Your most iconic Swans game

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Just doing a little research and was interested to know what everyone's most iconic game as a Swansea City fan was.

Was it the win at Preston to clinch promotion to the old Division One, the great escape against Hull City at the Vetch on the last day of the season, the Play-Off Final win over Reading, winning the League Cup at Wembley or was it another game?

Mine was probably the win over Hull at the Vetch, as had we gone down that day, I genuinely don't know where we would have ended up. Hopefully we will never have to face such a day again!



  • I loved the Swans v Hull game but had we not won the week before at Rochdale, the Hull game would have been irrelevant, so I'll say Rochdale.

    Loved the Man City game two seasons ago in the FA Cup, when we should have won, Celina's goal was one of our best in any generation.

  • Some of the Swans promotion games with Tosh as player manager - remember particularly Chesterfield when he came off the bench to nod the winner, Watford game and of course Preston away.

  • There are so many , I'm going back to the first year in the premier league , we played Aston Villa away around New Years day , I had never been to Villa Park it is one of those iconic grounds where i had watched on TV many F A Cup Semi finals .

    Parked in a driveway 10 mins from the ground , we walked to the ground , passing the Holt End with the steps leading up to the red bricked stadium was special.

    The game and the fans were amazing , the humour and songs were fantastic , ( Your only here to watch the Swans , Is this a fire drill)

    It was also special because it was our first away win with Wayne's first goal for us and Nathan scored the first in a 2 nil win , a really nice drive back home for us .

  • Bury away in 2005. First promotion I'd seen as a fan.

    Adrian Forbes was my favourite player at the time. The fans were nuts that day, we took over the bloody ground.

    Willy Gueret getting arrested was quite funny too.

  • Got to be Reading in the play offs. However I loved the 0 - 0 v Liverpool in the cup in the early 90s with Lee Bracey. Also the first leg win v Spurs at the vetch when we were bottom of the third division a goal from Jimmy Gilligan from 30 yards.

    And of course the win v Hull. Mind you the games v Panathanikos weren't bad either as was the Lee Trundle heroics v Preston..

  • I'm going to go a bit left field here, but one I always come back to time and again was a game against Birmingham away during our first Championship season, under Martinez.

    We drew 0-0, but it doesn't tell the true story.

    Birmingham were top and would eventually get promoted at the end of the season with a squad worth 10 times ours.

    But we played them off the park. They didn't get a kick. They had a man sent off as they became increasingly desperate in ways to stop us. They got booed off half time and full time!

    The only reason we didn't win that day was because we fluffed chance after chance after chance. It was one of those days.

    I remember coming away from the ground at the end thinking two things:

    1. I can't feel my toes (never been so cold at a match before or since)

    2. We were on the right path to something very special (so it proved 3 years later)

    Just a sense of incredible pride that we had developed a team on a shoestring that could go to a team at the top of the table and basically embarrass them on their own patch. What a time to be a Swans fan.

  • I wasn’t there, I didn’t see it (a trusty TV radio broadcast was all I had that evening). However, the 0-0 draw against Nottingham Forest in the Championship play-offs springs to mind. We were down to 10 men virtually from the off and I can remember feeling deflated at the prospect of being dumped out of the running to be the first Welsh team to be promoted to Premier League. And then, chance after chance, the opposition was denied. Our defence stood strong as I sat tight waiting for the final whistle to sound. And so it was. No goals scored but what a game to come through to set up a game that was to become a defining moment in Swans history. A game which sent us on to Wembley and victory against all the odds. Supreme.

  • @SeaJack

    The atmosphere generated by the travelling Jack's that night was up there with the best I have ever experienced. The noise and passion was unbelievable and for the entire 90+ mins. I don't recall ever being so proud of our team

  • I'll echo that sentiment even though our coach was late getting to the stadium and by the time we got to our seats Taylor had already been sent off. Borini that night was absolutely outstanding

  • Another I shan’t forget is the game against Liverpool when their fans applauded our players at the final whistle. It was spontaneous, it was heartfelt and it was brilliant to witness. According to Wayne Routledge he had never experienced anything like it in his whole career. Those were special times at a time when it felt like we could do no wrong.

  • That Birmingham 0-0 was up there for me also. Also the villa away (first win away in prem) has to be top 3 imo but the game that stands out to me is the Kidderminster game down the Vetch when they beat up 4-0. High up in the west stand watching that is hard to forget...

  • On our way home from that match, our coach stopped at the services and we were joined minutes later by the Swans team bus. Taylor was understandably a bit sheepish, but the jack fans soon perked him up by getting behind him and supporting him. You could tell that he really appreciated that support.

  • I'd forgotten that one.

    I was there that day and you're right, it was special, because let's be honest, think of the teams that have taken to that pitch over the last 50 years. Those fans know their football and they knew what they'd seen. We were amazing. Real class on their part, I thought.

  • For me it was Rotherham V Swansea on 6th May 2000

    First time I saw the Swans win a trophy and the game had it all

    Last game of the season, top 2 playing each other winner takes the title (or Swansea if it was a draw), packed stadium with a great atmosphere, pitch invasions, two penalties an two sending off's, ref takes off the players before brining them back on to finish the game.

    And my favourite player from the time Walter Boyd!!

    Champions !!

    Anyone recognise themselves?

    Here he is the Blacka Pearl !!

  • 2nd May 1981 at Deepdale, Preston, only knew the day before the game that I had a ticket and a place on the coach from Swansea. For those that have been to Deepdale, although the ground has been extensively modernised, across the road is a large park. From the time we got there all you could see were coaches arriving, police directing them into the park resembling a huge wagon train that completely encircled the park. No pre-match boozer for us in those days just sampling the atmosphere, chatting to Swans fans, marvelling at coach after coach arriving before we decided to go into the ground.

    Inside the ground, as the minutes counted down and the atmosphere was ramping up I remembered how just six years previously the club had to go cap in hand to the Football League to be re-elected after finishing third from bottom of the Fourth Division. 90 plus agonising minutes and the rags to riches story was complete.

    I will never forget that feeling and as remarkable as the achievement was in getting promoted to the PL, the first time of reaching the top tier of the game will live long in my heart.

    The photo of the 'Three Musketeers' sums up the day.

  • First (and probably last) time I ever heard the chant "Free Willy" 🤣

  • Preston and Rotherham were great experiences, but for me it was Wycombe in 1994. It was the second leg of the semi-final of the Autoglass Trophy and Swans were 3 - 1 up from the first game; if things went well it would be the Swans first appearance at Wembley since it was built in the 1920s. Approaching the ground with my friend Richard Lillicrap, but still two hundred yards away, we both felt the hairs on our neck go up as we heard the waves of sound from the Swans support - I have never heard anything louder in hundreds of games. Despite losing 1-0 on the night we got to Wembley and me and Richard saw us beat Huddersfield to win the trophy. (The local press referred to the Swans support as a 'raucous mob', and it was certainly true that some supporters had been 'on the pop', but I remember it as a good humoured night.)

  • The 2-2 at Anfield was a great occasion, we was robbed by 2 dodgy pens but a great day in 81. Also the Valencia game more recently went with a great, late friend , an unforgettable experience for lots of reasons

  • @DDWT

    15 years later and I can't remember that very well at the time but then again I didn't even know Willy Gueret was arrested until hearing about it back on the coach so there you go.

    Great day though. I will always rate it higher than getting promoted to the Premier league which may sound weird to some.

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