Match Discussion: Swans v Queens Park Rangers - Championship 2020/21

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This is the place to discuss all things related to the Swans v Queens Park Rangers Championship game on Tuesday, 20 April 2021 at 7pm.

Referee Jarred Gillet will be assisted by Paul Hodskinson and Graham Kane, with John Brooks the 4th Official for the game.

Take a look at the Swans v QPR Head to Head Stats since their first meeting in south Wales in 1914.

Share your pre and post match thoughts, views on Steve Cooper's pre or post match comments and team selection.



  • You’ve got to win it to be in it so COYS!

  • so Cooper faces a conundrum again on Tuesday.

    With Ayew out, he has to shuffle the pack up top.

    But, he has 2 forwards in Wayne and Cullen who have only just come back after a long time out. Neither should be risked for more than 60-70 mins.

    Wayne has probably played more football than he probably should have, and why the sub was subbed yesterday.

    so unless he changes formation up top, he will probably have to start Morgan; Jamz will have to play 90 mins. And duties up front shared by Liam and Routs.

    I think we can see Manning needs a break. He should have been rotated yesterday. Same for Hourihane who was AWOL yesterday, especially for their 2nd goal.

    And Bennett, with his injury record, must be close to his limit, and in need to sit a game out.

  • We sound like a team of geriatrics.Then again the alternatives should be capable of stepping in?

  • I thought yesterday's game would have been ideal to play

    Joel for Bennett ,

    Korey for Jay

    Yan for Conor

    Morgan for Wayne

    He does have options to give players a rest . Liam coming back gives another option from the bench .

  • Dont forget the role that Naughton has played in bringing the passing style back to the 4-3-3 formation.

    The formation and style is the key starting point for me.

    If everyone is fit, a clear first choice back 4 of Nauts-Bennett-Guehi-Bidwell.

    In midfield, three need to be Matt-Jay-Korey with Hourihane and Yan available to change the match should we need it.

    Up front if we are playing a proper 3 then its Jamal-Routs-Ayew. If Ayew is injured, then Morgan Whittaker as the natural left footed player should slot in as the inverted right winger. That leaves Liam to sub for Jamal or Routs ( probably Routs) later in the match.

  • Whoever is chosen we need to be on the front foot from the off get early goals or two and stay with a high press. Whether or not we can catch Watford we need to be playing at a level that gives us a chance to win the play offs.

  • I wondered if there could be 6 going up if the bad boys are kicked out

  • @deekay

    No place in the starting line up for Connor, as I believe Nauts offers more in the 4-3-3. However I doubt he will last the entire match, even though he is close to his 200th appearance for us.

    We need a break with the 3-4-1-2 formation, and Connor is an excellent wingback, buts Nauts brings more in the passing game for me. Connor will be back but if he plays I'm worried SC will make it part of the 3-4-1-2 formation.

  • he's 31. he has played 244 mins in 7 days.

    we need to rotate. He'd be one I would change, with Roberts now rested and he'll be chomping at the bit.

    Manning I'd also rotate.

    Bennett and Hourihane too.

    My worry is how we set up in the front 3 positions, with it doubtful Wayne and Liam could or should play a full game, having been injured for a long time, until recently.

  • I did say 'If fit', I still feel starting with Nauts will offer us more in the passing game as our right full back. If Connor starts I believe SC will again be tempted to start 3-4-1-2 or similar to fit in around Connor.

  • i think with the right partner on the right hand side of midfield and attack, Connor is well capable of playing a passing game out from the back.

  • @Mark_Jack_London

    He is capable but I'm still worried SC will go back to the 3-4-1-2 formation if he starts. Plus I still believe Nauts has the edge in the passing game, so happy with my call

  • In my opinion you need your best players on the pitch, providing there are given a rest from time to time

    3 options for Connor , wing back , full back or right sided midfield .

    Could always play Kyle at left back , can play both fullback roles

  • Q P R are in good form we are up and down for me the selection tonight is critical, we need a win and hopefully with a clean sheet, the game on tv (via red button) does not help as we seem to be reverting back to type why o why can we not play like we did vs Norwich , the guys HAVE to be up for this and every game left if not what the hell is the problem ?, still an outside chance of auto promotion in 3 rd place but still could be pushed out of the play offs if not up for each and every remaining game C O Y S

  • My heart is saying a win is on the cards. My head is saying be still oh foolish heart. Time will tell which one of the two is right.

  • Realistically this is likely to be a score draw, but we have to win, or the other results dont matter.

    If we can manufacture a win, then a Norwich win, Cardiff taking points off Brentford, and other results start to be relevant.


  • If we win tonight it will be a good result. QPR are in decent form.

    But they are prone to dropping a clanger - lost heavily to Rotherham and were beaten by Huddersfield recently, in between beating Boro, Wed, Florist, Coventry, Millwall and drawing with Reading.

  • Here's the starting line-up...

  • Oh no not again. 🙄

  • What must Whittaker, Cullen and Oli Cooper think when they see a wide f/back(Roberts) in one of the front three places.

  • It could be worse we could be lining up as a 3-4-1-2 with this team.

    I just hope we are actually using a 4-3-3. at least then we are only playing with one of our 'attacking' hands tied behind our backs.

    Will we have to wait until we go behind, before we see a change....again?

    COYS, do it anyway.

  • Good pressing by us

  • Probably think like everybody else that he has earned the spot and best man for job and can defend as well

  • Don't look like a 4-3-3 to me more like 4-2-3-1

  • Routs hit the post. Otherwise we have been poor.

  • Not sure we have been poor, started brightly but have dropped off the last 10mins or so.

    Need to change the crossing as the big keeper is plucking everything out of the air.

  • Don’t agree we have been poor... WR could have had a hat trick though

  • 45 mins gone and not one shot on target. FFS

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