Match Discussion: Birmingham City v Swans - Championship 2020/21

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This is the place to discuss all things related to the Birmingham City v Swans Championship game on Friday, 2 April 2021 at 8pm.

Referee Tony Harrington will be assisted by Shaun Hudson and Jonathan Hunt, while Joshua Smith is the 4th Official for the game.

Have a browse of the Birmingham City v Swansea City Head to Head Statistics since their first meeting in 1946.

Share your pre and post match thoughts, views on Steve Cooper's pre or post match comments and team selection.



  • Good news that Marc Guehi doesnt play tonight for England U23s, and will join up with squad in Brum.

    Manning is travelling back from Hungary today. He played 6 mins vs Qatar, and zero minutes in the lost World Cup qualifiers. But while rested from match days, he still travelled, at least to Dublin for training, and then to Hungary for the Qatar game.. Not sure if he was in Belgrade for the Serbia game, as he wasnt in the matchday squad. Nor was he in the squad for the Dublin loss vs Luxemburg.

    Hourihane and Ayew are doubtful.

    Hourihane is a nerve issue, not a hamstring pull or strain. Ayew's injury is a 'knock'. Neither trained today (Wednesday).

    Birmingham have their own injury doubts.

    Scott Hogan has a back problem, and had an injection yesterday (Tuesday).

    Ivan Sanchez is managing a hernia problem, and has also had an injection.

    Both have missed some training as a result. 

  • Mark Guihi withdrawn from last England under 21 through injury, Ayew extremely doubtful and looks like Manning and Lowe wont get back home until Thursday, Hourihane injured, Cabango also been away and Roberts must be shattered.

    as stated many times Arriola will never kick a ball for us and he's gone back injured yet another with no contact, the 2 Yanks have sustained 4 injuries in 12 Months without a tackle. If Cooper had been allowed to sign 2 British, Spanish or anyone from a proper footballing nation we might have had 2 ready to go. Before we even signed them I said when it was rumoured it was a bad idea and an owners PR stunt.

    Since they came we have halved our goal difference, doubled our defeats and played absolute shit. 2 decent signings and we could have been comfortable in 2nd, because 2 decent players could have been rotated not the shit that we got from across the pond, Now the best we can hope for is the play offs and the way we are playing, we will need a massive amount of luck and hope the other 3 have bad luck.

    Our meddling none football owners have ruined us, Cooper got us some good loans and a tidy brand of football, it seems imposing those clumsy Yanks on us, seemed to change his whole strategy, from a decent side to a defensive boring team or perhaps disinterested getting what he didn't want

  • tell us what you really think, Phillip 😉

  • hi guys and gals hope one and all are safe and well?

    Its back to the bread and butter stuff tomorrow and i just hope we can put the T V curse firmly behind us , go out there play like the next 9 games are cup finals and get promoted, it aint going to be easy but it is doable , want us to hit the pitch full of confidence and energy to put he fear of god into our opponents ( i can dream)

    the new manager "bounce" of brum cannot be made an issue just go for it lads you CAN do it C O Y S

  • Start off on the front foot and keep the Brummies in retreat....score some goals and keep a clean sheet please. Not asking a I?

  • @Phillip

    Can I respectfully suggest that you read that post again and reflect on it.

    That Morris and Arriola suffered two non contact injuries, so what ? Sh1te happens in football and in life in general. Bodde suffered two ACL's, neither of which actually resulted from contact.

    If Cooper had signed 2 players of British, Spanish or any other nation, how do you know that they wouldn't have suffered similar injuries ? I wasn't aware that injuries were based on one's nationality.

    Blaming Morris and Arriola for our recent results is absolutely ludicrous given that they were given so little game time. As for suggesting that Cooper would have rotated any other two signings is purely speculative and highly unlikely given his rotational record with Gyokeres, Palmer, Manning, Latibeaudiere, Hamer, Freeman, Whittaker, Routledge etc, who incidentally are all players from 'proper' footballing nations.

    As for the two Yanks being shit as you put it, I would like to understand how who arrived at that conclusion. Morris in particular was receiving very favourable reviews from his cameo appearances and most were looking forward to him getting more game time. Arriola had very little opportunity to show us how good, or bad, he was. Personally, I wait to see a player perform before writing him off. It would appear that you wrote him off simply because of his country of birth.

    As for suggesting that the owners are somehow responsible for Cooper changing his tactics, that just beggars belief.

  • And I will respectfully say, if you watched all the videos of the 2 Yanks playing and far more importantly you must appreciate, 1 they are not good players 2 the opposition in all the games was abysmal, Huge praise on one of Morris's goals where there were 8 players who didn't even put one tackle in. The standard is absolutely awful any National league striker would score goals out there, there again most are that level, with a small amount of big names all over the hill to try and boost attendances.

