EFL Statement on European Super League

The EFL stands with the Premier League, The FA, PFA, LMA, the FSA and colleagues across European professional football in condemnation of proposals which attack the foundation of open and fair competition upon which our game is built.

A strong pyramid based on promotion, relegation and ultimately European qualification, is fundamental to our game’s continued success. The EFL opposes any reform that doesn’t support competition integrity or offer clubs the prospect of one day competing at the highest end of the game.

Collective reform efforts should be focused on creating conditions that foster long-term sustainability at all levels of the domestic football and remove the current, almost impossible financial pressures created as a result in the huge difference of revenues allocated to the Premier League in comparison to the Championship and Leagues One and Two.

The EFL has long stated that the economics and governance of the English pyramid should be re-set and we remain committed to working with the Premier League, The FA and the game’s stakeholders to deliver that vision, so that English professional football can thrive in communities across the country for generations to come.

At its heart, football is a game for supporters and the widespread rejection of these proposals must be acknowledged. EFL Clubs are an integral part of the towns and cities from which they take their name and, in many, deliver the biggest single form of communal activity in their local area.

The EFL’s collective response to the pandemic in the face of significant challenges highlights just how vital they are to the life of the nation and anything that fundamentally weakens that system must be resisted.

Having pioneered the world’s original League format in 1888, it is ironic that proposals which would serve to destroy the value of sporting merit were announced on the weekend of the League’s 133rd anniversary.

Across EFL competitions, any club can triumph over another and fans of all clubs regardless of size and status, must always be afforded the hope that successes on the pitch will be rewarded. The Championship is one of Europe’s most prominent divisions and the gateway to England’s top tier. The introduction of a predominantly closed European competition at the elite end kills a part of the game and the League system we established over a century ago.

Similarly, the rejection of these proposals, does not represent an endorsement for UEFA’s own proposed reforms, which themselves represent a significant challenge to English football’s domestic programme.

Under both proposals, the EFL has concerns about the future of the League Cup which provides vital income to EFL clubs, is the breeding ground for stars of the future and provides the top and bottom of the English pyramid the opportunity to win the first major trophy of the season.

The EFL will continue to work with colleagues across the game at home and abroad, to defend our national game, protect our members and ensure that fans continue to have a healthy, vibrant and enduring pyramid system that they can continue to be proud of.



  • The big six in a sterile and stagnant league of their own making with no risk of relegation would suit them. If they decide to breakaway I really do hope that it blows up in their faces and the clubs suffer as a result. They have to hope that there won’t be an out and our dominant force that can’t be usurped at the top of their insipid table of teams and they become minnows in the shadow of say Real Madrid or Barcelona who hoover up all the trophies and wealth with them feeding off the scraps. I also hope the true supporters of these teams turn their backs on what will rapidly become alien clubs to them.

  • I bet the US owners will be keeping very quiet about their views on this issue.

  • I feel sorry for the locally based supporters of the big 6 clubs because the vast majority of those will be dead against this plan and realise the damage to the football family. I daresay their Luala Lumpur, Bankok, Miami and Dubai based supporters will think it's fine and they might even have some matches played out there too if it all goes ahead.

    I hope the football authorities don't go making some financial concessions to these clubs as a carrot to stay in the fold; they've had enough incremental improvements over the years and continue to do so the longer they stay in the Champions League places. The authorities have to stay firm and signs are that they will.

    So I would say that unless they withdraw their plans within 24 hrs, no negotiation, take it or leave it, give them notice of expulsion from every other authorised competition. Promote 6 teams up through each division to take their places. The league will still be full to the brim of proper football teams.

    This kind of makes the placings for each division a bit more interesting and possibly critical. It's not beyond the realms of possibility that one or two of the six break ranks and decide to back out of the Super League, meaning that, if the English Super League teams do get expelled from the Premier League , it will become more critical to get as high as possible in those top 6 spots.

    Having said all that, I don't think it will happen. I think their fans' reactions and the consequences of expulsion will make them back down.

  • This is what happens when too many vulture capitalists are allowed to get their hands on great sporting institutions.

    The FA and PL should call their bluff. Tell them if they want out, then fine. But they ain't ever coming back.

    Same with UEFA. Tell them to crack on, but they won't be welcome in their competitions either.

    The thing is - much like our own owners in fact - once you indulge these people, once you start appeasing them, you may think you've got a win-win, but you haven't. You've already lost. What they have is never enough. They will always want more.

    Utterly odious little grift, that's what it is.

  • Create new teams using the club names then they can never come back.

  • Fledge I agree with the no negotiation theme but am not sure of the legal position , but for me that the way to go if legal, they the owners, just want more and more money and how many of the owners even live in the u k ?

  • Little wonder really that a lot of fans are turning their back on 'modern day football' in general and going to support their local grassroots team.

  • Strangely enough, I subscribe to Sky via Virgin to enable me to follow SCFC on tele as often as they are being shown.This obviously gives me access to many other games.

