Succession Planning

just as the owners and management need to be looking at the forward planning of the squad, for each eventuality - promotion or remaining in the Champs; I hope they are also planning for a future without Cooper.

Because there is bound to be a time when he goes, as successful managers have in the past.

One name I hope they are keeping a close eye on is Russell Martin, and MK Dons.

The Dons appear to be playing in a Swanserola style, and this season, they are 3rd in the possession stakes (63.82%) in the top leagues across Europe, with only Man City (63.84%) and Barca (65.11%) ahead of them.

This is one of the goals they scored this season, with a record in British football or 56 consecutive passes that ended in a goal.

His philosophy is exactly the kind we look for in a manager too. If you have an Athletic subscription, this is well worth a read.



  • There is no forward planning, we will go for the cheapest and gamble it will pay off.

    Failure to get promotion will see Cabango and Roberts sold and Grimes if anyone is daft enough to buy him because its funny in 5 years no one has bid a penny.

    Ayew contract is up so he's gone, Bennet, also. Woodman might stay for nothing because the next Newcastle manager will ditch him.

    Its promotion this year or nothing, the owners will spend F**K all, take 120M in the Premier league, get relegated then get another 97M in parachute payments, try and get a few more investors not in the club but in their shares and job done.

    Some will even say its financial common sense, because there are more backseat bankers on here that people who want to see owners that actually want to spend their own money investing in a football club.

    Promotion and its spend nothing, failure is sell everything, that's their forward planning

  • Why are there so many fans worried about finances, are we football fans or armchair bankers who lets be honest know nothing of what actually goes on behind the scenes of these grubby hedge funders schemes. There are only 2 types of owners, Owners who have real money and love football and owners who seek further investors to make money and don't love or know football, we have the latter. Too many people worried about financial security over what we watch and love, I think you will find our owners have enough money, they certainly haven't spent their own money or the 31 other investors money on our football club. If they go, we will survive, even if its starting all over, one thing is certain, they wont leave while there is money to be made on players and they wont leave us with money in the bank.

    I would be a really happy soul if they left

  • With reports today - though not reputable sites - of SC seeking a pay rise then succession planning is just what should happen, as he appears to be of a mindset which can only go one way - more money here or more money somewhere else

    European model is more Laudrup and Roberto style - one or two seasons and move on

    Current Barnsley boss has had a series of short contracts 1-2years though aBrit might stick longer

    MK Dons guy interesting - wonder who he based that style on

    We should maybe be planning for the next 2 managers on that basis

  • If SC goes what does it matter, we will take the next cheapest gamble on a young manager who can borrow players, there is no plan, long term or short term. Its cheapest and take a punt, remember as well Cooper is running out of under 17 World cup players, those that have made it elsewhere and those fading into oblivion, they are all 20/21/22 now ones he had in his squad and ones played against, like Lowe and Manning, Bennet is the only senior player he has taken.

  • Ian Evatt worth keeping an eye on , did brilliantly at Barrow now doing very well at Bolton , his teams play good passing football .

  • Fair play @Phillip, you don't half come out with some belters. So Bennett is the only senior player he has taken eh ?

    How would you classify Hamer, Freeman, Hourihane and Smith ?

  • This - possibly taken from the same article - gives a bit more detail about how he thinks the game should be played.

  • in the end the way you play - and enjoying watching it - is more important than just a good result

    partly cos playing badly but winning is temporary and a style of play means you are building something

    we are building nothing/

    earlier in the season we had effective pragmatism - doing what works

    now it's ineffective pragmatism

    has he lost the dressing room?

    looks like it

    it looks very much like we could be this season's Notts Forest - 7 defeats in a row and missing out on what should be a playoff place

    on balance in view of our recent relegation form and standard of play, it's probably what we deserve

  • One huge consideration to bear in mind should we be looking for a new head coach / manager, especially when you consider that if Cooper was sacked, two years into a three year contract, compensation would have to be paid to him and no doubt his assistants. No doubt his replacement would preferably be someone like Wagner who I believe has no attachment to any club.

    The consideration is that for a club that has very little spare cash to sign players, wouldn't that apply also to the hiring of a new coach / manager.

  • @Colin_swansea

    I think the board would do well to sit tight and not make any quick decisions in the summer, regardless of where we've finished and what division we're in.

    I say this because for some unfathomable reason, Mr Cooper appears to have the media and certain Premier League chairmen wrapped around his little finger, so it would be well worth them riding it out until at least the last week of June, just in case there is an approach from the likes of Palace. The last thing we want to do is give him the flick and allow him to go somewhere else for free.

    Normally it drives me crazy when we lose a manager at or around the start of preseason, because of how disruptive it is. In Cooper's case I'd be quite happy to make an exception if it means he goes, and we get a bit of compo into the bargain.

