Championship Watch 2020-2021



  • Any position if they can pass and move the ball accurately to a team mate.

  • Barry Bannan and Tom McIntyre 2 good players who would improve a team ,

    We have good centre backs and cover , will be watching where he goes and his progress.

    Bannan would be an interesting signing.

  • CF who can hold up the ball , run in behind and who can finish, style of Norwich's Pukki

    MF who can run with pace and link up play is accurate and tidy, style of Bissouma of Brighton

    We have looked at Mowatt before I think

    MGW might be available though as he's getting no games at Wolves

  • on loan, if he's not sold. I doubt we could afford a transfer fee or wages if we dont get up.

    If we do go up, he'd be on my list of potential signings for sure.

  • So keep an eye on Brewster and MGW then.

    I'd still like Joey Veerman before he gets too expensive, ideal as a midfielder who can pass short or long very accurately, can beat players and he sets up and scores goals.

  • A win tomorrow would see us with a home second leg .

    My view our team appears to play better away , the fact the home team are expected to have more of the ball and take the game to the opposition suits us where we play on the break .

  • Never mind Brewster @JackRaven - I would taker Ollie in a heartbeat.

  • @Jackareme

    Ollie would be a coup for us to get back and probably would fit with Sc's non-negotiables very well, as long as his inclinations to drink can be sorted!

  • Never seemed to affect his game - always wore his heart on his sleeve and was a Jack character to boot!

  • Yes, but we all know it will affect him in the long term. What player could he be, if he gets this under control?

  • would Veerman be eligible under the Brexit employment rules?

  • not helped when his 'drinking' best mate would be living around the corner rather than 240 miles away!

  • I am a bit out of touch.. who is Ollie's alleged shanting buddy?

  • Well Rangers are trying to sign him at the moment, so there must be a possibility. Im hoping its settled this Summer when he gets picked for the Dutch squad

  • After a hard weeks grasaaaaft for sir Boris and to put the record straight in regards to my free transfer picks.let’s brake it down

    dalsgard a an attacking strong fb who is probably on a quarter of the bang average naughton is on!

    sami amoobi who whenever he was around our box I shit myself I thought one of forests best players always looking to take players on in around the box something we haven’t got!

    brit assambolonga had a bad season from his point of view but someone definitely when fit will cause havoc and score goals at championship level.

    kadeem Harris omg how could Cardiff let him go the Sheffield weds fans love him can go past a player both ways and deliver quality had his injuries seems to be over them now!

    adam smith just ooses qualify who mows what his wages are unless we offer him a contract!

    lots of other good players in the championship but I don’t think we can afford!

  • Credit where credit it due, it was class for Mick McCarthy to sub Sol Bamba on in the 90th minute today. Although maybe it was more practical than sentimental given that Rotherham needed a goal to stay up.

  • Watching Liverpool tonight Nat Phillips was just about to sign for us on deadline day and we signed Bennett instead ffs I know who I’d rather in my team!

  • Can I have my Ollie comments back please - love him to bits, but scuffling with the public is not what we need..

    Can I also leap to the defense of Naughton. Great pro, proper footballer, versatile and classy. Would not be swapping him for many and certainly not Dalsgaard.

  • I'd take Oli back if Sheff U sacked him - on a free

  • Depending what the second payment is regarding the fee Sheffield United paid us for Oli, if they are determined to offload him, that second transfer payment plus a couple of million from us could see him arrive.

  • Watched the highlights of Barnsley 2 Norwich 2 ,

    They do like to press high , caused Norwich some problems scored their first goal after forcing a mistake .

    They played some good football , Norwich should have won the game 3-2 .

    They were without Mowatt , he should be back for the game against us .

  • The unknown @Malc (because I watched the highlights like you did) was how "at it" were Norwich?

    I respect Barnsley hugely and they are high energy, high pressing and no little skill. However, if Norwich had had to win that game to get promoted I think you would have seen a very different game.

    Mind you same could be said of Watford - who we dominated and created a huge number of openings.

    How full of beer were Watford and Norwich - only time will tell..

  • Norwich played pretty well , they missed Pukki may have scored from a couple of chances ,

    Barnsley will be a threat , our defenders are going to have a tough 180 mins .

  • hopefully all of this week the players and management will be specifically working on two aspects of play.

    1. beating the press from the back.
    2. finishing.

    get those two right, and kerching!

  • We are forth favourites to win the play offs... fine by me .. play without fear

  • Add passing the ball accurately and moving to accept a pass and i will join the chant of kerching!

  • Joey Veerman scouted by Southampton as a potential Hojberg replacement

    Asking price is apparently £12.5m

    I think he's out of our price bracket even though his playing style says he's a really good fit

  • This, from Angel Rangel, is spot on. And all our fans should read it.

  • Angel has it 100% correct!

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