Match Discussion: Sheffield Wednesday v Swans - Championship 2020/21

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This is the place to discuss all things related to the Sheffield Wednesday v Swans Championship game on Saturday, 13 February 2021 at 3pm.

Referee Stephen Martin will be assisted by Nik Barnard and Rob Smith, with Will Finnie the 4th Official for the game.

Have a browse of the Sheffield Wednesday v Swansea City Head to Head stats when the sides have met at Hillsborough, since their first meeting in 1925.

Share your pre and post match thoughts, views on Steve Cooper's pre or post match comments and team selection.



  • Another hard match on Saturday

    They are tough to beat at home they have won their last 5 home matches. Their last home defeat was against Barnsley mid december 1-2 in a tight contest

    They dont concede much at home but we have been scoring better away from home than they have managed at home. So i can see a 0-1 to us if we are on our game.

  • Whilst there are no easy game in this division this one is going to be extra hard as they are on form and as others have said are hard to beat at home , keep working hard keep our feet on the ground and who knows ???

  • As fans we can't complain about the away form which has mostly been fantastic - consistent for results if not performances

    Apart from one or two - thinking Derby and Middlesbrough - we have shown up and ground out results

    We'll try and do the same Sat

    Hope we aren't too knackered from playing City

    SC was right there is always something to lose - but we didn't get hammered so confidence should be OK

    There is definitely an automatic place for somebody who can put a good run together

    Question for me is whether we can score goals when we need to

  • @northernswan2

    I dont believe anyone is complaining about our away form.

    We are looking forward to what is clearly going to be a difficult match, so not sure what exactly what your point is?

  • Our away form is 2nd in the league. Their home form is 3rd in the league.

    It'll be a close contest.

    Note: if we score first, this season, we dont lose.

  • @Mark_Jack_London

    Yes just making the same point another way

  • see Mr Cooper won manager of the month thats a home win then lol

  • No particular point just hope we can be our usual selves away from home ( hard to beat ) after a midweek match with the best team in the country, that's all

  • Game off. Frozen pitch.

  • Yes shame, I suppose a few more may well get called. The fixture congestion is starting to grow.

  • Strange that, one would have thought that a stadium that had hosted FA Cup semi-finals regularly would have undersoil heating.

  • They do, evidently don't think it will be enough to keep the pitch playable.

    4 games in League Two already called off as well.

  • Rotherham. v QPR off as well.

    We now have 2 matches to catchup, the last thing we need is to be playing 3 matches a week!

  • A chance to have a break and work further on acclimatizing and integrating our new players - I was actually ok to see this postponement.

    There will be chances to reschedule this in the third week of April or May where we have no midweek fixture.

  • International break isnt it?

  • No @JackRaven - I believe the international break is after the Cardiff game - 20th March. If I have that all messed up then the week after the Cardiff game is free for a midweek fixture and April is international break when we down tools.

    Basically one or the other we have no midweek fixture.

  • Jackareme,

    Think the International break is between the Cardiff(h) 20th March, and Birmingham(a) 2nd April matches

  • Hi Colin ,

    Belgium vs Wales 24th March 19 45

    Wales vs Mexico Friendly Sat 27 th March 20 00

    Wales vs Czech Republic Tues 30 th March 19 45 .

  • Thanks Malc,

    I really wonder at times if the FAW are taking the michael when they slot in friendly matches

  • Don't have a choice any more, afaik those dates have to be filled in. Not like when we gamed the system by not playing friendly matches to get our rankings up under Coleman.

  • Don't need to play on a rock hard February pitch


    Maybe football will break out when it's rearranged

  • Off topic but have a look at Liverpool’s 1st goal against Leicester, and the assist by , Roberto Firmino

  • What about Exeter travelled to play Barrow last Tuesday called off an hour before kick off , 600 mile round trip .

  • Wow Leicester reall trounced Liverpool today 3-1 Brendan out thought Klopp Liverpool really on the slide.

  • Liverpool having major trouble at centre back , played Henderson and the new signing there today , keeper makes mistake .

    Man City had major problems at centre back last season .

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    They should have signed Sven Botman in January now at Lille, he is young but a real beast better than Van Dijk already, Their own fault not strengthening in key position they had the chance

  • If we get to the PL and he is available, I'd sign this guy up in a second. I particular like where he tackles players and they run into him......then they bounce off. Also where he makes a great tackle of the opposition player but goes through his own player to do it.

    I also like his intelligence as his interceptions etc are played to his own team.

    I know Liverpool were looking at him, but missed their chance. Poor decision in my book.

  • Better than Van Dijk already @JackRaven ?

    I love your scouting reports - but wow.

  • To be fair JackRaven, I think any team would struggle if you took their 2 first choice centre backs out of their team for the season, and the 3rd choice couldn't string two games together before also having his season ended in January. And the 4th choice option missing 1 in 3 as well.

    I'd have liked to see us maintain a promotion charge missing Guehi and Cabango all season and hardly seeing anything of Bennett and Naughton.

    There's unlucky, then there's disastrously so.

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