• This is fantastic news, security for him through his injury and depth for us going forward. I really hope he makes the grade as our #1

  • Excellent news, always rated him.

  • Remaining contracts due to expire this summer:

    Kyle Naughton - has an option for further 12 months.

    Jay Fulton - in talks

    Sir Wayne Routledge.

    Oli Cooper.

    Jordan Garrick - i am told that no talks about a new contract are currently taking place, which is a surprise.


  • Sadly for Garrick it does not look like he has (or is going to) do enough to warrant a new contract.

    Would we get any compensation is he signs for another club?

  • Under the current academy model clubs are entitled to a cut of the 5% solidarity payment from transfer fees of players who are trained by them between the ages of 13 and 21. We signed him in his u18 year so I think it's around 3% (the later years are weighted higher) we'd be due if Jordon moves for a fee in the future. Same as with DJ.

    If we release him there isn't any additional entitlement as he's a 22 year old full professional. A club could take him on without paying us a penny.

  • with the lack of game time, I am not sure he'd want to sign a new contract, unless he thought he was going to play more.

    I still think there is a player there, through the middle, like Mikael Antonio.

    He has the pace. We've seen him score going through the middle, rounding the keeper and scoring vs Cambridge.

    And he can do the business in the 6 yard box:

    I dont know why they havent tried him there. Seems a no-brainer. If it doesnt work, then it doesnt work. But I dont see why he cant do what Jamal is doing, with his skillset.

  • Mark,

    perhaps there is already an option for the Swans to offer him a new deal and there's no rush to get him to sign a new contract.

  • I'm with you MJL

    He has the pace to worry defenders , pretty skilful.

    One game last season before lockdown , came on as sub and scored a good goal , took a pass went around the keeper and finished with aplomb ,

    Give him more game time and see how he does ,

  • Totally changed a game at QPR as well - won a penalty with almost his first touch. Pace is a rare commodity and if you have ability to go with it...

    He is a fragile flower, but I would be very disappointed if the club let him walk.

  • There's no contract extension option from what I have been able to find out, and asked Ian Mitchelmore to ask Cooper about it.

    Ian told me he did ask, and said the reply was there was "no news on a possible Garrick contract".

  • That's the Huddersfield goal, which you can watch on the first video I posted above.

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