We Need a striker for the play offs

I think Diego Costa is still a free agent !!

Worth a few bob to employ him for 2 months

He will get goals and add a bit of passion to the Team & hopefully gat promotion ??


  • There's got to be some free agents (including one manager) who could inspire more confidence than what I saw this evening.

  • We still need points to get into the playoffs in the first place and and form has to be a lot better in order to that.

  • If you think adding one striker to our squad is going to miraculously transform us into a playoff-winning super team, then, well put it this way....I think you're in for a nasty shock.

  • Preston has become a must win match, not for auto promotion, but retaining a Play Off place, and whereas Whittaker should have started yesterday or had at least more minutes, on Monday he must start the game.

    Cooper's persistence in flogging Lowe, Ayew, Grimes, the carthorse that is Bidwell and even Woodman is making a mockery of the so called reputation of a head coach that will give young professionals first team opportunities.

    You make your own decisions on whether a return to the PL is in the best interest of the football club, or are fans suddenly going to think that our owners' purse strings will be loosened and quality players, let alone the higher wage demands will be sought.

  • Colin, if we had a squad I would 100% agree with you. But we don't unfortunately.

    Woodman actually had a good game v Brum. Hamer is in his 30s so not a youngster, in this case Cooper is using youth.

    Bidwell is up and down and yes I can't understand why Manning is not playing at the moment. But as far as I know we don't have a youngster knocking down Coopers door to play left back in our first team.

    Grimes has been poor but who can Cooper bring in to replace him? Hourihane isn't interested unless we have a free kick and Dhanda would be a liability in DM or CM - as I say who does the manager have. We don't have a squad.

    Ayew would be at his best in an attack minded team, not the way Cooper is currently setting up (perhaps due to the squad he has or just his choice, I'm not quite sure)

    Lowe shouldn't be near the first team but who else does Cooper have. The young lad Whittaker is an option but except for routledge there are no forward options.

    I'm inclined to place most of the blame on the owners for not building a squad.

  • Whilst I am massively disappointed with the recent performances, I am also inclined to agree with @Telfordswan about the blame for this whole situation being a squad thing, however not sure if blame lies with owners completely.

    Part of the current transfer policy is the use of loans players and we have not utilised this market as well this season

    Guehi - Success

    Woodman - Success

    Gibbs-White - Fail, although we had no luck, firstly through injury and secondly the recall (we should have had a better loan contract with a no-recall clause)

    Palmer - Fail, would have provided options if still here

    Gyokeres - Fail, didn't get any game time (was he good enough!!) no wonder the loan was cancelled

    Morris - Fail was unlucky with the injury as looked promising

    Arriola - Fail

    Hourihane - Jury is out. Goals have been welcome but what else is he offering!!

    That's a pretty poor performance in the loan market and you can blame the owners, Andy Scott and the recruitment team and Cooper for not utilising .

    I mean Guehi & Woodman were no brainers as we knew them all the others have pretty much been failures.

    Also the regarding players we have loaned out could Byers and Garrick have be utilised more? I for one think Byers would have been as good as Hourihane (better in open play) and then we would have had more funds for a loan striker.

    For me the January transfer window and the decision taken in this period are what is hurting us (added to Coopers apparent refusal to rotate players and change the formation).

    We have time to make some changes, however it will take bravery from Cooper, which sadly I see no signs that it's likely to happen (and even more sadly him seems to have a team of yes men behind him or he has developed a culture where no one challenges his authority)

  • the problem is, what strikers were out there, available for loan? there weren't that many, because of Covid, the need for bigger squads, with 5 subs available. And the one we had lined up got badly injured just days before he was due to sign for us.

    I dont think you can call the 2 Americans fails. nor could you call MGW a failed loans. All 3 injured . if we'd signed them permanently, that wouldn't change. Doesnt make them failures. just bloody unlucky. 2 are internationals for a top 22 side. And MGW has obvious talent.

    On MGW and Palmer's loans, like nearly every loan deal, there will more often than not be a recall clause in the window - just like we had with Liam Cooper.

    Neither Palmer nor Gyokeres have exactly done much since moving on. Palmer was another last minute gamble when MGW got injured. But they were definitely failures.

    Hourihane? how well have have we done with him in the team?

    W7 D2 L5.

    he came on after 70 mins in 1 other game which we won. 2 games were FA Cup matches, one we won, the other we lost.

    So a mixed bag. but one where the team was overplayed, with few changes or subs made.

  • not calling MGW, Morris and Arriola failures, just the loans were failures for us and I appreciate that bad luck played it's part with the injuries

  • Lets be honest ,we have needed a forward from the start of the season . I don't except the premise there was none out there . yes we went for one on loan who got injured just before he was due to sign, and of course we never did get too see if the Morris gamble was a worthy one, I hope he makes a full recovery soon. but come on. We are an ex Prem side of some standing who play and coach the kind of football that has some major clubs fighting to loan their youngster too us for development.

    I always look at actions not words, if we bought in to the Latter form our Owners and their reps we would be second and already promoted . How's this for a Actions.

    Swansea where offered Wilson on loan for the season , he wanted to come here trouble was the Owners would not come up with the fee. ( fair enough ,they have teken in tens of millions in transfer fees ,and spent less than £2.3 million on transfers haha) ,so this Welsh International went to Cardiff.

    Question here , how many centre forwards went a similar way?

    Said this before, wont be ironic if we fail to get promoted or worse not even in paly offs . because ethe Owners would rather take the money than invest , their penny pinching would have cost the club at least £200 million and yet another stint in the Prem

    SC may be struggling to come too terms with a small squad with limited abilities at the moment but if he does pull it off and we make even the pay offs. it would have been down to him and his coaching staff and in spite of the Owners whos lack of real Ambition for our Club is cut wrenching Hypocrisy.

  • I would love to be a fly on Diego Costa's living room wall when he gets the call from his agent asking if he's interested in playing a few games in The Championship. 🤣

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