Swans in FA Cup 4th and 5th Round Draws


  • Chorley please. Which ever team hope its home

  • Forest at home - not too bad a draw at all. Unlikely to be a telly pick though..

  • Let's get through then have revenge on Man City .

  • The game with Brentford will be now re arranged ,

    Brentford next 2 games postponed because of covid

  • Can't see how the Brentford game will be re-arranged as their next two games are against Bristol City and Reading. This could work both ways of course. On the one hand they get a rest in the midst of a mad season; but then on the other hand they have to fit these two games into the schedule later on. Plus they've got a tough game at home to Leicester City on 23rd Jan.

  • They were supposed to be playing us on the 23rd Jan , we have Forest they have Leicester .

  • got it! I've caught up now Malc....

  • Too many cancelled matches and this season becomes very difficult to finish.

    Probably still prefer not too much of a cup run.

  • The way cases are rising within sport they may suspend sports for a month or so I think

  • The end of this week will be the critical point on cases. The cases are starting to drop but will take 2 weeks before they affect hospitalisations, that is what will cause the NHS to fall over. In the meantime deaths will continue to rise for the next few weeks.

    This variant is nasty and it will affect all the other countries of the world if they dont vaccinate quickly.

    The really big danger is the variant found in South Africa, that is more transmittable, more virulent and may well need a tweak to the vaccines. We need to close down the borders quick or it will be like a new virus starting again

  • Now there’s another version in Japan that differs from the uk and South African one . Nows the time to close airports and seaports for travellers but allow goods in

  • Yes its from Brazil, but the number of base mutations is unclear.

    In any case, as you say close the borders down completely or there is a disaster coming.

    The real mutations will come once the vaccine puts pressure on the virus, then it will get very ugly

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