Match Discussion: Swans v Cardiff City - Championship 2020/21

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This is the place to discuss all things related to the Swans v Cardiff City Championship game on Saturday, 20 March 2021 at 5:30pm.

Referee Paul Tierney will be assisted by Simon Long and James Mainwaring, with Michael Salisbury the 4th Official for the game.

Have a read of the Swans v Bluebirds Head to Head Stats since the first meeting in 1912.

Share your pre and post match thoughts, views on Steve Cooper's pre or post match comments and team selection.




  • For one match only, I will be happy for my team to play however they like as long as they win. Play as you want to play, I don't care, as long as you win. Make history.

    It's a one match only offer not to complain if we grind out an undeserved result. I promise not to complain about performance or style if this happens on this one occasion.

    The pitch is good, no bad weather predicted and no travel issues, both teams had same rest periods, so there's no excuses.


  • Jesus.So soon. Grand lam to look forward to anyway so let s get this out of the way

  • Spot on.

    For one match only, it's all about the result and nothing else matters. I don't care how we win, just win!

  • Providing players are fit, we have to go on the front foot and make Cardiff defend, not the other way around.

    Team For Saturday ( on fitness)

    Keeper ( Anyone who can kick the ball somewhere other than touch)

    Roberts a must.

    Bennet, Guihi and Naughton, experience height and physical

    Bidwell, best at getting forward and better crosses than Manning and good in the air.

    Smith, does more work centre and right than all the rest. (CM)

    Hourihane or Grimes but not both. (LM) and FFS cover Bidwell when he goes forward

    Dhanda who runs at players and shoots but only if alongside Smith not Hourihane

    Ayew we have no choice but his experience and ball control is essential

    Whittaker must be given a chance, he is quick and the only one last night to have 2 shots on goal, don't know what he is like in the air but without crosses who gives a shit

    We have Fulton to shore up if Dhanda goes missing as a sub, can also cover CM, just keep the lefties away from the centre as their tackling is abysmal.

    Lowe for Whittaker if he tires and 2 CB subs, Manning cover, Freeman cover.

    The only problem there, even with Hourihane or Grimes out we still have 4 left footers, it seems Cooper only likes left footers, ( Bidwell, Manning, Hourihane, Grimes, Ayew, Whittaker, we have more left footed players than any other team, could this be the problem, how many goals have we scored from the right since Hourihane came. I think its 1 when Roberts scored

  • One thing that has been a trend this season has been the uncanny ability of this squad to bounce back from a defeat.

    Mick will have the scummers feasting on raw meat this week, and we will not benefit from lackluster bluebirds.

    HOWEVER...Over the years Mick has (IMO) not been the most tactically savvy manager - and I think there is a chance that we can pick 3 resolute defenders to deal with the long ball and then start Bidwell (you can bet your arris he will be back) and Roberts very high up the pitch.

    Fulton will certainly return with fresh legs to get us competitive in the middle of the park.

    My worry is our front two (not their ability) - they are totally lacking energy, pace and threat. They should have been rested over the Luton and Bournemouth games - with Whittaker given a chance to showcase his obvious potential, and Wayne providing his experience.

    The Cardiff defenders - particularly Flint and Morrison do not like to move out wide or track runners - they look for a physical confrontation - lets make sure that we test their movement and concentration.

  • I don't know about not being technically, he took to teams to play offs even though they lost he got them there from poor positions , then took both straight up the following year, his record so far has seen 1 defeat, 4 draws and 7 wins, we have 12 games left and I would take that form any day, lets just hope we can turn 100 years of history on its head and do the double, turn Cardiff's form upside down in the process. Only thing stopping us, we are playing shit, so that will have to change big time Saturday evening. Make a perfect day, if we do

  • If we are looking for a committed performance firt of all then we need Fulton- Smith - Grimes MF

    Sub bench for Hourihane and Dhanda

    Ben Cabango for the aerial bombardment

    Ignore the ball for at least 60 mins like the Liverpool derby

  • Our run of bad form and conceding goals started when Cooper decided to play 3 holding midfield players and no number 10

  • Is it pure coincidence, that our bad run of form started when we signed Hourihane ?