    I find that for a long time now the novelty of too much football plus the lack of any 'feeling' for the bigger teams has led me to turn away from most of the stuff they churn out,with the exception of Liverpool and Pochettino's Spurs

    Apart from the Swans,even if it's only on the not so good red button coverage,plus an occasional watch of the National League stuff is all that I go for.

    This new Super League won't interest me.

  • Agree with you Moorlands, I too think there is a saturation point and for me I have reached it. I subscribe to watch Swansea and Leeds United and any other teams I find it difficult to watch and retain interest (occasionally a game can pique interest).

    I have access to the champions league games and I can't remember the time I last watch one (it will have been years ago.

    Sadly even the FA Cup final usually bears no interest for me 😔

  • I get the gist and intention, however not sure giving the kits away in Africa (whilst laudable) will help as this will only increase the reach of the big 6 in that region and likely add to the demand for league.

  • As these teams have gone against their national associations and UEFA, threaten or just do it and chuck them out of all competitions in Europe.

    How many superstars will want to play in this league? How many international players will want to be banned? How many supporters will want to see 9 or so home games a year?

    When/if it all goes wrong and they come crawling back ....they will be told to start in 8th tier or whatever.

    This is fantastic opportunity for all the other clubs in England, Italy and Spain. So I say do it and "pay" the consequences (greedy you know whats).

  • Well that's fine with me, if they want to chase the money and get banned their choice. We will find other players and the youngsters will get opportunities earlier.

  • Me too. That is what these "owners" don't understand. A lot of football fans only watch those teams they have an allegiance to or an interest in. So for me, I watch the Swans, other matches showing our challengers and West Ham,(Hurst Peters, Moore) Wolves (Derek Dougan) & WBA (Ray Wilson, Jeff Astle) , as these were my childhood favourites (all the W's as that is my middle initial) and the occasional "Final"

  • Guys, This isnt about the real football fan with a season ticket. They arent interested in us and couldnt care less.

    They want lots of one off groups of 'entertainment fans' who come once in a while and spend big. That's why they will be constantly playing in different countries, so they can get these fans from Dubai, China and around the whole world to attend.

    If this isnt stopped and the clubs, players and managers banned the whole football pyramid structure will quickly disintegrate.

    Perhaps we should start chasing the club to make a statement that they dont agree with this. That should initiate a long period of silence from the Club and the Owners!

  • The FA Cup final will definitely be of interest to any Swans fan on account of the Brendan Rodgers connection. I’ll be rooting for him to make FA Cup history for himself and Leicester.

  • It just won't happen (chucking them out that is) as they are needed in their respective domestic leagues and can you really see the top international players being banned from their national teams??

    I don't have a problem with a midweek European Super League (in fact it would be better than the rubbish that is the Champions League), however it has to be available to any team to qualify on merit.

    If you want a 20 team league then have the top 2 teams from the top 7 leagues in Europe qualifying (ensures the domestic league integrity) then run a revamped UEFA Cup (scrap the champions league) with the semi finalists qualifying for the ESL (ensuring the integrity of the UEFA Cup). The final 2 places given to the top 2 placed teams from the ESL who fail to qualify via their domestic league.

    The top 7 leagues could also potentially change as the coefficient rankings could be used to determine these.

  • Chris

    Not sure if I agree. I thought these teams basically want a closed shop. Also do you think the three leagues would fall apart without these 12 teams. Isn't it more likely their league will fall apart when isolated. Didn't UEFA or somebody suggest players could be banned. It wouldn't be up to the players apart from where they want to play. About time a stand was made against the money grabbers? They want to grab all the TV money for themselves.....to hell with the rest. Perhaps the rest should say to hell with them.

    Re. champions league .....it has skewed so many countries' domestic leagues with the money available so basically the same teams qualify every year. But at least some teams have a small chance rather than virtually NO chance these 12 will give them.

  • As a matter of interest, if this goes ahead, where are they going to get their referees and match officials from? Are they going to recruit what they would call 'Elite officials' also? And if they do, and the Super League goes pear shaped, what becomes of these match officials afterwards?

    Secondly, as pointed out earlier, if partaking players are going to be banned from playing for their countries, this would devastate Wales yes, but also many other countries. Look at Belgium for instance. They would instantly fall from World No 1. They would plummet down the world rankings. England would be OK as a consequence, but the real winners I reckon would be some Eastern European nations. Just take Poland for example. They would lose Lewandowski, and that's about it.

  • edited April 25

    Remember when Billionaires apologise, you need to think carefully, as its not something they do.

    1. They will lie without concern.
    2. If forced into making a public statement they didnt want to, they will want revenge.

    They are not good people. So expect it to be a lie.

    Which clubs have actually withdrawn? And even if they have, is it confirmed they will never consider it again?

    Lets get these owners including our owners out now whilst we have the chance.

  • Man Utd vs Liverpool postponed for safety reasons .

  • The safty of owners who probably arent there anyway!

    At least its good publicity

  • 2 policeman injured , not good publicity .

  • A Champions League or Europa League ban next season would be be very interesting for those six clubs

  • UEFA havent announced what they'll do. But I cant see them being banned, as sponsors and tv companies would demand some cash back.

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