Match Discussion: Wales v Czech Republic - World Cup 2022 Qualifier

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This is the place to discuss all things related to the Wales v Czech Republic World Cup 2022 Group E Qualifying game on Tuesday 30 March 2021 at Cardiff City stadium.

Kick-off is at 7:45pm and the game will be shown live on S4C and Sky Sports Main Event.

Share your pre and post match thoughts, views on Robert Page's pre or post match comments and team selection.


  • at least none of the Black Welsh boys will need to worry about being racially abused by this bloke now.

  • Our group at the Euros is starting to look even more tricky based on how the other 3 have played this past week. 6 wins out of 6.

  • Robson Kanu , Matonda and Tyler Roberts sent home after breaking protocols .

    Weakens the bench from the attacking side .

  • Josh Adams' absence didn't stop the rugby team from winning

    You just have to send them home sometimes though

    Remember Toshack showing Robbie Savage the door for relentlessly trivialising everything and damaging squad morale?

    Sounds petty but right decision

  • If they broke the rules however trivially they should suffer the consequences unfortunately. Wales to win tonight by two goals..Moore and Bale scorers

  • Here's how Wales line-up...

  • Czech team look like a team of giants. Hope we’ve done our homework on the set pieces.

  • They look a very good team , could be a long night , looks to be more yellow shirts than red on the pitch

    15 mins gone we haven't started .

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    If your not going to start Kiefer Moore, at least try passing on the ground instead of playing kick and rush (Cooperball) for ****** sake.

  • Long hopeless balls to the men in yellow really doesn’t cut it for me. Gifting the opposition the lions share of the possession has to be the most stupid tactic ever. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Steve Cooper in the dugout truth be told. The men in red lads, pass to the men in red and you may just get a goal or two. Jeez.

  • Get Kieffer Moore on right ****** now!

  • If you didn't know any better, you'd swear Wales were the ones down to 10 men

  • 1 - 0

    Dan James

  • Got away with that one, great moment of quality for the goal and great block by rodon at the end but wales second best in general. Ref was in his own reality 😃

  • Maybe I'm the only one who didn't know this.....

    Since a) we already have a playoff spot unless 2 out of France, Spain, Italy, Belgium finish 3rd in their group or lower, and b) Belgium is going to walk this group so the best we can do is finish 2nd and get a playoff spot we already have, I've been wondering is there anything to gain by coming 2nd in the group?

    Apparently, the answer is yes. The playoffs is made up of the 10 second place teams in the groups plus the highest ranked Nations League group winners who didn't finish first or second in their group (we'd likely be one of them if we come third). Those 12 get split into 3 sets of 4 teams who play single game semis and then a final to decide the 3 qualifiers. So there are 6 semi final games and the home team will be the best 6 2nd placed teams based on their performance in the groups. So we want to be one of those 6 to play at a packed home stadium in the semi. (There is a draw to decide the home team of the 3 finals). Now I've got something concrete to cheer for.

    So there you have it. There will be a quiz....

    Terrific win today when you consider some of the players we had out there. The squad is paper thin and to beat a quality team minus Joe, Ramsey, and Brooks is no mean feat. Great goal too: superb hold-up play by Kiefer, a BRILLIANT cross, and what looked like Ron Davies reincarnated on the end of it. I'll not complain about those 3 points.

  • Sorry if I've missed this elsewhere on any thread but will Connor receive any sanction for his red card last night?

  • Goal great, win great, performance not so. But given who was missing would have taken that before kick off. Need they players Gareth mentions above plus Ben Davies back for the Euros tho if we are to have any chance of getting out of the group.

  • Vital win , superb goal by Dan brilliant block by Joe

  • Thanks Malc, I wasn't sure if any ban would extend to club appearances

  • Great win. While praise will be rightly given to DJ, Bale, Rodon and Lawrence. I thought Morrell was very good last night.

    Definitely a player to keep an eye on as Luton aren't playing him.

  • My prayers were answered in the 2nd half as the tactics were changed when it was I believe Moore came on. No more hopeless balls into their half that they ate for breakfast and made use of more than our starting 11. As much as the goal was impressive my MOTM was Rodon with that outstanding block that prevented a certain equaliser. An incredible feat that was completely instinctive. I can’t praise the move enough. Despite my reservations with regards to the team performance in the first half I simply have to say well done to all involved.

  • Does Morrell pass the ball a little too short and accurately for us Mark? 😮

  • Have to say the Czech were really good and we had to really tough it out to get a result. Deserved in a way for the sheer teamwork, determination and never say die attitude. The FIFA rankings are way off. they're ranked 42, same as the Rep of Ireland and 24 above us at 18. This has made our group especially comparison, just look at the England group? bares no comparison in difficulty....and do they deserve being ranked 4th? they struggled and were immensely lucky against the 19th ranked Poles. Another dive from Sterling and last ditch goal from a centre back. Really with all the talent in the PL surely they ought to do better at tournaments given the high ranking and always easy qualification stages?

    The Italians are ranked at 10, Germany 13....these just don't reflect the abilities, even allowing if for a shock result now and then. Both those sides regularly beat England.

    Have to agree Morrell had a solid game. The player who most impressed me over the 3 matches was Mat Smith. I think a place has to be found for him. His corners were superb and other free kicks. A real talent that might be crucial in future as Keiffer Moore looks a dangerous weapon with his sheer presence. also notable mentions for Rabbi Matondo, Tyler Roberts, James Lawrence. for the first time in living memory we have depth in our squad, to such a degree we can put out a second team and beat a top side like Mexico.

    I wonder what Jose made of Joe's performance? He's continually outstanding for Wales. He ought to be the second name on the teamsheet after Kane.

    Happy Easter to you all!

  • Sorry mark with regard to morrell a decent footballer to slow and to weak playing in that position he can’t drop is shioulder and inject pace in the middle of the park and he’s no Leon I think levitt offers more.

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