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Championship Watch 2020-2021



  • A good night's football so signing off until tomorrow

  • All of these results just show what a brutally difficult division this is..and saturday sees Watford at Coventry, Brentford at Boro and Reading at Stoke. Bournemouth will have an arm wrestle with Brum.

    War of attrition.

  • win our game in hand, and beat Norwich on Friday, and we jump them in the league.

    Now if Bristol City can get at least a point tomorrow.

    Also we are now 8 points clear of Bournemouth in 6th, with a game in hand.

    10 points clear of Boro, who sit outside the playoffs, with a game in hand.

  • Just goes to show that any of the highflying teams can slip down a considerable way, Bournemouth being a good example of this. A win for us on Friday and it could knock Norwich off their perch and destabilise them. This game is precious in all sorts of ways.

  • And Bournemouth just sacked their manager ... clearly they are panicking

  • Clearly lost form , played well against us , looked like a top 4 team ,

    Johnathan Woodgate appointed coach last week to replace Graham Jones ,

    Good job for someone , added pressure to reach the premier league ,

    Good for us ,

  • Some good candidates up for the job, Frank Lampard, Paul Cook, Garry Monk(please!), a return of Eddie Howe, Phil Sumbler!!!

  • Bournemouth panicking. Top 3 setting the pace and for me are the strongest and most consistent by some way. Butterflies for Friday already...

  • Maybe Mark Hughes , Alan Pardew , Claudio Ranieri

    Depends if the owner wants a high profile manager

    FFP could be a problem for them in the future

    The signings of Ben Pearson and Shane Long should help them

  • Phil Sumbler ? Surely he'd only go to a top 6 team ? ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • And that panic is the reason I think Norwich will fall away from where they are IMO... it’s the need to get immediate return to the premier league whilst the parachute payments are there. Two of the three relegated sides have now sacked managers.... if Norwich go on a bad run I can’t see them doing the same but I can see them feeling the pressure

  • Tonight's Championship Fixtures...

    Rotherham United v Derby County

    Brentford v Bristol City

  • Top 6 team is a term generally used for teams in the top 6 of the PL, not the championship. Phil shouldn't even consider a team outside of that group

  • Great start by Bristol ... long way to hold off though

  • .....0-1 keep it coming

  • Bristol moved to a 4-5-1

  • 27 mins gone, Bristol still leading

  • damn, 1-1 31 mins gone

  • .............Half Time 1-1

  • Second half underway

  • ......damn 2-1 Brentford

  • Game over 3-1 Brentford, but still time to go

  • We will need to overtake Norwich

  • Don't get me wrong, Brentford are very good, but how shite are the wurzels? As I type that they score!!

  • Brentford are a class side on a great run but why is everyone assuming they are nailed on for automatic promotion. They went on a great run last year to be ahead of WBA with 2 games to go and blew it just like they always blow play offs. The can't keep being unbeaten and when the pressure is really on can they handle it. Time will tell

  • yes @SussexJack - it is ok winning when you are playing poorly - but can they match us and win when they are playing dog shite badly?

  • After last seasons play off clash against them resulting in us being dropped out of the hunt for promotion to the Premier League and this seasons tightly contested place for the automatic spot between us and Brentford, I have to conclude that they are our arch nemesis in the league. More so than Cardiff even. When next we play Cardiff, all that doing the double means to me will be getting those much needed 3 points to hold off the Brentford march into the 1st or 2nd spot at the expense of our team and Club.

  • Fine magins will be required, I believe we will need 12 more wins........and some goal difference, despite what some posters think, auto-promotion will go down to the wire.

  • I truly hope it does go down to the wire and that we are in that shakedown as then it will have been a truly enjoyable season!!

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