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  • personally I'd prefer us to have a 10 point lead and an unassailable goal difference

  • I think 12 wins and 4 draws are quite possible, and tally with our record to date.

  • After tomorrow we will have played Brentford and Norwich twice.. the minus is that we will still have road trips to such hell holes as Watford Reading Bournemouth and Stoke - and with the final game of the season Watford away I think we can all expect some sweaty palms.

    However - it is the same for everyone, and we need to make sure that "fortress liberty " continues to be a source of points.

    Our remaining home games are with Norwich, Forest, Coventry, Brizzle,Boro, Scummers, Preston, Wycombe, QPR and Derby (in that order).

    Of those 10 I think we will need to get a minimum of 7 wins and the odd draw.

    March by the way is brutal - with 6 games and 4 of them on the road.

    Away games left are Weds, Huddersfield, Stoke, Blackburn, Luton, Bournemouth, Birmingham, Millwall, Reading and Watford.

    That is 20 games in 95 days....with the potential of 3 extra play off games. All those who think we did not need a strong and deep squad stick your hands in the air.

  • We are in a much better position than we have ever been for automatic promotion.

    Tonights game against Norwich will see where we are .

    A win will be a vital 3 points and will put some light between the chasing pack.

    Especially as

    Brentford have 2 potentially slippery games away to Middlesborough & Reading in the next week.


  • We were in an almost identical position in season 2010/11 with a 3-0 win over Palace in the 27th game taking us back into 2nd place, in a match that saw Scottie score twice from the penalty spot against a team 22nd in the league. That win put us on 46 points and a win tonight will see us on 53 points.

    We had been in third place since the 17th match of the season, eventually moving into 2nd place in the 20th match after an away win at Ipswich.

    Apart from a couple of occasions flirting between 3rd and 4th place we retained our 2nd spot up to the 38th match prior to slipping out of the automatic places and finishing the season in third place, four points behind Norwich.

  • Championship fixtures for Saturday, 6 February 2021...

    Coventry City v Watford

    Barnsley v Derby County

    AFC Bournemouth v Birmingham City

    Bristol City v Cardiff City

    Luton Town v Huddersfield Town

    Middlesbrough v Brentford

    Millwall v Sheffield Wednesday

    Preston North End v Rotherham United

    Queens Park Rangers v Blackburn Rovers

    Stoke City v Reading

    Wycombe Wanderers v Nottingham Forest

  • what stuck my crop was football pundits gushing about them in the play-offs calling them a 'PL side in waiting'....Andy Hinchcliffe is still up to it this season too. and Thomas Frank...throwing the ball away as Connor tried to get it for a throw-in.....and nothing said by the Brentford fans in the studio in post mortem afterwards. It was airbrushed out and no mention beyond that either. Was great to see Connor grab the ******.

    It was incredibly satisfying to see them well beaten in the final play-off and I'm not usually one to indulge in schadenfreunde.

  • I agree Pablo. As good a team as they are the dark arts that they engaged in when playing us in the playoffs still rankles with me. The praise that they get is over the top for my liking and I don’t wish them any luck at all. It would be a moment to celebrate if they were to drop out of the playoffs altogether.

  • Still Coventry 0 - 0 Watford, come on Coventry

  • 40 mins gone, still 0 - 0, and a couple of good chances for Coventry

  • Another good chance for Coventry, O'Hare is a good player

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    Another good chance for Coventry, O'Hare is a very intelligent player and created that opportunity

  • haltf time 0 - 0 come on Coventry

  • Coventry really should be ahead in this match, keep it going please in the second half.

  • Midfielder Hamer(38) having a good game while Ostigard(2) at centre back having a good tussle with the thug Deeney, while Chalobah has got away with some tasty tackles not picked up by referee Scott.

  • 63 mins gone still 0 - 0

  • 70 mins gone still 0 - 0

  • 83 mins gone, come on Coventry get that winner

  • ....90 mins gone 0 - 0

  • Final score 0 - 0 good result for us, but to be honest Coventry deserved 3 points overall

  • Come on Middlesborough and Stoke

  • We now have 5 points on Watford with a game in hand.

    Not a bad little cushion to have.

  • Great start by Boro, similar goal to we scored against them. Keeper had a shocker

  • Dont forget Reading, just 5 points no match in hand atm

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    How did their keep manage to score an own goal @chatz

  • Yes Middlesborough 1 -0 Brentford

  • Still Stoke 0 - 0 Reading

  • I swinger into the box ... their keeper came out to punch it and I thought he missed it but it must have come off his fist... and then fell into the corner... very similar to Conors free kick we scored against them ... obviously a Dracula type keeper..... doesn’t like crosses

  • only goes to show what Cooper said about them identifying a weakness with their keeper at set pieces was correct.

  • Bournemouth 0 - 1 Birmingham

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