Match Discussion: Swans v Coventry City - Championship 2020/21

This is the place to discuss all things related to the Swans v Coventry City Championship game on Wednesday, 24 February 2021 at 7pm.

Referee Andy Woolmer will be assisted by Lee Venamore and Nick Greenhalgh, with John Busby the 4th Official for the game.

Take a look at the Swansea City v Coventry City Head to Head Statistics since the first meeting between the clubs at the Vetch Field in 1915.

Share your pre and post match thoughts, views on Steve Cooper's pre or post match comments and team selection.



  • Oh great Andy Woolmer - talk about kicking a Swan when it is down.

    If he starts making calls against us on wednesday Cooper will have a stroke!

  • OK just to throw a virtual hand grenade into this room (and the Morris injury compounds things)...

    At what stage does the Swans leadership acknowledge that their talisman is performing at a very poor level and has done for a long run of games.

    If it was me (and lucky for us it is not) I would sit Ayew for a couple of games and let him relax on the bench. I say this in the hope that we can freshen him up for Cardiff and the big games that follow the international break.

    I would be interested to see us start Whittaker and Lowe against Coventry with an Arriola and/or Dhanda in support.

    At the moment Ayew is offering us a ton of hard work, very little spark, and is stopping the fluidity of play in the final third as he stuffs it up his jersey every time he gets near it.

  • @Jackareme

    No hand grenade from me. Couldn't agree more

  • Slows things down because he turns and try’s to win free kicks nearly every time he get possession, just wish he’d look up and pass.

  • There's nothing new though in what Ayew's doing that would merit dropping him now. He's always been selfish, as illustrated on Saturday when he ignored over-lapping runs deep inside the box, first from Roberts and later on from Fulton. Both responded by throwing their hands up in despair. Such public displays of frustration does suggest that it's not just us fans that get annoyed by Ayew's inability or unwillingness to pass to better positioned team mates. To be fair, Ayew continues to do a ton of work defensively, not just with set pieces, but also in open play. A perfect illustration was an essential block just outside the box in the game against Forest. Not many strikers would find themselves in that position let alone put their body on the line.

    I can't see any merit in starting Whittaker, who was brought in as one for the future, not one to pin our promotion hopes on. It makes far more sense to me to play with a solitary striker, allowing us to rotate Ayew and Lowe (I'd start with Ayew and bring on the more jaded-looking Lowe for the final half an hour of games against tiring defences). I'd love to see how Dhanda would dovetail with Hourihane behind the lone striker.

  • well right now with morris gone whittaker has just jumped to the front of the line

  • I wish to wish to wish Jordon a quick and full recovery and a great rest of his career.

    We now have to dig in and not let the pressure get to our players, we will and are not a bad team over night a poor result saturday yes, now is the time for the whole team both on and off the field to dig in get together and show everyone WE ARE THE TEAM TO BEAT , The manager has big choices to make for the next two games which could define what is left of our season still a few ups and downs to come

    for me now is the time when whoever plays for the first team from here on in will show what they are made of , best of luck tomorrow lads YOU CAN and WILL do it

  • Fresh legs required. I don't think it's right that we start to question the ability of 1 player after 1 defeat. Manning ,Dhanda and Smith in. First 10-15 mins will be interesting.


  • Yes we must go for the jugular from the off and keep Coventry on the back foot...Swans by 2 goals

  • who is left out?

    Manning in for Bidwell is easy.

    Who in midfield does he swap out for Dhanda and Smith? Hourihane and Fulton would be my choices based on the weekend's performances.

    Or does he change shape? As I think Colin mentioned in a post, he could go 3-4-2-1.

    I could see that as


    Joel Cabango Guehi

    Roberts Smith Grimes Manning

    Dhanda Jamal


    I'd pick Ayew as the striker, rather than Lowe, because he is better and receiving and keeping hold of the ball in that central position.

  • Gyokores to score anybody?

  • No doubt Gyokeres will impress as will Kasey Palmer on Saturday!

  • Having watched 2 recent Coventry performances - they are very dangerous when O'Hare gets on the ball in the attacking third.

    For this reason I would play Korey Smith alongside Grimes - as these are our two best protectors in terms of sniffing out danger.

    I think Manning should start - and we will certainly need Cabango's aerial ability as Coventry have some big players who are threatening at set pieces.

    Getting out of the high press will be the key to the game - so it will be interesting to see how Cooper plays his cards tactically.

  • I prefer the Swans playing on a Tuesday night not on a Wednesday night not sure why .