    And before someone says, yes credit is due for his 5 goals

  • @J4cka I think the dip in form is a combination of reasons not just one ,

    The relentless of matches Sat , Weds , Sat has played a part

    The fact of the manager not changed the team has seen player fatigue , physically they may appear o k but mental tiredness is difficult to establish .

    The fact many teams have worked out to stop us playing to our strengths .

    The fact we are not a free scoring team , we have defenders who have done well in scoring a good percentage of goals .

    The front 2 have played too much and not rested to give them a break , the fact Morris and Cullen are out injured , Whitaker hasn't been given a run of games .

    Confidence has suffered over the last 6 weeks , since the big win over Norwich the team has struggled .

    We are still in a great position 10 points in front of Bournemouth , at the start of the season everybody would have been delighted where we are , a win Saturday and the chance to re charge and have a break should help .

  • We need CABANGO in on Saturday, from their threat of hoofball into our box.

  • @Phillip I am not saying that MM is a bad manager. Rather I am saying that his strengths are building team spirit and embedding a pattern of play into the team (Direct).

    He is "old school" and is not fluid with his tactical adjustments. His "performances" as a summarizer on TV just confirm this.

    interestingly reports of the Cardiff v Stoke game allude strongly to Cardiff looking jaded and losing their "new manager" bounce. Saturday will be two tired teams. I just hope that we can play more football than them, control the game and find a way to get a goal.

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    Lots of speculation about how we'll deal with Cardiff's direct approach, but I wonder how worried Cardiff are about our similar aerial bombardment?

    No doubt MM has told his centre backs don't fret boys, they'll just keep smacking it long to two guys half your size for most of the match - meat and drink for you. Occasionally you might have to mop up down the channels from when their full backs kick it aimlessly in that direction, otherwise our full backs should have it covered. Just be careful not to let Lowe get a run on you, stay tight. Just show Ayew outside at all times, don't let him come in on his left - if you do that, most of the time he'll ignore the overlap and just run himself into trouble.

    That's the defence sorted

    Midfield, don't be afraid to push on, they probably won't leave their own half much. Press them - they give the ball away easily under pressure. Don't bother with aerial crosses, try and play through them. The wing backs tend to go walkies, leaving gaps in behind, so target those spaces, the centre backs don't like leaving the width of the area if they can help it.

    Strikers - try some shots from distance - the keeper's having a poor spell and looks vulnerable. Run at them as much as you can, move them about. Create gaps. Try and draw freekicks. Bidwell in particular can be rash, try and draw him in.

    Finally, try not to give away free kicks around the area or too many corners - Hourihane is pretty handy at set pieces. You don't need to worry about him too much in general play though, he'll spend most of his time defending and giving it away cheaply.

    (Sorry if this is a little bit too close to the bone for some, but if the cap fits....)

  • @garythenotrashcougar

    I think they will be concerned in the last 4 encounters they haven't turned up , haven't scored and we may keep the ball from them .

    Going into the last Derby they had won 4 on the trot , they will be wary of us .

    Bennett or Cabango on Keiffer Moore , stop him they will struggle

  • Simple for me... Routledge and Whittaker up front... they will play flint and he needs to be turned

  • @chatz NOT hindsight because I said this about 10 days ago - but Whittaker and routledge should have played versus Luton and Bournemouth (one or preferably both). We might then have been able to freshen up Lowe and Ayew.

    Now that ship has sailed I make you correct - but what do you think the real chances are that Cooper will sit Ayew down for the derby?

    I think we will see Whittaker and Ayew on Saturday with Lowe and Routledge from the bench, and starts for Cabango Bidwell and Fulton - which should give us a bit more energy.

  • He won’t rest Ayew but for me pace against them is how to beat them ... flint is a liability.... I wouldn’t be too unhappy with 4-5-1 with Ayew through the middle and two wingers and overlapping fullbacks

  • Agreed. the one player he should rest is Ayew.

