Fan-led Review of Football

These are the details of the review of football governance structures about to start :

Government announces terms of reference for fan-led review of football - GOV.UK (

I think this is an excellent and long overdue review of the way football is run in this country.

However, I would say it was very misleading to call it "fan-led" because it's being totally led by the Government - they will justify the "fan-led" label because in the terms of reference it states that it will "engage extensively with fans to ensure any recommendations are led by fans’ experience and interests".

There is no list of consultees and no timescales that have committed to which is disappointing and surprising for any such review, so they can't be criticised now for spending ages over it.

One of the areas for review is the potential to impose 51% fan ownership on clubs, like in Germany, actually maybe only in Germany. This of course, if implemented, will have an impact on our Supporters Trust because we already have part ownership but that would be potentially relinquished if the legal case goes ahead. I think this just gives the Trust Board another excuse to hold off from legal action pending the completion of the Government's review. Under the 6 year rule for this type of thing, they only have until the end of March 2022 to lodge their papers with the High Court but unfortunately I can now see them using that up because of this review.


  • Must be election time, there was a review 5 years ago led by the sport minister with fan engagement, political feckers jumping on the bandwagon.... again

  • Could this be our opportunity to get the US owners out, or at least press hard with the court case. Timing is everything and now seems the time.

    A 51% stake for the fans please.

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    They own the club, if you want them out try and find the £70m they put in to buy it back, I got to say, I'm reasonably happy with our owners, they haven't saddled us in debt and made us sustainable (if there is such a thing)

  • Can’t say that I’m too enamoured with the owners as such and won’t have a change of heart until the slate is wiped clean. And that won’t happen until promotion has been secured and the Trust are compensated by the old/new board. Then it will be ground zero and we go from there.

  • Sadly, the US owners share value is no longer £70m and no-one will offer them even half that valuation for their shares.

    So about £30m should clinch the deal!

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