Manager burn-out

Manager burnout: brutal truths about alcohol, 'dreading' matches and the 'relief' of being sacked – The Athletic

Worth a read, an excellent article from The Athletic by Stuart James on Manager burnout. Here's just a few sentences from the article that some realise but so many don't, even the ex-pros who are continually churned out on tv summarising matches. “You never know what it’s like to be a manager until you’ve stood on that line. And you never know whether you can do it until you’ve stood on that line.


  • Sounds like an interesting article, but you needed to subscribe to read the full version.

  • J4cka,

    the full article opens up when I click on it, so I am assuming there is a link to my subscription that I was unaware of when I copied and pasted the url.

    Nevertheless I think the on-line magazine is well worth the subscription and there is a 30 day free trial period available.

  • It might explain the new manager bounce to some extent. If the manager becomes jaded over time after taking a new position and is unable to hide it it is bound to influence the outlook and attitude of the players on and off the pitch. I’d imagine that the trick is to be able to hide any emotions that betray how jaded that they may feel to avoid passing any negative vibes onto the team itself. Easier said than done is my assumption.

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