    Lowe has had minutes on the bench. The older Ayew not. he looks like he is running on fumes.

    Definitely need some legs on the pitch. And players who know what this derby is about.

    So for that reason, Hourihane is on the bench for me.

    Cabango, with his new contract is a definite starter for me. who he comes in for depends on the fitness of Bennett and if he can play another game so soon, after his recent injury woes.

    I'd be very tempted to start Whittaker. but would he pair him with Lowe? I doubt it.

  • My guess is that SC will pick the following team for Saturday:

    Woodman, Cabango, Bennett, Guehi, Roberts, Bidwell, Fulton, Grimes, Smith, Whittaker and Ayew. Bennett will need to be more switched on than he was on Tuesday as well as showing greater leadership of the defence.

    The derby is a one off match and regardless of the result SC will need to use the international break to address a few issues. I wouldn't expect any radical changes based on his previous comments about focusing on what we are good at and the non-negotiables I think he will concentrate on getting the defence looking solid again, trying to rejuvenate some tired minds and bodies for the run in and a few tweaks to how we create chances and attack the opposition.

    Changes in style and football philosophy at this stage of the season are highly unlikely, to say the least, so we will just have to wait until next season for that to potentially happen. In the meantime, we are still in the hunt for automatic promotion and the play-offs.

    Jack Army!

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    My guess is that SC will select the following team for Saturday:

    Woodman, Cabango, Bennett, Guehi, Roberts, Bidwell, Fulton, Grimes, Smith, Whittaker and Ayew.

    Bennett will need to be more switched than he was on Tuesday and also show more leadership of the defence.

    The derby is a one off but regardless of the result SC will need to address a few issues in the international break. I don't expect any radical changes based on his previous comments about focusing on what we are good at and the non-negotiables. Instead, he will probably concentrate on making the defence solid again, rejuvenating some tired minds and bodies, and tweaking how we create chances and attack.

    Any major changes in football style and philosophy will need to wait until next season - potentially. In the meantime, we are still challenging for an automatic spot and a play off place.

    Jack Army!

  • I totally agree that AA needs to be rested, but I would put my house on Cooper starting him yet again. If he picks Lowe to start, then he really has lost the plot.

    Whittaker has to start

    Also it has to be Fulton Grimes Smith in midfield.

    To be honest, I don’t care what number Hourihane has on his back, as long as it’s the number 12.

    Guehi Bennett Cabango at the back?

    Roberts and Bidwell

    And don’t pass the ball back to Freddie to kick 😊

  • Make no mistake, AA will start. unless he is injured, Cooper will not bench him.

  • This is the team from the away game:




    A Ayew-Lowe

    I dont see many changes from that line-up.

    I think he'll drop Smith or Fulton and play Hourihane - this is a mistake in my book.

    Possibly may start Manning instead of Bidwell.

    I'd do something McCarthy is not expecting, by starting Whittaker and Routledge.

    My line up:


    Cabango-Bennett-Guehi (Naughton if Marc is not fit)




    Dominate the ball, but have the height and aggression at the back.

  • I think he will go with the team that played away apart from Cabango for Guehi (if not fit )

    Maybe Whittaker for Lowe

    Definitely a midfield of Smith , Fulton , Grimes ,

    Bidwell will play .

  • It seems to me, no matter how knackered or poorly they are playing, he wont 'rest' Ayew or Hourihane.

  • I hope this isn't a bad omen. For a few weeks now I've been working from home and that has given me the opportunity to play my many CD's in my CD collection. The first CD that I played yesterday was a compilation album by the Moody Blues. First track up was 'Voices in the Sky'. I've not played this CD for many a year, but I was stunned when I heard the first three words of the first line of the first verse, which goes 'Bluebird flying high'. That took the wind out from beneath the wings of this Swan I can tell you!

    I don't think I'll play that album/track again!!


  • You have to keep playing the Moody Blues.

    Whenever you play that track just think of the Bluebird as a Barrow or Haverfordwest supporter and it will get through like it as with me many.

  • missing words out last post are you and a time.😄

  • I give up.

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