Swansea University research project working in collaboration with Swansea City AFC (Survey)

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Hi all, hope your well.

I'm a final year Swansea University student working in collaboration with Swansea City AFC to conduct research into why Swansea City fans support the club. From the findings of this research we hope we can find determinants that could be used to increase the support within the university students.

I have attached the survey below and any responses would be greatly appreciated.




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    I'm considering responding to this request but I'd like some comment from the Webmaster. Primarily whether this is a random individual request or something that the Webmaster is aware of and considers appropriate.

  • Hello @JackRaven - we are aware of Alex's request and @Webmaster and I are currently awaiting confirmation from the club if they are aware of the survey.

    Of course whether or not forum users wish to complete the survey is entirely their choice 👍️

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    Thank you, are you intending to publish the confirmation from the Club, when you get it? Personally I would find that helpful

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    When (if) we get a response then either I or @DDWT will publish it 👍️

  • The club have confirmed that this survey is part of a project they are working on with the school of management students at Swansea University as part of the partnership with the Club. 

  • I didn't see anything at all contentious in any of the questions,

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