  • I quite like that side, with a caveat that if Grimes starts like he played on Saturday, I would hook him pretty quickly & replace with Fulton. When Grimes is good, he is good, but when he is off his game, he pulls the whole midfield down. IMO

  • I'd be happy with that selection, although I'd prefer to have Lowe up top, to stretch the Coventry defence, and Ayew further back for his defenisve contribution and ability to hold up (and theoretically at least) link. He's a reliable passer of the ball when he does pass. He may also be more effective dribbling at the opposition from deeper, drawing free kicks for Hourihane to exploit.

  • After the last 2 poor performances wiĺl the boss give those players another chance or tweak the system to counter the opposition .

    If we want more energy , workrate in midfield he could play Connor Roberts and Ryan Manning as midfielders , this would give us cover on both sides of the pitch .


    Naughton , Cabango , Guehi , Bidwell ,

    Roberts , Grimes , Hourihane , Manning ,

    Ayew , Lowe ,

    Not likely to play that side , Dhanda in midfield to play between the lines could help .

    Tough team selection tonight , we need to start the game on the front foot like we did against Norwich


  • Malc,

    We don't need to go back to a back four, what is needed is more effectiveness out on the wide left side side and from midfield going forward. Joel needs to be given a start to prove he is a genuine contender for one of the three centre back roles while the nitty gritty of central midfield can be left to Smith and Grimes to leave Hourihane free to link with Ayew and Lowe.


    Joel, Cabango, Guehi

    Roberts, Smith, Grimes, Manning


    Ayew, Lowe

  • Like the look of that team Colin

    twe need to be confident Coven

  • We need to be confident Coventry are a lower mid table team with journeymen players and a poor away record

  • As poor as Coventry's away form has been they will have been boosted by their win over Brentford last week while to label the team 'journeymen' is nowhere near the mark when one considers players like defenders Da Costa, Hyam and Ostergaard, midfielders Hamer and McCallum, and strikers O'Hare and Walker in their line-up.

    McFadzean, Kelly and Biamou might be the wrong side of 30 but unless we show a desire and craft to make them look a bad team then the longer the game goes with no goals they are quite capable of causing an upset.

  • @Colin_swansea

    that team is spot on if we continue with the 3 at the back, it plays to the strengths of the individuals as well as looking cohesive as a team.

    They have tended to play a similar 3-4-1-2 as well so there will be a matchup in approach.

    If SC changes formation then the most likely is a 4-1-4-1. However there are issues with that formation as whilst Andre has lots of strengths positional discipline isnt one of them, which often would leave us with no-one upfront,

    On the plus side the back 4 picks itself, Matt or Jay as the one, It would allow a four of Jamal, Hourihane, Smith, and Arriola, playing to the strengths even more as individuals, but with a mobile!! one of Ayew.

    It will be an interesting match up but we will need to perform better against their 'swarm' pressing so more in midfield makes sense as long as they break forward

  • edited February 24

    In the brief snatches that have been shown of his contributions so far ,Paul Arriola looked lively and aggressive enough to perhaps give something slightly different.

  • In my opinion:


    Latibeaudiere, Cabango, Guehi,

    Roberts, Grimes, Smith, Manning


    Ayew, Arriola

  • My suggested team is:






    I've included Manning as he deserves a start and with Bidwell solid behind him, and Hourihane's passing alongside him it gives us a strong outlet on the left.

    Similarly with two very strong runners down the right Arriola and Connor, they could form a lethal partneship with Korey's excellent passing inside them. I've preferred Jamal upfront, first to give Manning the opportunity he deserves and second at least he will stay more in position to offer passing alternatives for Manning and Arriola.

    Hoping for a 1-0 tonight but again it will be tough but with more in midfield we are more likely to deal with Coventry's swarm press, than last time.

    Of course SC wont drop Andre, but there you go.


  • Arriola unlikely to start - he's still struggling for match fitness and will probably get 20 mins if that

    I expect the changes to be Cabango for Bennett ,Smith for Fulton, and maybe Yann for Grimes

    Grimes doesn't tend to get left out though like Ayew

  • Overall that's a good side. But I don't personally see Lowe playing as a Number 9 on his own. A game of opinions

  • We are still suffering from the lack of a true no 9 that's for sure.

  • Going for my 4 2 3 1


    Roberts , Guehi , Cabango , Manning ,

    Grimes, Smith ,

    Lowe , Hourihane , Ariola ,

    Ayew ,

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