DC United to cancel Paul Arriola loan

DC United to cancel Paul Arriola loan as nightmare Swansea City spell comes to abrupt end

The American has made just three appearances for the Swans

The American joined the Swans on transfer deadline day midway through the current campaign after Jordan Morris had also moved from the United States.

Arriola's chances were limited in the early stages of his Swansea career as he worked his way up to full fitness.

However, he has not been able to force his way into the reckoning under Steve Cooper.

He missed the 1-1 draw with Blackburn Rovers at Ewood Park due to a thigh strain and has not been included in a matchday squad since the trip to Lancashire.

And WalesOnline understands his parent club DC United - who were influential in the player's move to Swansea - will terminate his loan spell.

The 26-year-old was due to spend the remainder of the campaign in south Wales but is poised to depart having made just three appearances for the club.

He played in the latter stages of Swansea's 3-1 FA Cup fifth round defeat to Man City at the Liberty Stadium in February while he was also introduced off the bench in the Championship matches against Nottingham Forest and Bristol City.

Arriola was one of six signings made by the Swans in the January transfer window, with Ben Hamer, Morris, Conor Hourihane, Kieron Freeman and Morgan Whittaker also joining.

Reports in the US have suggested Arriola is set for a period of six weeks on the sidelines after aggravating a quad injury.

Swansea return to action against Birmingham City on Friday night.

Cooper's side currently occupy third spot and trail second-placed Watford by six points - although they boast a game in hand over the Hornets.

Kick-off against the Blues is at 8pm on Friday.


  • apparently he damaged a quad last week, and is out for another 6 weeks.

    He'd not be fit to play in the remaining fixtures for us, so returning home for rehab so he's fit for the start of DC's season.

  • Injured or not, it was clear from the press conference when he first joined that Cooper didn't particularly want Arriola given how unenthusiastic he was about the signing.

    Having had their fingers burnt by the Bradley appointment, the ownership have again brought individuals into the club based on nationality rather than what they can add to the playing side and again it has backfired.

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    Paul Arriola will return to parent club D.C. United after a recurring thigh injury ruled him out for the remainder of Swansea City’s season.

    The 26-year-old suffered a setback in his return from the injury, with Arriola sustaining a recurrence of the problem during his rehab.

    He is now set to fly back to the States and link up with his parent club to undergo the rest of his rehab, which would take him beyond the Swans’ remaining nine games.

    Arriola arrived at the Liberty on loan in February, and made his debut in the FA Cup clash with Manchester City.

    The US international made two further appearances before the initial thigh injury saw him sidelined.

    Everyone at Swansea City would like to wish Paul all the best in his recovery.

  • Its a real concern now surly, The lack of any depth up front . Will it cost us Promotion this Season? Hope not. Would be Ironic if the Owners penny pinching and sell sell sell Philosophy will end up costing £200 million +

    Lets hope SC and the coaches can keep on producing the goods ,despite the best efforts of the Owners.

  • All the USA appointments thus far have been a disaster for the club. We could have done with signing more suitable players for the positions we needed but alas the general feeling is that they were parachuted in at the behest of the owners without any significant input from Cooper et al. All we can hope is that the remaining fixtures can be negotiated with the squad that SC has at his disposal minus the 2 departures.

  • How can you say all the appointments have been a disaster

    Potter and Cooper ,

    Birch and Winter


    They all look good appointments to me , the installation of the new pitch , painting of the stadium .

    The pricing of the season tickets very sensible .

  • Agree with almost all of those, but I’ll take a rain check on Winter.

    It would be interesting to me, if Cooper left for whatever reason, how he would oversee the appointment of a new manager.

    I expect he would know where his next pay cheque was coming from, and would opt for the cheapest option.

    Chairman of SCFC? your having a laugh

    Chairman of the board/owners more likely

  • As a DC United supporter I'm absolutely ok with this. I wish you boys all the best. But Swansea City FC is an absolute karmic nightmare for Americans. ๐Ÿ˜†

  • that's speculation. no evidence whatsoever....how do I know? because I listened watched and digested everything in front of me. you're doing what is called 'projection' Cimla, because in your world all roads lead to the board. More likely is he turned up with us unfit and now injured. Period. That's the whole tale.

  • Malc you're one of the sane ones left. these fools who constantly try to destabilise the club are on a mission. They're babies in prams crying for their milk. The ones who fling stuff around because the batteries in the remote are dead. satisfy their needs ie a win, and it all goes quiet again.

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    I wouldn't want you to get the wrong idea about us by listening too much to the whining windbags on this forum. There's a section of supporters here, and whining about everything is their modus operandi, and self reflection not one of their strengths. I take breaks now because it's the same critics over and over stating the same BS over and over with a slight change of attack. And it gets tiring to listen and constantly disagree. I also then get pilloried by these narrow minds for pointing out their shallowness, which also gets tiring! hence the sanity breaks.

    Paul Arriola's injury is really unfortunate, he had a part to play with us. Wish we'd seen more of him and Jordan Morris too!

    Good luck with your season. Solidarity across the pond!

  • "More Likely is he turned up with us unfit"

    that's speculation Pablo, no evidence whatsoever

  • Ah, the people that disagree with Pablo are apparently fools, babies, whining windbags, narrow minded and shallow.

