Bournemouth's financials dont look great

If they dont go up this year, they'll need to do a massive reset next season:



  • Cant see Bournemouth's owners crying, like ours, don't forget either they have a ground that holds 11,000, so they had to invest to go up.

    All clubs owners who want success have to spend their own money. Some take it on the chin for the love of the game.

    We had from 2002 - 2014 a board and trust of owners where it worked well, good managerial appointments who made the football decisions.

    2014 a Chairman who ignored his Generals and did it his way, starts to fail.

    2016 a Chairman through greed and not football sold out.

    2016-Present. Owners with Austerity programs towards football and a sell sell approach which to date has got us nowhere.

    We need owners who love the game and can tell the difference between a winger and a Hedge fund Nat West Bank account

  • Hi Mark ,

    The report I read they lost over £60 million , they recouped over £50 million selling Ramsdale , Ake , Wilson , Fraser left , King is on loan to Everton .

    If they were to sell Brooks they would be fine .

  • My guess is that there are still a lot of unsustainable salaries there - just balancing transfer fees in and out is a small part of the story.

    I would take Danjuma on a free transfer to help them out..

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