performance in the second half of the season we will go straight up behind Norwich who I cant see blowing it.

    This is by far a squad good enough to do it

  • It weakens the squad and he was a part of the squad. SC is very strong on the squad ethos, so weakening the squad weakens us.

    We need 3 replacements quickly and we still need a Connor replacement. Everytime he is tackled and goes to ground (well goes down seriously) in a match, I get very concerned.

  • Didn't see that coming but everyone's got injuries. Playing well without Gibbs-White or Palmer last couple of games, with Byers and Dhanda still around, plus Oli Cooper if he doesn't find a loan. Shame but not worth panicking over.

  • I bet Newport are saying exactly the same thing

  • Hope the b*stards get relegated.

  • I know that injuries played a big part in why MGW was recalled, but SC is developing a big reputation for developing the youngsters from the PL. I hope that Arsenal sign a new contract with Belogun, then SC's reputation could be enough to sway Arsenal to loan to us.

  • I am sure the Newport fans are equally wishing us well @Rhydian 😉

  • Always a risk when you sign a player on loan, move on, wish the player all the best.

    Plenty of time for Cooper and Scott to work through their contact books and in the meantime Yan and George can add competition for places in the first team.

  • I wondered whether there might be some resentment towards us from Newport fans so I had a look at their 'we are exiles' forum - seems they're pretty understanding of our injury crisis so no bad blood there.

    I think its a massive shame Cooper can't finish the season with Newport and help get them promoted, especially since he was playing so well. Equally though I can't wait to see him on the pitch for us, seems like we just can't stop producing top quality welsh CB's.

  • Do you have the stats on how many chances Yan has created?

    Or moves he has been substantially been involved in that have resulted in goals.

    The facts are that Yan has featured in 12 games - as you say 9 starts, 3 subs.

    In those games we have W6 D3 L3.

    We've scored 17 in that time.

    he has xG of 0.58

    12 shots, 3 on target, 3 blocked. 6 missed.

    xA of 0.92

    72% pass rate, making 196 successful of 273 passes

    MGW in his 5 appearances has better expected goals almost double, but way less expected assists.

    xG: 1.15

    xA: 0.66

    Pass success: 75%

    Hence why he's not as big a loss, with Dhanda stepping up in his absence.

  • Just read a great suggestion on Twitter... Liverpool recall Wilson from his Cardiff loan and then send him to us lol

  • Hilarious @chatz - but actually I don't really rate Wilson. I wasn't gutted when we didn't get him and nothing he has done at Cardiff has convinced me i was wrong.

  • @Mark_Jack_London

    I love a good stats debate, so MGW same number of actual assists and goals as Yan but in 4 starts and the final 10 mins of the Watford match, whereas Yan took 9 starts and 3 sub appearances.

    Shots per match MGW 1.6 / Yan 1.0

    Pass Success MGW 75%/ Yan 71.5%

    Aerials won per match MGW 1.6/ Yan 0.6

    Tackles per match MGW 0.8/ Yan 0.4

    Interceptions per match MGW 0.4/ Yan 0.3

    Key passes per match MGW 1.8/ Yan 0.6

    Dribbles per match MGW 1.4/ Yan 0.8

    I could keep going but point made. I like Yan as a player, he has something about him and isnt yet delivering on his potential. However MGW is the better player at the moment and if he hadn't got injured we would, I believe, be top of the league.

  • Whatever the stats say I for one am very disappointed that MGW is going back to Wolves. Thought he showed a lot of potential creatively and was particularly excited after his comeback cameo against Watford. As has already been said all we can hope is that Cooper & Scott can pull another proverbial rabbit out of a hat as I think we do need a like-for-like replacement.

  • @JackRaven MGW is way more experienced than Yan, having played in the PL and in Europe. So would expect him to be ahead of Yan when he came in.

    BUT, since Yan has had a run of games, he has got better and better. Time now for us to persist with him, unless some incredible player becomes available in his position, for little outlay.

  • @Mark_Jack_London

    No arguments from me about persisting with Yan, he is probably the second best dribbler of the ball we have now MGW is gone, The rest of his game is still improving, and its the final product assists and goals that need to be delivered, not expected but actual.

    If his game continues to improve I can see him playing for us in the PL, but there is still a way to go.

    Jack Clarke is being touted, he is a young talent but not sure he is ahead of Yan.

  • Interesting discussions on Twitter regarding him going back, not least him and particularly his partner not being best pleased to go. She has been targeted a lot by their fans and I am sure him having a flat over looking the bay was a much better option than he has

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