    Any Yank that has made it over here, either played for the USA from foreign clubs, none have made it from their league to ours. Pulsinic for Chelsea is a good player, never kicked a ball in that shit league and there are others.

    But to take 2 players from a shit league who were recuperating from serious injury is a crime from the owners. Don't tell me there weren't any available in this Country or Europe that wouldn't have been a better bet because you know it could have been done.

    Defending the owners is bad enough but to even contemplate thinking these were good enough for Championship top 6 is laughable.

    Go visit the videos, look closely and if you still think this pair is that standard, I will be very surprised.

    Please don't compare Bodde with these 2 in the same breath, Bodde was a great player and his first major injury was against Birmingham on a Friday night, where he was kicked to shit and still went in hard on 50/50, it was the hard and sometimes illegal tackles that done him in

  • I forgot to say, players were signed for exactly that, to rotate, its the choice made that was wrong, neither was fit, yet he did try to give them game time, the 2 that went back off loan were replaced with 2 even worse than those that went back. So yes we ended up swapping and changing more from January with terrible consequences, when 2 tidy fit players would have done the trick

  • As a Swans fanatic who has been living in the States for over 30 years I would like to endorse Deekay’s outstanding response to Phillip’s disparagement of U.S. soccer , especially the MLS. No player from the MLS has succeeded in the U.K. ! - Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey, Brian McBride, Tim Ream ( Fulham) Joe Max-Moore, Tim Howard . Alphonse Davies, who starts for Bayern Munich also seems to be a promising player ! - he played for Vancouver. I could also add Zack Steffen ( Man. City ), Jack Harrison ( Leeds ), Tyler Adams ( Leipzig ) , Weston McKennie ( Juventus ) and Miguel Almiron ( Newcastle ). Also, the correct spelling is Pulisic.

    I rest my case.

  • If you are the type of fan who judges players on what you find on Youtube, then good luck to you. There is absolutely no need for me to 'go visit the videos' because I judge players after I've seen them play a few times with my own eyes.

    Please point me to the part of my post where I have defended the Yanks.

    Please also point me to where I have compared either of those players to Bodde in terms of footballing ability. My reference, if you had bothered to read it, was to the injuries they suffered. Morris has had two ACL'S, Bodde also had two ACL'S so direct comparisons are legitimate.

    Incidentaly, should we now call you Dr Phillip, as you are obviously aware of the medical background and causation of Bodde's first ACL.

  • I see we are back to rantsville after the International Break.It must build up in some of us and eventually demand a release.😉

  • I hope that the International break has freshened up our squad for the "final push".

    The fatigue is at least partly self inflicted.. With 5 subs allowed it is noticeable that no championship side has made fewer substitutions than us (88) and actually only two clubs in the whole pyramid with far inferior resources have made fewer.

    On the reverse side Barnsley have made 152 substitutions and have won 9 of their last 11 games.

    of course this is circumstantial evidence at best - but the eyeball test has also shown some of our most talented athletes looking like they are running on empty.

    Man for man we can get the 6 points that we need out of Birmingham and Preston - BUT it is a herculean task and will require all hands to the pump and a measure of good luck.


  • Yes, i want to see far more rotation and substitutions utilised over the next month.

    we have a game every 7 in 24 days, so pretty much a game every 3 day.

    and of those games, 4 are away, and 2 of them back-to -back. In London, and then 3 days later in Yorkshire - even if the Millwall game is an early kick-off.

    There is nothing more than travel and recovery between those 2.

    The toughest matches we get a small break.

    QPR is the 2nd of 2 back-to-back home games. And it is on a Tuesday, so there's a 4 days to the Reading game.

    And a full week between the Derby game and the Watford game.

  • No I actually saw Bodde getting injured against Birmingham, I also saw him in a comeback game in Neath and watched the same horrible scene, were they acquired the same way as Morris and Arriola absolutely not, don't need to be a Doctor to work that out and if you haven't seen any videos of these 2 playing on any type of media, then how on earth can you form any opinion on their playing ability, or were you just hoping they were any good. Or did you see rave reports from Cooper and other UK managers because I didn't. Face up to it, they were a pair of duds sent by the Yanks based on their assessment which is par for the coarse

  • Jack Harrison born in Stoke, Liverpool apprentice put on loan in MLS as a Youth he' English, Donovan had 17 games on loan for Everton didn't make the grade and was shipped back, Ream & MacBride average at best, Howard not a bad keeper, Joe Max Moore you must be taking the piss 5 goals in 5 games then 3 in 53 games then shipped back and another who had loads of knee injuries. Tyler Adams looked half tidy but yet again knee injury, then a thigh injury, then an ankle then a head injury, he's spent more time in the doctors than on the pitch. Dempsey was about the best he had some good seasons with Fulham went to Spurs and flopped . Also Pulisic. as you rightly corrected me, is Dutch never played in that shit league but plays for the USA, bet he wished he picked Holland now, Ayew is not a prolific scorer but perhaps next year at 32 he can go over there have one season and bag 30