    And Pablo also initially wrote at the start of the second sentence that the dregs of our supporters are on here, although that has since been edited.

    Pablo, if you think that the people on here are the dregs of our supporter base then you need to go and dig deeper in social media, try different pubs before the match and sit in a different part of the stadium to get a realistic wider perspective of our supporters. People on here are a lot more reasoned and sensible than those insulting adjectives of yours.

  • Oh Dear Pablo.

    If you read what you write again before you post I am sure you would cringe.

    Because what your accusing supporters of doing your actually doing your self!

    Frankly, your whining is so banal, its hardly worthy of comment.

    But had to point out too you how silly you look

  • While I am no fan of the American owners, it was a gamble worth taking at the time, when you consider that the player Cooper really wanted got injured right before we were due to sign him.

    And, i think it is a little disingenuous to slag these players off and the owners lack of ambition, when both are Internationals with over 35 caps, player for a side 22 in the FIFA World rankings.

    I dont think too many other clubs in the Championship brought in 2 internationals from a top 25 ranking team.

    And so they arent "rubbish" players. We, and they were just unlucky. it happens. get the f**k over it.

  • For once, I find myself ageeing with MJL

    to say they were poor signings as wide of the mark. Morris looked sharp and dangerous in his time while we will never know about Arriola...but good things have been said about him from people who have actually seen him play.

    The Americans have coughed up money this year...not as much as we wasted in the Prem but what do you expect.

    as for Bob....he was no where near as clueless as Clement.

  • haha. thanks, I think, Andrew!

    Bob, while clueless, would have a go, and attack. They were frightening, but exciting games. whether that was by design or fault, is very open to question.

    Clement just didnt have the bottle. He may be a decent coach. but never an number 1. He was forced to make changes to the midfield because of injury, and that saved our season, with Leon, Ki and Carroll being forced together. We brought back a passing style. Then he was too stupid and abandoned it the following season.

    Carlos, the same. didnt have the bottle when it came to it. we should never have been relegated after we got out of trouble. I think if we'd still been fighting to get get out of the bottom 3, he may have been braver and we'd have stayed up. But he ****** himself when we got out of the relegation places.

  • We DC United supporters are no fans of the ownership that we share either. Yes, they have invested significant money into our club building a stadium, training ground, and a smaller stadium for our 2nd Division side Loudoun United FC. They even spent some cash to bring Wayne Rooney over. But mostly they have been terrible.

    I'm happy to hear you defend the players. Both Morris and Arriola are established USA Internationals that if healthy, (Big If) they will be in our 23 man squad for Qatar 2022. They are not rubbish as you so kindly pointed out. And it's truly unfortunate they didn't get to show their quality.

    As for Bob Bradley...where to start. Bob is a very strange fellow. And yes, we Americans know that very well. He talks funny even by American standards. He's just a weird Dude as we would say. But he is no clueless idiot. He is a legit Manager with good football ideas. Solid training techniques. And he has proven that at every stop other than SCFC. His LAFC squad is one of the best teams in CONCACAF. But SCFC was the wrong club, in the wrong league, at the wrong time. It's ok with me if make fun of him for being a dork. But he's a lot better then many of the Managers you have had in the long and storied history of your club.

    As always, I wish you all well. Best of luck in the fight for promotion. Cheers!! PJ

  • no it's not speculation. The season was over in the states when he arrived with us. Not match fit is a pretty good assumption whereas you just serve your narrative. Next

  • bit more projection there. Who said anything about disagreeing with my viewpoint? I'm stating facts that you can't face up to. I'll repeat it again you're all whining windbags. I've no problem stating the obvious. You and the tribe of neg heads have no sense of proportion or reality. you have no self reflecting mechanism. You're moaners and lack some basic tools of balance. That's an opinion that I can back up with years of witnessing the same old tired crap. Just a passing observation. but you all stick together now. back each other up with your backslapping negativity.

    As I say I take healthy breaks from this site now because the sense of proportion and the zero mentality has a contaminating effect. nice of you to turn up right on cue though as predicted...and you know what....couldn't care less if you defend the indefensible.

  • I guess it depends on where you set the bar . Its hardly Ambitious for the Owners to use the club to promote themselves across the USA. pushing 2 American footballers on the club does that. I disagree that our chances of Promotion should be a gamble. We should be looking at what the players can bring that we dont already have. Bob Bradly was a proof in point! what a gamble !

    As for Championship Clubs bringing in players from top 22 Ranking Countries , What about Cardiff City? now have at least 3 . I think the Owners lack Ambition big time.

    Lets all hope for a win tonight !

  • Oops Sorry . Corrected for you:

    that's an assumption Pablo, no evidence whatsoever

  • Morris looked like a real player even based on the very limited opportunities he was given. Arriola it is hard for anyone to judge, as he was given even less opportunity, however he looked quick, very good game awareness and moved well to make himself available. He showed no sign of injury and looked a prospect as well.

    A shame for them and us, imo.

  • The two Americans arrived not match fit and up to speed to the level sc wanted.sc more or less said that.to say sc didn’t fancy them I think is well off the mark

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