Match Discussion: Barnsley v Swans - Championship 2020/21

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This is the place to discuss all things related to the Barnsley v Swans Championship game on Saturday, 16 January 2021 at 7:45pm.

As the game has been chosen for live coverage by Sky Sports, EFL rules dictate that the club are not allowed to make the game available to UK supporters and will therefore ONLY be available to fans in ‘dark market’ regions on SwansTV Live.

Referee Jeremy Simpson will be assisted by Michael George and Bhupinder Gill, with John Brooks the 4th Official for the game.

Have a browse of the Barnsley v Swans Head to Head stats when the sides have met at Oakwell, since their first meeting in 1925.

Share your pre and post match thoughts, views on Steve Cooper's pre or post match comments and team selection.



  • Should be an interesting match, a team that can score for fun against a team as miserly as Scrooge in terms of conceding goals.

    This looks like a 1-1, but I'm hoping we can just nick it 0-1.


  • Come on Michael George. Give us a song on Saturday.

  • Next up. Brentford Bristol fingers crosseed

  • One thing this definitely doesn't look like is a draw. Barnsley last drew a game 18 games ago.

    Cooper has got us playing well defensively and in attack against opposition that don't go all out to close us down. The teams that have tested us the most are those that have denied us space and time on the ball, especially in wide areas. Barnsley, despite the result in the reverse fixture, were one of those teams.

    Does Cooper tweak things, for instance by playing through the middle more? It will give me a lot more confidence going forwards that we can deal with the likes of Derby, Luton and Coventry if we approach things differently with this type of opposition.

  • Barnsley are a good team , have some really good players , play attacking football and work hard ,

    They played well at the Liberty and caused us big problems with the high press .

    Extra midfielder would be good , keep and pass the ball better .

  • Well Barnsley are a team that do often find a way to score yet we are a team that is very difficult to score against. There is a possibility the two teams will neutralise each other, especially as they do press well and high. We have struggled against teams who have done that this season. Our advantage is they are unlikely to sit and defend, and we do better against teams who try and play football, rather that defend with 2 banks of 4, also we have played better when we do play a strong 3 in midfield .

    I can see a 1-1 but still hoping for a 0-1.

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    Good Result for us last night, Bournemouth 1 - 1 Millwall.

    Bournemouth ha dmost of the possession, but Millwall had most of the chances.

    Only Brentford (of the teams who could still get ahead of us on equal matches) with a match in hand, and they dont play until next Wednesday at home aginst Luton.

  • playing games and gaining points is the best scenario right now - extended cup runs and COVID cancellations will lead to a deathly last third of the season for Championship teams (as if it isnt hard enough already). May be wishful thinking - but I think Brentford will find it hard to sustain a challenge down the closing stretch - talented as they are.

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    Chance to open up a gap with Brentford v Bristol and Reading v Brentford off due to covid. That pegs Brentford at 41 pts while we play 2 games and 5th place Reading pegged at 40 pts until they play Coventry midweek.

    As for Brentford sustaining a challenge down the home stretch @Jackareme the games they have in hand make it more difficult. 3 postponements and those games are against 2nd place (us), 7th Bristol C and 5th Reading, 2 of them away for them

  • The downside for Barnsley by adopting a high press and high defensive line is that they're vulnerable to balls over the top, flick-ons and through balls. Lowe and Dhanda both had some success from such balls in the match at the Liberty, so this is a weakness I'm sure we'll be looking to exploit again.

  • Hello Webmaster. Most times I come on this site, I have to sign in to see the daily updated posts. I used to be automatically signed in. Any ideas?

  • Next 3 games all away and a lot of travelling. Barnsley Saturday a 440 Mile Round trip, then back up to Blackburn Tuesday night, that's shit considering they cant stay anywhere overnight. Then our last game in January is back in South Yorkshire with Rotherham, that is not a good run of games, get 7 points out of that lot and we should be well on track

  • Not being in the UK and experiencing my own "lockdown" joys - can a pro team not stay overnight in a hotel in the UK (within their bubble.

    Does seem like a lot of mileage! 😒

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    I believe we still travel up the day before and stay in hotels. I'm sure I've read a quote from a Swans player that players aren't sharing a room at the moment. Didn't Cooper say that they were travelling to London on Xmas Day ready for the QPR game ? Can't imagine they slept on the embankment 😃

  • I heard that too,plus they are split between two coaches on the road.

  • Watford stopped over (per Foster's vid), so assume we're doing the same?

  • Well I cant see them travelling up Friday staying overnight then travelling up again Monday night, better they stay up there from Friday till Tuesday, problem is hotels in England are closed during lockdown, London before Xmas were in the Tier system so was allowed. Unless there are special provisions for professional sport which would make sense. whichever its not the best having 2 long away trips in 4 days

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    Lastest score

    Boro 0 - 1 Brum

  • Final Score Boro 0 - 1 Brum, good result for us

  • Norwich look good again this season 2 up

    Very similar to 2 seasons ago

  • Newport put 5 strikers on the bench and then lost their left wingback inside 20 minutes. Flynn's a strange one at times.

  • See Bournemouth are down to 10 "early doors" home to Luton - potentially helpful....

    Cardiff a car crash of a club as long as they keep the barrow boy in charge.

  • Stoke is a club to be wary of.

    They have Joe back fit - like a £m signing.

    have added Norrington-Davies, Clarke and Matondo to their ranks too.

    Although they have lost James McClean for an alleged breach of Covid-19 rules. He's been suspended by the club.

  • Never thought I’d say this but really want cardiff to draw this game... not just because it takes points iff Norwich but it will also keep Harris in post for a while longer

  • Equaliser for Blackburn against Stoke 😀- shows how tricky Tuesday will be though!

    Luton lead at 10 man Bournemouth, and the summers down to 10 as well. Bummer is Watford cruising and Norwich likely winners.

  • Bournemouth losing.

    If Cardiff can get a point - not likely now Pack has been sent off.

    Brentford going to suffer fixture pile up at some point, having another game postponed because of Covid and no fixture this weekend. Not sure why that is?

  • Don't think Stoke will score enough goals ,

  • Interesting that Blackburn made two early subs to two starters - Hope they are injuries, particularly as one of them was Johnson - who is influential for them.

  • Norwich won.

    So a win imperative to keep in touch with them. A win takes it back down to 4 points between us.

    Bournemouth lost. Stoke drew.

    So a win takes us 4 clear of Bournemouth.

    And would mean Bournemouth would have to win both games in hand to overhaul us. And they dont play now until next Wednesday vs Luton who beat Bournemouth today.

    Plus Brentford have 1 day less to recover from their FA Cup game, against tougher opposition - Leicester. And they have to travel to Wales for the game, whereas we play at home after Tuesday's game vs Blackburn.

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