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China hiding information on Covid-19 from WHO

Becoming very clear that China are responsible for the covid pandemic, either via their 'wet' market' or their research centre.

That is unless you are naive enough to believe the China 'red herring' story or it is 'frozen fish' imported from Japan! Thats a few million extra deaths to add to their tally!



  • WHO are pretty sure the virus came from the wet market ,

    Animal Animal human or

    Animal Human

  • @Malc China must be forced to close down all the 'wet' markets, a euphemism for slaughtering every kind of wild animal and feeding them to people, as swine flu, bird flu and other diseases are suggested to have originated from them.

    In April 2020, the United Nations (UN) acting Head of Biodiversity stated, “countries should move to prevent future pandemics by banning wet markets that sell live and dead animals for human consumption but cautioned against unintended consequences”

    China should have to pay compensation for the deaths and economic devastation they have caused across the world, as its pretty clear it originated there, and too many diseases have originated at their 'wet' markets.

  • Agree entirely with you , will be difficult to stop I would think

    Compensation for deaths will not be easy , how can you put a value on human life ?

    They found out where the Spanish flu originated , in the mid west of the U S A , found patient 1 .

    Fascinating documentary , hard to believe they are people alive today who witnessed the pandemic.

  • Yes the US kept that under wraps and were quite happy for the Pandaemic to be called the Spanish flu.

    Pretty cynical really, but China have taken it to a new level.

  • They called it Spanish Flu because Spain were a neutral country during the ' Great War '

    They didn't want any country to be stigmatised fighting in the war

    The pandemic started in wildfow crossing to humans .

  • Unfortunately Spain were naive enough to publicise the degree of the pandemic in their country whilst others hid the early reports. It probably did originate in the trenches in North West France (or close by).

  • No , the virus started in the mid West of the USA , a young man caught the virus , not knowing he joined the Army as a cook , this started a chain of events that would be devastating for the world .

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    this is stupid propaganda. Wet markets exist because of the extremely hot temperatures. they are all over the far east. the fish are kept alive in water because they'd go off if they didn't have this. I know because I lived in vietnam and I also have been to China.....jackraven stop spreading anti-china BS. You are a tool of establishment propaganda. disgusting move. China informed the WHO back in december they had detected a virus. they did delay news for a few days in Wuhan, but only from Beijing. The WHO then passed on the info in January. this was ignored by #boris until March. the WHO report exonerated China of any wrongdoing. PROPAGANDA! any MSM source is suspect. this is a football forum and should not be used as a platform to push conspiracy. not only that but it is blatant Western sinophobia. that's right racist. BS. THe US is desperate to discredit China because they are becoming the world finacial superpower. THe US war for profit industry cannot tolerate that. you're all being played. Jackraven it is outrageous to do this.

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    I despair at the folly of this blame game. it's a pandemic. they happen. China had SARS in the 90's...they were prepared for an outbreak. It didn't reach us because they managed to contain it. we don't hound a country if flu originated there! this is cynical scapegoating and politically motivated. the mods need to put a stop to this. China is being demonised by the WEST. U.S. teacher hails China's efforts in fighting COVID-19 - YouTube. XinJiang the Future of China - YouTube. A couple of videos to show you something of what China is really like, not the cliches of authoritarianism that the MSM pushes. How many deaths in China? 4,636. How many in this country? 116,000! no PPE insufficient beds not enough respirators....why? because the of tory cuts to the NHS. Boris ignored the problem until late March...2 months after WHO declared a public health emergency on January 28th. We didn't act. this is shifting the blame. FFS

    Why do you need to do this Jackraven? you think you're right but you're repeating all the garbage you heard from the BBC or the MSM.

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    @JackRaven after a thread about racism...your anti china BS is exactly that. Racist. and sadly you haven't done any research into the matter have you? you just accept what you read from Western sources.

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    Take some time and listen to this columbian guy who has lived in China for years China is not a Dictatorship PLUS China Randoms - YouTube. He knows what is really going on there...from inside not filtered through some anti china focus. There are lots of Chinese students here in Swansea...we should not spread propaganda it could put them in danger. Attacks on Asians is already on the increase in the US Wave of Violent Attacks in Oakland's Chinatown Has Locals Calling for Help - YouTube that's a result of Trump and his China virus BS. This is a very serious matter and when an uninformed person is spreading fake news against China it is very dangerous.

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    @JackRaven.....listen to the head of the team in Wuhan. COVID DID NOT ESCAPE FROM THE LAB COVID-19: 'Extremely unlikely' coronavirus came from Wuhan lab - YouTube this is a SKY news report, not the best source but even they couldn't ignore this news. So that shoots down your unfounded theory.

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    @ JackRaven should educate yourself by watching this. it might make you see what is really happening in China. It's a fascinating video and comes from a delegation that travelled to China Busting pro-war propaganda: What China is really like - YouTube

    it is really important that we resist stereotypes. China has suffered hundreds of years of Western imperialism. Anyway I hope you take time to find out some real truths about China.

  • Our comments were 'twisted': Members of WHO Wuhan mission - YouTube comments from a WHO scientist who was part of the team who went to China.

  • @Pablo

    You state in your 12.05 post that 'this is a football forum', and then go on to make make another six posts without interruption, all of which contain no reference to football whatsoever.

    The thread on the Yan Dhanda racism issue followed a similar theme. That started as a football related theme but very quickly left that behind.

    I am not suggesting that you shouldn't have an opinion on any of these matters but they are not as you rightly say, for a football forum.

