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Apologies for muscling in to our nervous anticipation of the Norwich game,but my better half and I having been fortunate enough to have received our first vaccination this week,I thought it worth while to recommend the process as highly as I can.It was given at a local vaccination centre,very safely,very smoothly and very efficiently.

As the offer moves down through the priority and age range take it lads and lasses,and we'll squash this disease back down and get our lives back.



  • good news Moorlands, yes hopefully this will knock it back. I'll have to wait but I'll be getting mine. Hopefully it won't mutate which would mean modifying the vaccine. I know someone at Oxford who was a guinea pig for the development of the vaccine. So I've had first hand assurances and won't be swayed by the anti-vax propaganda.

  • @moorlands

    Congrats good news, remember it takes a couple to three weeks to reach full effect, so don't go out partying every night!

    Do you know if you had the AZ or Pfizer?

  • Cheers,it was the Pfizer version.

    My party will be the match,hopefully my nerves are up to it 😉

  • @moorlands

    Red wine in 'my claw' seems to help me, so I'll be there tomorrow with you. Party Time!

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