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Return of Golf

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  • @Colin_swansea with March shortly with us are you cleaning the clubs and shoes ready to get back onto the Golf Course ?

    Are courses in England opening 29th March ๐Ÿ˜

  • Its not the same as watching live games but better than EastEnders.

    I don't know about you Col but we are still in lockdown in Wales.๐Ÿ™„

  • Malc,

    the clubs and shoes were cleaned after the start of lockdown to give me something to do and regularly dusted down. It looks likely that the driving ranges and golf clubs will be open on 29th March so looking forward to that.

    Spoke to a mate of mine yesterday and he gave me the news that Fairwood Park GC has been sold, and most probably we will be hearing of others closing in time.


    are you still doing your walking. Good exercise, and one thing I do miss is the walk from the Observatory to Mumbles and back.

  • Colin ,

    I haven't heard the news about Fairwood Park being sold , yes tough times for many clubs

  • Hi Colin

    Fairwood Park sold to somebody local , which is good news , they have big plans to invest in the course and clubhouse ,

    Lots of clubs gained many more members after lockdown the important fact will be will the new members stay .

  • Malc,

    I don't know who the new owner is and to be fair, off the course it needs upgrading. But that costs money and it will depend how much the subs go up to modernise off the course and will no doubt see members leaving, as we have seen at other golf clubs in recent years before the pandemic.

    The golf course itself I feel is in very good nick and extremely challenging, interesting times ahead for Fairwood.

  • Only played there once , a big long for me , will be a big season ahead when they open ,

    There was a boom for some clubs following opening after lockdown , 1 course I know had 65 new members .

  • Went for a walk around my course Clyne, and greens looked in excellent condition considering the recent downpours. Marvellous what a few days of sunshine can do. โ›ณ๏ธ

    Come on Drakeford pull your finger out !

  • @J4cka

    Good news , get your clubs out , be good to have a walk , see if you can still hit that little white ball .

  • Fantastic news can’t wait to get the cobra out! And not the cobra mrs b is use to nudge nudge wink wink!

  • Cheers Malc. It blowed a gale, and I felt as if I’d run the London marathon the next day, but great to be back โ›ณ๏ธ (apart from the mental torture {~: )

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