  • Gary,

    that was the situation with Paulo Souza, where we were all led to believe that there were no communications between HJ and Souza from after the January window. We couldn't afford to sack him, and we came out of the situation where an unwanted head coach was allowed to leave and the club received compensation. Bonus!

    What I find questionable is after you stated in 2019 your concerns over Cooper, and repeating your concerns during this season why you would want to continue with him as head coach.

    I have absolutely no doubts that if we had signed a Rhian Brewster type loan signing in January we would be in the automatic promotion places at present yet you are prepared to wait until June to replace a head coach should he be tempted to pastures new and by then the market forces of available free transfers will have been reduced. Why wait until next season when the same technical decisions made by Cooper will not have changed since 2019?

    For a long suffering fan in years gone who would have endured home matches through that inbuilt DNA of having to attend matches at the Vetch Field whoever the decision may be, or travelled on Ugo's extremely well organised coaches to away matches, perhaps the bonus of living away from Swansea and with no fans able to go to live matches, has perhaps given me the opportunity of tuning to another channel at half-time which in yesterday's case was a Dalziel & Pascoe drama repeat!!!

  • @Colin_swansea

    Perhaps I wasn't clear - if I thought the board would sack Cooper tomorrow, I would rejoice. Let there be no doubt about that.

    Being pragmatic about it, we both know that isn't going to happen.

    In an ideal world we finish the season and within a week, Palace have sacked Roy or England U21 have sacked Boothroyd, and they come brandishing gifts. That would be lovely.

    Far more likely it will drag out well into the summer, and thinking of the club's financial situation, it might just be worth holding our nerve those few extra weeks to get some compensation for him. That's all I'm saying.

  • The club won't sack Cooper. He only leaves if a better offer comes up.

    With Roy's contract up in the summer, that seems the best opportunity for him, should Palace decide to twist.

    And Gary is right. I doubt we can afford to sack him, even if he isn't on a big wage.

    But would the club be brave enough to go back to the old U21 partnership at the helm, if Cooper leaves?

    And could they hold on to local boy, Marge? I hope they can, if Cooper goes.

  • Smith ok, give you that but the other is a loan from the premier league, Hamer is an emergency replacement for an injured sub and spent 2 months on his ass, Smith is either sub or the first to be subbed, so not very good either selecting seniors or manging them

  • So, you accept that you were wrong to say that Bennett was the only senior player he has taken.

    I would agree that your final statement is absolutely correct. He is not good at selecting seniors or managing them

  • Right or wrong on senior or younger players, one thing is absolutely certain Steve Cooper must go.

    Not so much the fact we are losing but since January the football has been the worst I have seen for years, even the games we won were terrible, there was only one exception when we played Norwich where we looked good, it might have been that one of their top players was suspended and their regular CB was injured but for some reason we looked dangerous, Norwich also had a shaky few games and we went 2nd, Norwich shook it off and we went in a downward spin.

    We cant blame burn out, tiredness or even injuries, all teams have the same problems but watching on Quest, even the poor teams losing have more shots on goal than us, we are without doubt the worst footballing team in this division at this particular time.

    If we are to get the play offs and win, then we need a new manager now because an 8 game new manager bounce might do it.

    Forget we are not good enough for the premier, no one is and new players would be needed, Rodgers got 5 and spent sod all.

    The owners would be over the moon, promotion means 120M, so spending F all and getting relegated would be marvellous for them, they then get another 97M over 3 years, so if they want to make some more money get a manager now, at least we will survive, failure means the loans go back, the best are sold and we are then in serious shit.

    Whatever happens or whatever division we end up in, we have to do something, we cant be asked to watch this shit for much longer

  • Ignoring the penultimate paragraph, I agree wholeheartedly

  • Phillip,

    "Whatever happens or whatever division we end up in, we have to do something, we cant be asked to watch this shit for much longer."

    Playing like shit for a longer period of time and fighting relegation will be the only way I can see our owners making a decision to walk away, hand the keys over to the Trust or attempt to sell the football club.

  • Given that the excuse, given by me several times this season , for less than attractive football was the accumulation of points, is being totally undermined in recent games,

    Is it feasible that a place in the playoffs,and a reasonable chance of winning them, can be achieved by bringing in a new coach at such a late stage in the proceedings?

    If it is a risk worth taking would the Chairman and Owners gamble and have a go at the big prize?

    Colin's summary above is chilling to say the least.

  • Don't think the owners would have any idea how bad it is

    Chairman would have to tell them what the signs of rot are cos they wouldn't know

    Don't think Winter would do that

    We are still being fed the fiction of the manager developing young ( ie cheap ) players whereas the younger players like the 2 Coopers Latibeaudiere Garrick Whittaker ( until recently ) can't get a game

    They can probably live with that as playing in the current team and set up will NOT develop them anyway, just give them bad habits

    We won because we were winning and the aura affected refs decision making and the expectations of the opposition - remember Man U and Ferguson's team never having penalties against them?

