Match Discussion: Reading v Swans - Championship 2020/21

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This is the place to discuss all things related to the Reading v Swans Championship game on Sunday, 24 April 2021 at noon.

Referee Simon Hooper will be assisted by Stuart Birt and Simon Bennett, with Stephen Martin the 4th Official for the game.

Have a browse of the Reading v Swansea City Head to Head Statistics since their first meeting in 1921.

Share your pre and post match thoughts, views on Steve Cooper's pre or post match comments and team selection.



  • My pre match thoughts is a prediction which will be, utter crap from the get go. My post match thoughts will be I hope ha I was proven wrong.

  • The manager will set up not to lose and get us in the play offs looking like a team destined to be hammered in the semis. but he has a trick up his sleeve because our performances recently have been deliberately awful to make the other teams think playing us will be a walkover....just my view which is probably a fantasy.

    Not looking forward to this Sundays game which will probably be another bore fest but we will get in the play offs after a no score draw

  • We live in hope Azzuriswan. All that will be required is that we can string together 3 attack minded games much like we are capable of to secure a place in the Premier League.

  • @azzuriswan I like that , sounds like Baldricks " I have a cunning plan "

  • Watching the Leicester vs WBA game and I couldn’t help reminiscing about the Brendan Rogers years with the Swans and how well we played under him. They may well have better quality players to draw on but you can’t help but recognise the positive attack minded intent of the team. Nothing negative, a very satisfying watch so far.

  • Rodgers is yesterday's man.

    We've got Steve "Pass And Move" Cooper now, that's all we need.

    While we're at it, Roberto Martinez, Michael Laudrup and Graham Potter can sling their hook as well. Rubbish, the lot of them!

  • You never know Gary the pass and move game may yet return. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but soon and for the rest of our Swans supporting lives.

  • Can't see that happening , in the last 40 years how many coaches have we had implement the pass and move , maybe 4 or 5

  • Yes SC probably the greatest manager we’ve ever had in a pandemic year . Controls his technical area waving his arm at the players bellowing orders to the players “” get the ball to Roberts “” runs up and down the area screaming when passes go astray . .... what a man .... anyone here seen my purple tablets ???

  • I was saying it jest for the most part Malc. But I live in hope. All I can hope for now is that we actually secure our place in the playoffs come Sunday and Steve Cooper somehow manages to get the team over the line at Wembley having negotiated two tricky playoff legs. I try not to jest when typing that but I do balk at the prospects of it actually happening.

  • So after having been thrown off the horse we now need to get back on it making sure that this time it’s got a saddle and that the horse has been broken in. Our team of players have to be up for this one as there’s a lot now riding on it. Two words, one name needs to be drilled into them. Nottingham Forest.

  • For all the many, many things I don't like about Cooper and the way this side plays, having been in the top 6 pretty much all season long it would be very cruel to the players not to make the playoffs now.

    So I hope we get the point (or better) that we need today to put that to bed. Then use the last two games to try and get some sort of flow going, and pray we get Barnsley over two legs.

  • Let's hope the players get the bit between their teeth 😃

  • Good luck to the boys today , COYS

  • As a long term supporter and season ticket holder,I hope always for the best for our club.

    SC did have a positive impact last year both in terms of accessing loan players and working with existing players.

    We narrowly failed to get back to PL but lost to arguably the best footballing team that year in Championship.

    The coaching team he has put together has improved our defensive capabilities .

    At the end of the day we have owners who are not prepared to invest in the playing staff, starting a season with no striker or cover was imaginative.

    I cannot explain how for two seasons running we are in the mix for PL with no money and a manager who is in the early stages of finding his way in club management, who appears to still be developing some form of Substitution policy.

    The strength of our defending at the beginning of season with an incisive attack was good to see. I cannot understand how that approach with the same players has in the main dissolved into the awful ,diffident ,long ball mess we now see.

    I would suggest that for many of the players, the prospect of promotion and its impact on their employment in PL is personally not attractive.I would suggest that the cumulative impact of no money to buy even a few quality players is not attractive to the management team, it was what drove Potter out of the club.There appears to be a variety of opportunities presenting themselves to our management team to leave and I would suggest that the general malaise in our playing and lack of drive and system is a consequence of all these issues.

    Lets hope that in the last few days the team have agreed to return to whatever gelled them at the beginning of the season, starting at Reading today, having watched Derby (who were poor) last night I hope we do not rely on getting a result against them.

  • Not long to go. Let’s hope we see a positive Swans team today. Got an ‘orible feeling though.

  • This looks a little bit more balanced. Am guessing Manning must be injured not to make the bench.

  • Well that looks like a proper 4-3-3 line up. That's the first bit of optimism I've felt this week, that we might commit to playing a passing style when we line up as a 4-3-3.


  • Cullen looking sharp

  • 1 Down. Bidwell Sleeping

  • Not great by Bidwell....

  • Bidwell very weak defending.

  • Bidwell gonna Bidwell. Nothing to see here.

  • No shots on target at all again

  • Not just poor defending by Bidwell, the lack of pressure on the ball (all over the pitch) from that corner means swift has all the time in the world to deliver the cross.

    We are far too static and far too ponderous

  • Passing gone out of the window again in the second half of first half . Too many long balls to their players

  • All very predictable. Why would anyone expect anything different ?

  • Has anybody ever seen Hourihane make a tackle?

  • What does it take to eke a decent performance out of the team? One goal is all it’ll take. COYS.

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