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    @deekay I agree completely with you. But I find the title of this thread to be too controversial not to comment. I've informed the mods that the pushing of political views that are aligned with Donald Trump are not suitable for a football forum. That there is a concerted effort to demonise China over a naturally occurring pandemic, and is politically motivated and is propaganda to this end. I posted some truth to push back on that propaganda, but hope the Moderator will remove it completely and warn against incitement and hate speech directed at another country, especially in light of the Yan Dhanda incident. My comments about that were to show how the rise in racism is a political issue and is because of far right views expressed by the MSM and political parties. I want to draw a line under it. I'm quite happy for all political subjects to be discussed but not on a football forum. it can take place on political forums or where there is a place for it.

    I just felt outraged at JackRaven for starting this thread. We need to be understanding and compassionate not making unqualified statements that stereotypes another country. In light of the rising problems of racism this is reckless and Swansea has a lot of Chinese students who could possibly be targeted by people who are coerced by this negative view of China.

  • To be fair to Pablo , this thread says it is in the Lounge where anything can be discussed .

  • Nice to talk about other things when the football side of things are quiet, need to keep the bitching sharpened for when its really needed.😀

  • @Malc

    That's a fair point and one that I had missed.


    You have my apology

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    Lots of misinformation going on here from @Pablo So lets get some facts and science out to deal with the dangerous false narrative being protrayed by him here.

    The SARS-CoV-2 originated in China. The science and bio-medical community already basically know this but are looking to WHO to identify exactly how and why.

    First of all Pandaemics arent accidents, they have a cause and a source. When the source is identified , not doing anything about the source, thereby allowing another pandaemic to occur, displays a callous disregard for human life.

    For clarity here is one of many articles from about 14 years ago identifying the connections. It was so clear it was predictable and predicted.

    For clarity all live 'wet' markets no matter the country should be closed as the risk is to great. The SARS-CoV-2 virus originated via the wet market in China. There are some who believe it comes from the new level 4 reasearch facility located about 250m from the wet market where the virus likely originated (why that close to a wet market I cannot fathom) but for me that isnt credible. The transmission chain isnt clear enough and the alternative is simpler.

    What do we know about the virus?

    Well it is basically a bat coronavirus which has mutated through an intermediary species to transmit to humans. The bat coronavirus which is closest match genomically to SAR-CoV-2 is the horseshoe bat found in Asian. The thailand horseshoe bat has about a 91% match. The local Chinese horseshoe bat has a 93% match, and here is where some people get concerned about the research facility, the material they were working with at the research facility (they have been researching bat conronavirus there for many years) has a 96% match with SARS-CoV-2.

    Despite that to believe it leaked from the research facility a human would have to transmit it to an intermediary species, and humans cant catch (as far as i am aware ) bat coronavirus directly. So a human would need to transmit it to another species at the wet market and then another human catch it. Not credible imo.

    The intermediary species has been all but identified as a pangolin. The reason being elements of the virus proteins (orginally thought to resemble HIV-1) has been identified as from pangolins. it is possible another intermediary species was involved but then an explanation of the virus protein would be required.

    So the most likely transmission is bat to pangolin at the wet market and then to human. The Wet market is at fault as it was predicted to be many years ago.

    Why is this important?

    We need to be certain about the source to stop the next pandaemic. In the bio-medical world there are grave concerns about the WHO Director-General Tedros, whose nickname is Dr Cover Up

    Not only was there a strong allegation of Tedros covering up three cholera epidemics in his country and thus endangering surrounding states, he supposedly did this just to avoid international embarrassment. The terminology affected whether outside health organisations would marshal resources to fight an outbreak of the deadly bacteria.

    A group of American doctors wrote to Tedros in 2017 saying, “Your silence about what is clearly a massive cholera epidemic in Sudan daily becomes more reprehensible”. “The inevitable history that will be written of this cholera epidemic will surely cast you in an unforgiving light,” they wrote, adding that Tedros was “fully complicit in the terrible suffering and dying that continues to spread in East Africa”.

    This pandaemic is far from over and potential we have seen the least dangerous element of the virus, so far. We in the Uk have been hit hard due to the variant identified in Kent. This variant will travel worldwide unless the more dangerous variants out transmit it. If that happens death rates will rise very high.

    The vaccines will help but the virus has shown an aptitude to mutate and when put under pressure by the widespread use of vaccines, we can only hope it mutates to a more benign variant. If not this virus still has the possibility of making the Spanish flu pandaemic seem like a mild outbreak.

    This topic is too important for political ideology and false news. Being an apologist for a cruel regime is bad enough but deliberately misrepresenting the facts is something worthy of that charlatan Trump.

  • Just to identify how rediculous the comments have been here is that well know lackey of Western propaganda and Mainstream Media outlet Al-Jazeera reporting the story.

  • It's fairly simple for me.

    If - and I stress if because it's not clear at this stage - they can prove beyond any doubt that wet markets caused this, they should be outlawed immediately, in any country. Regardless of any cultural traditions etc.

    It's simply not acceptable for them to continue if they have the potential to cause something like this to happen to the entire planet. It's killed millions, left hundreds of thousands with long term health issues, it's tanked economies, it's destroyed social norms. It's devastated every corner of the entire globe.

    Whatever caused it, if it's something that we can take measures to stop or reduce the chances of reocurring, then that must happen. Whatever it takes.

  • When the NY Post uses the word "reportedly", I stop paying attention. A bit like the orange guy and his "many people say....".

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