They set out tactics, pick their players and motivate for the game. If all is not going well they encourage and urge on from the touchline. If things don't improve they change personnel, tactics or both. On the other hand they do this!



  • Only answer is he has holes in his pockets!!! ;-)

  • Think he has borrowed Bobbly Bobs tactics book ....

  • I’ve mentioned this before in another post but it’s worth bringing it up here as well. I was racking my brains as to what his facial expression reminds me of. And then it hit me as it’s happened to me in the past. The default facial expression is one of a man who has just tried waving a bus down that has passed by without stopping. I recall the experience and my forlorn expression afterwards only too well. The question is do you wait for the next bus to turn up, walk it, take a taxi or go home? I see Steve Cooper as the perennial bus waiter rooted to the spot with no proactive plan B to speak of.

  • Try Albert Steptoe (in fact he looks like him) giving a growl at Harold, that's about as emotive as it gets, no running up and down the touchline, no barking orders, he probably gets them in halftime and gives them each a coaching manual to read, he doesn't even jump and and down when we score. For those too young to know who Albert is, check YouTube you will see the resemblance

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