  • Birmingham away today

    Big CF needs big CH so bring on Ben Cabango

    Assuming Guehi not fit


    Naughton - Cabango - Bennett

    Roberts Smith Grimes Fulton Bidwell

    Lowe Whittaker ( assuming Ayew not fit

    Dhanda on as sub

    Maximum dog

  • We need our players and tactics to be fresh otherwise results will continue to slide. Whittaker needs to start as he looks by far the most likely to score of our attackers

  • 9 points behind with 2 games in hand and a massive goal disadvantage so 10 points, will we gain those 10 points and Watford lose 10 not a hope in hell.

    Watford haven't dropped 1 single point since February we have dropped 7.

    Best bet now is secure another 7 points which should secure a play off, rest the best if fit until the play offs and just hope, Brentford, Barnsley and Bournemouth have off days because those are the teams most likely to be there, provided Barnsley win tonight.

    Cardiff and Middlesbrough are finished but we will definitely need 7 or possibly 8

  • You saw both those games, as did I, but what has that to do with the point in question ? I have to say that you are an expert at obfuscating any particular thread, especially when any points you make are challenged.

    You clearly don't read what is before you. I clearly stated that I judge players on what I see with my own eyes in a live match. I don't judge players on snippets available on Youtube. So why ask me how I can form an opinion on their playing ability if I haven't seen a video of them ?

    I note also that you are silent on the questions posed. Says it all really.

  • Swansea City: Freddie Woodman; Kyle Naughton, Ryan Bennett, Marc Guehi; Connor Roberts, Jay Fulton, Matt Grimes (capt), Korey Smith, Jake Bidwell; Jamal Lowe, Andre Ayew.

    Substitutes: Ben Hamer, Joel Latibeaudiere, Ben Cabango, Ryan Manning, Conor Hourihane, Yan Dhanda, Ollie Cooper, Wayne Routledge, Morgan Whittaker.

  • Firstly if you saw both games like I, you would have noticed there was contact when Bodde got injured, no I don't base injuries on Nationalities but it is uncanny that American players tend to have a huge amount of knee injuries and more injuries in training than many others, as for favourable reviews on cameo appearances by who? don't tell me an American paper because I never saw a mention of his performance in our papers, his biggest headline was his clumsy attempt to trap a ball in front of him at pace, or didn't you watch that bit. The best, is to leave the American players to history as a bad gamble

  • Cooper wasn't joking when he said he would not be changing the approach.

    Lets hope these work horses are freshly rested and watered..

  • Iff the players who’ve had a good rest don’t fly out of the box and show us what they’ve made of get on the front foot and inject some energy into our play then I despair. Bidwell iff you’re not up and down giving us width and pace then dooo one!

  • i think this selection is a mistake.

    He had a full team he could have trained with for this game, and given the likes of Lowe, and especially Ayew and Guehi who were injured on international duty, an extra few days rest, saving them for Monday.

    If we dont win this now, i'll be 🤬 furious.

  • That's not a bad side and very much like the team we were using on our better runs, surprised Ayew and Guehi are match fit after their International injuries but great if they are fully fit. should be no shortage of crosses from the left, hopefully we fill the box, Lowe has scored for Jamaica so hopefully chomping at the bit, strong bench as well, so no excuses secure that play off spot then rest them for the play offs. automatic I think is gone, cant see Watford losing enough games

  • is he having a giraffe Ayew been struggling and he puts him in! Instead of Whitaker ok everybody let’s focus on Ayew tonight his mobility and what he contributes fingers crossed he’s up for it because il be watching him like a hawk!

  • The comment about favourable reviews on the cameo appearances was in reference to the posts on this site by fellow Jacks who had seen him play, albeit in a televised match. Nothing at all to do with any American papers and you will be well aware of that, as this was just another attempt at obfuscation. On that note, I'll not continue with this thread as it must be boring the pants off others, especially as we are so close to kick off. So keep scouting on Youtube and be sure to let Andy Scott know about your latest find

  • Iff we start off like slugs like we have been then what the fkkkk! We need to fly out keep a good consistent tempo and attack attack attack and iff we don’t win then so be it! I don’t want sc turning this game into a chess game ffs!

  • If every player is fit enough this is a potentially balanced and good passing team.

    They are going to match our formation, so we need to play high not deep, and stop them getting crosses into the box. I would have preferred Whittaker starting but is any one of us surprised SC has chosen this team, I doubr it.

    We need to win and I hope with a little bit of style.


  • ...and the teams come out, come on guys be on it from the very start.

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