    Now the opposition are 20 per cent better cos they expect to win and our attack to be toothless

    The team that expects to win usually does

  • northernswan2

    "Don't think the owners would have any idea how bad it is

    Chairman would have to tell them what the signs of rot are cos they wouldn't know"

    Or would it be the case of being unable to offload any decent youngster / footballer where a percentage of the proceeds would be unable to continue financing a club that no longer has parachute payments. I think quite a lot of fans would be surprised, myself included, if Winter is anything other than a gofer for our owners.

  • The smoke and mirrors of winning games throughout the season certainly placated us fans which is to be expected. However, this losing streak of what should have been mostly winnable games really has brought the house of cards crashing down at the club. With the autos all but out of reach and the chance of a playoff spot becoming decidedly dicey the hunt for who’s to blame will now become ever more keenly focussed in our minds. The owners have to take the rap for the most part as all the decision making goes through them. The amount of funding that the campaigns of the relegation seasons have had are quite frankly the kind of funding that’s to be expected in the lower leagues. What had been achieved this season up to now was nothing short of a miracle. Last season’s playoff run was also an exceptional achievement which I’m sure paved the way for the generous amounts of goodwill from the fans towards Steve Cooper for this current campaign. The bubble has now burst well and truly and I can’t see how SC can recover from this capitulation at this most crucial moments in the history of the club. As for the owners, it looks as though, for me at least, the slate won’t now be cleaned in part by the return to the Premier League. The only positive that I can now see taking place from all of this is that the Trust win the court case and receive the compensation I feel that they deserve in preparation for a potential buyout scenario whenever the owners decide its time to put the club up for sale.

  • edited April 6

    Don't see many lower League clubs with a £90k per week striker in their squad, and the ability to pay the wages of loan after loan of young players from Premier League clubs (they don't come cheap).

    Ok, we are hardly spendthrifts, but Cooper has enjoyed decent backing, this season and last. He can't complain.

    The tripe he serves up is down to him, and him alone. Let's not make excuses for it.

  • I’m not making excuses for Cooper. Far from it. All I’m doing is taking stock and assessing what is taking place at the moment which may well lead to the season becoming one of the most disastrous ones in the clubs history. To be so near and yet so far in terms of promotion as is looking likely is a matter for SC to answer if it comes down to that. I do, however, have one eye on the owners part in this as it was when we were relegated. I don’t have the figures but I feel that they haven’t been ambitious enough in putting the team together. The striker conundrum was an easy one to solve and more should have been done to have someone fill that role especially when the opportunity arose during the January transfer window. Granted I’m saying this with hindsight which is always the easiest vantage point from which to air your views. There has always, however, been an element of faith in the process and I was always willing to trust in the judgment of others (after all that is all we as fans can do despite our reservations). I do now feel that that trust was misplaced and the lack of wins has thrown what I felt deep down into relief. Even if SC were to leave tomorrow I believe that our problems don’t end there and there won’t be a bonafide effective strategy to remedy the situation with the current owners of the club in place.

  • Unless there’s a replacement ready to step in ASAP Cooper will still be here come the end of May although Rangel was mentioned on another site

  • sea jack i must agree, these owners do not care about the people of swansea or in reality shelling out money to bring in top players to get the club into the prem, and in my honest opinion were/are hoping to do it on the cheap, then reap the financial rewards and then sell, in short in it to make money not spend any more than they have to,

    look at the Siggason fiasco to start with, i know they have to balance the books but look at how much they have sold and how much they spent replacing the sold guys ,no real ambition in my eyes,

    where we are today is in part down to the owners, the coaching team and last but least the players they are the ones that could still sort things but watching what we are producing over the last few months is deplorable

    this saturday we again have the t v curse to deal with so its those people who can break the curse or just give up

  • If Cooper gets us to the playoffs he'll stay in post unless a PL club come calling.(Palace)

    There's not a cat in hells chance they will sack him, unless he looses the remaining 7 games or picks up barely a point.

    1. They can't afford to. They'd have to pay off not just him, but also Marsh. Possibly Tate. But hopefully keep Marge. And the money falls again next season, so every pound counts.

    2. Back to back play offs is success. We may have higher goals. But this is a notoriouly difficult league to get out of (upwards). Add in an even harder schedule and no fans...But when you look at resources of Watford and Norwich, who I think are certain to go up, and Bournemouth - even Brentford who spent £4.5 on a striker. We've barely spent a bean.

    So some can want him gone. But the reality is a very different thing.

  • As you say Mark in the football world it's about success not just style of play.

    To the outsider, and possibly in other Boardrooms, consecutive play off appearances,in the context of low spend on players ,and getting there with a squad without an excess of quality, is pretty successful and will mean more than fans here being angry at the loss of the Swansea Way.

    Always possible that there could be interest from others,which as Colin said earlier would mean compo rather than any pay off.Can't see the Owners risking losing that option.

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